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I think we have all enjoyed being animals
Look what I bought - I love him...............
How long were you pregnant? - total amount.....
How could they?
MEOW!!!!!!! - Post your vent here
Update on Hanna - Still at the doctor's office
Its seriously going to kill me. - (this diet)
I'm So Excited! - Say a few prayers for me guys!!!
Weigh In Wednesday
Im so lonely....
I wanted to share something with you all
Happy Birthday, Kimberly!!
OMG!!!! Jenna's school called... Police was there&
So...what did you get your - mommies for Mothers Day?
My sitter....
pics of all our kids....
Jamie - names
Happy 4 months Alyssa
A picture of Wendys baby - JAKE!!!!!!!!
favorite group - back in the day
I'm proud of myself
I decided to confront my boss
Childs Favorite TV Show - Just curious what they watch
Emma's 18 month check up - Please make me feel better.....
My trip - Niagara Falls
8 month pregant woman killed
I got a job interview!!
Finally a computer - Scott is here!!!!
Guess I'm terrible at everything - small vent
Girls Night Out
Halloween pics of the boys!!! So cute!!!
Biggest Fears
pic of me and DH from a wedding
Hi from Kaitlin - picture and question
just wanted to say bye for a few days...
Am I being too sensitive??
NJ first state to mandate flu vaccines for kids
Quarter of the way there
These dumb ticker sites
Oooohhh take a look at this
My Dh and his EgO!
Guess what today is ?????
For those who remember Jdkjd - great news!!!
Be sure to remember as warmer weather is here
What is that suppose to mean???
I just can't help but feel sad
October Photos: Halloween

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