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Something you all should know about me
Definantly Maybe
Gays in military ban
So................. - What's everyone doing this weekend!
Ok you creative people - Ideas for Jacks Bedroom Theme
Could you move to a smaller house?
Need opinions - Hair
Here they first size 7 - Dh bought me
Got my test results...
I just lost my mind - just need to vent
what a day so far.......
speaking of potty training... - question about training boys
The little . . .
That's it, I'm done - I'm putting him up for adoption
We told the kids!
Well this day is not going well so far
Extreme Makeover Home Edition - filming here!
Ashlynn's Mommy - Insight into men....
Ashley won BEST COSTUME! - Pics inside.
It's my anniversary!
Andrew's 1st Halloween
fast food breakfast
I just saw a really cute movie
I'm Home...
OMG bad dream maybe?
American Idol - **spoiler**
Pack for hospital
Okay I have the most awesome BRAG I have every had - It long!
We are getting new member to our family tomorrow.
A few pics from Christmas
I Just Wanted to ask.... - And Please be Honest
I AM SO VAIN - I think something is wrong with me :)
Severely Depressed
Will be MIA for a few days - my uncle died
News tonight - Did anyone else see?
is it just me? - daddy dressed
Hay Ashade75!
Conratulations Parenting Club - 400,000 cumulative posts
Clogged tear ducts?
Pic of Kade and Carter together
We're back!!!!! We had a wonderful trip! - Pics included(of course)
Belly pics - Post yours!!!!
I have to be honest...
Where do you live
okay I am NOT happy
My brother's baby

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