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I know it was an accident...
Umbrella ?? - Do you use one??
Kylie passed her eye exam yesterday
Guess how much money I made???
Need some motivation - hit a plateau
Been on vacation - Got first haircut pics!
Some bathing suits I like
C.T. Scan - tomorrow am
Your thoughts on - Laundry
i just heard a gunshot
Sick of my kids yet?
Do You Dissect? - Spin-off From Oreo Thread.
Favorite side dish for cookout?
Laundry help needed - odors
Happy Anniversary - (Abbie and Bill)
Goin on Vacation!
Wah! I am sick.
FINALLY Hanna's JC Penney Pics
the only thing better than a woman in bloom
Ed - Just for you
Siggy - how do I make one
well we may be moving again
What did you buy for your little one? - For Christmas......
C-section has been scheduled!!!
Kiera's 15 month checkup and a hearing question...
What is you most hated - house chore
Labor day weekend plans?
An Update on me - My test results are all back
Whew! Pictures are here! - Finally had a free moment --
How often do you get your hair cut?
Here are some pics of the party. - Zachary's 1st Bday!
Free JCPenny baby book & stroller organizer
Jade's 2 year pics...... - pics inside.....
$21 per $1,000!!! - I can't believe it!
Cute Daniel Story - pretty short
WOOHOO our little finally...
Kids being polite? - please and thank you
wasn't going to post this but....
Speaking of names...
Evelynn - Current Picture
Nicknames? - do you use a nickname?
Toliet Paper Tuesdays!?!?! - what in the world?!?!
Happy Birthday Terri!!! - booey2
Wow! I can't believe how far we went yesterday
calebs surgery

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