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I have some advice - for the pregnant women or anyone
some pics of Jay in the snow
Sorry I have been MIA
My Boss - Sad news
I'm ready to see...
Really disappointed in Oriental Trading right now
Didn't get out of bed until 12 PM... - LAZY BUNS
Evening Primrose Oil - Cameragirl or anyone who knows something
How many times a night do you do it?
Feeling like having another baby --- - I got the baby itch!
Found something to do today - Pics included
We didn't make it in time... - My Grandfather passed away...
~* In The Spotlight *~ - Madeleine Estelle
Anyone else? - lack of help from spouse
Can anyone find a legitimate site? - Biden Leaving the Dem. Ticket
What are your favorites? - Spin off of movie post
I get to meet Aimee!!!
OMG - Freaked and feeling violated
Welcome Dee (Sakeloonie)
My Princess Ballerina - (Pics inside)
Tubal Liagtion/Vasectomy
Here are pics of Madison walking!!!!
The Chaperone phone - Does anyone else have one?
Question on formula feed verses bfeeding...
Went to the Pediatric Cardiologist
OMG-Better Start Paying Better Attention
I can't believe its here already
am i a bad mom?
boosters seats
It looks like someone pee'd on our snowman - and then he fell over...LOL
what's your fave Halloween candy?
Pic of my boys with Santa
Dancing with the Stars - anybody watching? Maybe SPOILERS.
Did anyone else see this? - It was on our local news...
Soy Formula??? - At wit's end!
how to raise self esteem?
Ashley's homework.... - fun project
Does anyone have any good (okay easy) play-doh - recipes?
PLEASE HELP ME - Sibling rivalry
Miabella overload..
Yes another school supply vent
She's here!
WOOHOO!! I'm offically "full-term"!!
Do you get along with your mom?
bible allowed in ky schools - (play nice! lol)
When should I start to worry?
January Photo Assignment
Movie star name - whats yours
Coke Zero - Not bad!

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