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1 more time - for sunshine
We have a walker!
My First thoughts of Christmas... - Ali's "big" gift...
Stay safe neighbors - Tornado Warnings
Need advice and a little hope
im just really down today - my vent
I am SOOO angry..... - vent about Quebec..... arg.
They lost our rent check
What are everyones plans for tonight??
School field trips
Nora's at daycare
more market research
When did you find out (B/G)? - How many weeks?
I have U/S news
DH's aunt passed away today - funeral plans
Okay..I wan't going to share this with ya'll
~* In The Spotlight *~ - Jason Michael
Photos - Mommy, Boden and big brother Brandon
What is a typical day?
Weigh In Wednesday - Let's hear it ladies and gents
WTF!?!?!?! - This is just sick...
Fever! We've been up all night!
The latest "Sprint" commercial....
DH's/SO's motorcycle dreams??
Jack is growing
New pic of Franki...
Now I need advice...
Erin just loves her - job
OMG!!! - epi-pen bill for pa
We Have a Match
guess what???
Well...Jessica called me...
help me shop
CONGRATULATIONS CAN'TWAIT - Welcome Anthony Christian
LMAO! teenage 2yo!
Emerald's B-day pics (finally) - WARNING: there are alot
Well I go to court on Wednesday
Do you know some favourites of your partner?
bridal party question...
Whats your favorite love song? - Need thoughts
Guess I'm terrible at everything - small vent
Wahooooooooo! Merry Christmas to us
I am taking Tanner on a date - I don't know if you like Big and Rich..
Big meat eaters?
I'm a star! - my TV debuit
A Tanner Antic - and not a good one
Vonage - Anyone have it?
List 10 things

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