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BELLY PIC - omgoodness ...
Holding Own Bottle - how old?
This is Me!
Ashley is growing up so fast!... (m)
How do you get pics off your phone?
You know what's fun?
This new job is INSANE! - in a good way
22 Dead at V Tech
These mood swings are driving me mad!
Lets share myspace addresses - again
More pics
Your children's names...
christmas decorations?
a friend of mine had a miscarriage - also abortion ... sensitive subject!!!!
Wil had a nose bleed today
How on earth?!?
Court chooses babies name - *insert eye rolling here*
Miles's Dr appt. - uh oh
Baby Modeling
Question 4 - Music......?
She weighs 23 1/2 pounds at 2 1/2 years! - Share your child's stats.
We're Home
New pregnant pictures
Jade and I had a picture Taken today - Here are some of the pics.
Jaci has officially given up naps
How does your DH/SO feel about....
My new candle avatar for Spencer
You know he is a good Daddy when....
The surgery Bill - holy cow
New Hat :) - hehe
Actual Serious Trouble with Yound Child Behavior. - Contains curse-words, quoted, six yr old
Sons teacher - inappropriate comments?
Are you afraid to die?
I really need all of your support! - It's just getting to hard to cope!
I survived! And it wasn't so nice
Hey guys
Pics from today
Holly pics (angelhair)
I'm so impatient!
We had a GREAT Christmas!!! - (a pic after the mayhem..LOL!)
okay... well now I'm crying.
Calm me down - please
How does this happen??? - Socks!
I just noticed I hit the two year mark - at PC
Ok, I'm exhausted - but it's a good exhausted
OMG, that can't be!
Just a fun question.. - Where were you born and...
Co-worker of dh killed this morn

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