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stress levels... WOW!
Puppy name? - Which one?
Question about Pedia Care
do you give your child
stupid stupid dave Ramsey - financial freedom vent
do you take a - shower or take a bath
What's your temp? - It's booooty freezing cold here
What's Your Least Favourate Commercial?
Top 5 List
cradle cap
Does it scare you
Wow my life is crazy.. My dad and Dh need prayers
Happy Birthday, Karen!
My school dilemma... - UGH
YOU R NOT GONNA BELIEVE THIS - why does this crap happen to me only????
have you ever noticed
Did you put your kids to bed earlier?
Does Anyone?
What would you do?
Okey dokey, I really need some vibes!
I'm so mad I'm almost in tears
Questions about my signature
Is Ashley the only one that
Looking for friends
Alyssa's baby dedication - pictures
Organ donation
American Idol - *spoiler*
New pics of Sophia
#2 October photo assignment - family photos...
I have some concerns - changes in Daniel
Do you ever hear your own words - or tone of voice coming from your kid?
Update on Spot!
Flopsy died yesterday...
What do you drive?
Whats on your Menu - for thanksgiving dinner
Let's introduce ourselves
This is just too much-pic & update
Baby Gates... - what do you recommend?
Hi! Im new
Emma was born on 12/5/07!!!!
What time do you get up in the morning??
Ashlynn's Mommy - Insight into men....
Ashley has learned that persistence pays off. - LOL
do you go
I have a picky eater - my husband.
How can people be so stupid??
Infant & Child CPR - Just bought a dvd for CPR
He has until Friday... - Mini vent
Lexi has a small problem

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