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Alright, we are trying probiotics
Who has the worst weather today?
Finally, Here's pics of Ashley's room.
ARGH Amazon. What's the deal?
Useless Fun - Puzzles, I'll correct in a week or so
Grrrr!!! Why do people do that. - rant, vent, rant, vent....
Recent Pictures Of Paris <3 <3 <3 - Really cute and TONS of them!! <3 <3 <3
How do I get outta this?
I am going in for a u/s tomorrow morning - still spotting :(
Please pray for me
WHAT did he just say to me!!
im so frustrated and confused...
What would you invest in?
Anybody know any good websites - like craigslist
Home from surgery
What's for dinner tonight?
Are they a lost cause?
Another sad story - grrrrrr
new pics!!! 4m last bro in 1.. - I appologize if they are big!!
Who does what in the yard?
Strange security item. Strange child. - LOL!
Holding Own Bottle - how old?
Blakely in the pool
Not sure if this belongs in here - or another forum....
shock therapy - Guys Im scared!
Hey everyone. I'm home... - **PICS** :)
Is it stupid to - paint when the house is so hot?
Christmas portraits - very posed!
Does anyone speak french?
It's what I want! - I'm excited!
What are the chances
Wanted to Introduce Myself - Introduction
Lovin' my diaper bag
What tv shows do you watch?
WOOOHOOO!!! It's our Anniversary!! - 14 years of married bliss today :)
It's driving me bonkers!
Middle name for Ryan - Help!!!!!!
Belly Cast - anyone had one?
At the checkout at the grocery store
Should I have still taken them? - dr's and conflicting opinions...
STOP THE PRESSES!!!!!!!!!! - Late breaking news on The View.....
The things I have learned - in the last 7 days.....
Girlie Question
Do you think this is mean?
Freshly dried laundry
I failed my glucose test.

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