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Christmas Birthdays
YIPPEEEE... we got a new puppy!!
Working with migraines
Some pics of the girls
Home with jenna:)
just wanted to say bye for a few days...
World war at my house
It's driving me bonkers!
Guess who has arrived???
where is everyone from?
What is your strangest family tradition?
Uh oh!
What a MESS
telling my mom and other bad stuff
Skyler's new buddy - :)
I may win the gross post of the day award with - this-took K to the ped for her
OK..I finally decided - I'm going past 2~
Bye ladies and gents!
How often do you...
Schedules... do you have them
I think I might have felt something in there today
What do you do - as a WAHP??
Does you little one like paper?
Randy and Tan - It's so weird
could use some comfort!! - VENTING VERY SCARED!
Elves and Little Deers - Revealed!!!!!
Thougtht I would introduce myself
Oh My Brittany made me bawl tonight - I couldn't believe this!
Does money just grow on everyone's trees?
Snowed in!
Pic of Ethan and Hannah - in their new "Gator 4x4"
Would you prefer...
Okay, meal time issues
Had my first OB appt yesterday.....
Those who Ebay - I need some help
Favorite Funny Pic?
die casts from the Cars movie....
What movie can you watch over and over - and never get sick of...
Kiddie Card Exchange!
Maddie's cast is off!!
What I did today
music for sleeping?????
have you ever noticed
What do you use to sweeten things up?
Cool Picture
I've been doing some reading...... - and I hope this isnt too controversial
i'm new here let me in - i'm new here let me in

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