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First day of First Grade!
Ugn! What do I do now????? - Ebay dilemma
Thanks for the thoughts! - Update
Smooth move Karen
Now here is a good one - to pregnant women
Today we're celebrating . . . . .
anxiety issues...
Hmmm, Not sure how I feel about this ad.
Couple new pictures - :)
am very nervous
Favorite Oatmeal Cookie Recipe - Dh will kill me for releasing this...
Pics of Zachary
Helppppppppppppppppp me people!!
Do you think the obese should pay for - 2 airline seats?
May be having baby....
What a difference - 10 YEARS MAKE! Photos
Unhappy Customer...Not really my fault right?
Favorite Laundry detergent - and least favorite
I got my haircut, too
CIO method - where to find info??
How do u usually make up after a fight?
ok, I might lose it soon............... - what is up with her????????????
When did Everyone START to sHOW!
Some new pictures of the girls
Pretend guns
Charged with - Murder
What do you miss about - your home state??
What if?
Happy Birthday Russell!!!
Jasons school pics
Dirty looks....
How much did you spend on your childs 1st birtday?! - anyone use it?
Do your kids eat
The plate I made...
Girls professional pics I had done Friday
DH got the job!!!!!!
Guess what! Guess what! Guess what!!!
Mckaylees photoshow - I think I might buy this
Ok lets do a contest...LOL
Maegan's First Pic
I think I need a meds increase.
Naomi's in town
Happy 2nd Birthday Jade!!
Due dates vs the date of birth
What a craptacular day - Nora is sick.
Picture of a wedding

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