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Remember our Tile Debacle with Lowes?
Well guys I'll be leaving tomorrow
Online Classes!?!
What is for dinner?
calling all cheeseheads - breastfeeding while driving
are you ok....
I so happy! - I sososososososo happy!
baby died in the womb - d and c tomorrow
I just had an urge:( - *warning ...really hard to listen to*
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIN - Ed and Lisa's daughter
can anybody tell me about shingles?
more pics of Zavier - for Lisa..
Lisa says, "Hi!" - And thanks for thinking of her.
What size of clothes is your toddler wearing?
Alimentum or Nurtrimigen (sp?) anyone???
Wish me luck!
Do you have regular dental check-ups - inspired by Jennasmommy :)
Pictures - Natalie Grace
How smart is your right foot? - This is so weird
Presidential Debate
Ashley's preschool graduation picture
I'm just curious.... - questions about ethnicity!
Pics of Madison
Natural products to get rid of ants
Im making Banana Bread - Yummy
Did anyone watch the Apprentice? - It was unfair
Some new pictures.
Calling all Wii Owners!
I need some advice
Playdate question - Cleaning up
Just made reservations
Christmas pics - I did them myself
pg with twins
Okay, I must vent about Not Dear Husband
What was your wedding colors? - ...any suggestions?
Pictures of the girls
Volunteer.... err, volunteered is more like it
Jelly Belly
Who does more... you or DH?
World Trade Center - movie
THis song is going to make me cry
My favorite meal
STOP THE PRESSES!!!!!!!!!! - Late breaking news on The View.....
Hello, I'm new.
Baby on life support - Sad ...
I am excited, but I am also nervous
Mine, Peas!
HELP! Does anyone know what this looks like?
Whats for dinner?

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