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i'm new and just saying hi - (really!)
What have you given up because you are PG
Birth Control Method - What do you guys use????
People in tornado country - Fill me in
Chemical pregnancy
If you could have one more day....
Schnoogly... let us know how Iain's PC visit goes!
Pic of Brad and Angelina's baby - released by Hello! magazine
my neighbor - again
Question for moms.... - graphic a bit so im sorry!
This is scary...
Engagement ring upgrade??
Good News ...Bad News
American Idol - OMG!!!!! ****SPOILER****
Any idea what this is? - *pic*
Yard sale questions
Attempt Number Three - Begins tomorrow at 9am
Picture - of me and my hubby
Houston we have take off..I mean
Terrible, horrible, awful twos/threes - Nora
Question for a mod - or just about everyone
Camsmom~ Annie - for those who remember her
Would you let your 4 yr old
Marie..... - How are you?
Jaci's 2 year dr visit
Anyone else have a baby sleeping in later?
Pics from the weekend - not that many
No more bouncer chair!!! - ugh
Disneyland pics
What your name? - Fun Quiz
Appt. didn't go well today. :(
Stupid plumbing! - and an ouch
She's pretty sick... - i think...
Nursery stuff
How many times does your baby bump his/her head?
We took bluebonnet pics today! - we weren't by George's house tho! Lol!
Our night last night.......
Little Early for Names but help us out - Girl names
What is the worst thing... - as a parent you've had to deal with?
I never realized! - circumsision was such a hot topic...
I am very concerned - about my son's eyesight
To buy or not to buy?
Sleeping issues with baby - Baby sleeping issues
Hey all..... - Just got back....
Look at me...look at my two new pix... - i'm in jammies and haven't showered but.
Ham,Turkey or Prime Rib - Or Other
A Couple of Kiddie Pics!
Update on Zavier - Apologizing in advance, long

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