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Lost her binky in Wal-Mart, uh oh?
Back from my OB appointment
He slapped the wrong girl
To Jade one and Jade two!!
Do your kids say things that remind you of...
"When I'm a fugitive on the run..."
Is this how you play Elefun?
Katherine is sick
OK! OK! Since it's "Post A Picture" Tuesday . .
Countertop color?
And my mom thinks I'll ever move there? - don't open of you hate bugs!!!!
I think someone is trying to tell me something - But...I dont know what it is....
Jacks Birthday Pics
Do you have an accent?
Notice anything new about Gabby Goo?
I didn't drink any soda today.
oh mr. Truck driver!!!! - sillly question
Kirsten - CJ'smom2002
Is this so wrong?? - lying to doc...
I'm gonna beat her - Someone come get her now
Ok this is going to cover alot of info at once..lo
Today is my 5th Anniv
We're in for it AGAIN!
Say you've just - won a million dollars or more
Oh gosh, more pics of the girls - Megan's 6 month portraits
advice - drama drama
Easter pictures
HELP! - MIL vs. Santa
I enrolled Ethan
Jade's first show - Pics and video
Well it's my Birthday and I Have the FLU
What size does your toddler wear now?
quick update, sorry been mia
Ashley's late Birthday present...
Just a few new pics - I must be post happy tonight
For all you guys that live in the states...
OMG! I just noticed something! - and Dh is gonna be upset birthday flowers
Gift Ideas? - for Christening
At my whits end.
Love in any language is PERFECT - from my daughter
She set the fire alarm off in Menards!!!!!!
A safe haven for pediphiles. - TAKE ACTION
Can you spare a minute to light - another candle???
i hope im not the only one thats cold
Parenting Club front page
*Quick Update*
This will seem strange..but Neat for us
What cleaning products do you use?

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