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OMG, this gets more and more interesting
Pics of Madison
For the organizationally challenged ... - Which are you?
Second Update on Spencer
news story from dh - forced to vacinate ( by armed guards)
When did you start packing???
Ok Teacher All Ready called back - oooooo
question about potty training
Another IV today... - but this time I am taking Tay.....
Hay Ashade75!
New Room...need help deciding!
Would you give away the car? - on survivor last week
Need your opinions for pics tomorow - which one do you like better together
How many Military families here?
George Carlin...
Anyone heard about/seen the Duggars? - WOW.
feeling down - but can't stay away...
Have a U/S question...
What are Stars thinking - when they name their children
Kaitlin Said her first word!
something ridiculuos that the ped said
Getting frustrated
Flat Tire
Calm me down - please
Hello! Newly expecting here - Intro
I got to meet Kaitlin'smom & Sarah&Mackenzie
Gonna Try This Again - Need INFORMATION
31 week visit today
I was afraid of this - The twin's mom
Cannot do this again~~ - garbage day
You guys won't believe this
Jasons 1 year old portriats
987 kkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkk - How did he do this?
bad news - on grandpa
What You Have All Taught Me - Still In Shock
American Idol Guys - Who is your fav? *Possible spoilers*
Just realised . . .
Hey Canadians - Great Deal on Bratz Dolls
Why is breastfeeding under Baby's First Year?
Birth story and more pictures.
anyone gone natural and medicated?? - which did you prefer??
Small update from me
I have a question - about milk
I'm going to cry - Just my luck
fav cereal?
we dyed eggs today - pics included
What are those things called? - That are under your names?
Implantation bleeding? - getting kind of excited!
LMBO at Colt

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