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I did something interesting this weekend
Isabella is sick
Taking kids to the movies
Printing digital photos / keeping them on CD/DVD - this may have been asked before
ugh I feel so barfarooni.... - little tmi
this is from kaitlin
My daughter Allie - speaks of a past life...
I should disable the ability to post pictures...
Happy Anniversary Amy & Lee (amymom) - Congratulations on 20 years!!!
Alyssa pictures
I think I might go away for awhile
white noise machine
Hair pulling!
OMG OMG OMG - bad mommy alert!
Remember the thread where - everyone was trying to define "vanity"?
Don't dress your girls like...
I am so proud, watch out HUGE Mommy brag
For anyone who hasn't seen the news - Saddam has been captured.
Need opinion of other parent's - This is so long, sorry!!!
Do you feel like this is cheating?
And selling brads bike.... - financial ruin.
What do you got in those - Easter baskets???
Tuesday Challenge - Come and play!
Happy Birthday, Alice!!! - alice&arik's Birthday
High speed chase in LA - people are so dumb
Adventures in Latke making.
I hate bubbles (pics included) - an ode to weddings...sort of...
Just thinking..... - about school buses
My kids' school on lockdown - some positive thoughts/prayers please
anyone like to go camping??? - I do but....
Tara - Your bedroom color
I can't stand SNOTTY KIDS
Lauren is growing up too fast
Typical boys
TV Shows - What do you watch
This about broke my heart....
How am I supposed to get the house clean
We can't seem to catch a break!!!
Once Upon a Child - do you have one nearby???
Ashley and I watched a cute movie this morning
It's hard to believe a year has gone by
The sweetest boy at McDonalds - today
What a disaster
Should I question my sitter... - should she hit...
Swim lessons?
what do you think? - my brother and pot
Whats for supper?
My poor baby girl

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