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Jenas picture....she smiled:)
Sono in 12 hours - and counting!!!!
Your children
Back in this 1 week wait!!
now list your favorite
Today's photo shoot - complete with the big kids!
Only children - anybody?
Sick little girl.
Tons of pics from Tallahassee
Uh oh, silly baby! - (kinda gross)
Job Interview Friday - Wish me luck
Some pictures of Maegy & Katie
I'm back
any baseball fans here?
Minivans... - spinoff from M2A's post
Ok, here she is our new puppy!
Dee Dee - Don't cave
Alec is losing weight
did I do it?
Where's Dana?
My little guy is very little... - Not gaining weight.
Send us get better vibes please
Speaking of hotel stays - germs
Isabella's new trick
What sports do you watch?
90 minute workout!
One of the reason I haven't been on much Lately is
Is this to redneckish of me
Double strollers? - for infant and toddler
this is sooo embaressing for me but - Pic included..
HOW RUDE - Mothers of Multiples Meeting
What freaks you out??? - Clowns,spiders,something weird...LOL!
Okay lets have some fun - Confessions IVVVVVVV
Benjamin's Birthday party
My nursery Theme....
Well, I will be 30 in less than 24 hours! - I got my gifts from DH and Kids....
DanaLana Update - the latest HCG count
What would you do? - Penpal
Leaving for New Orleans tomorrow!
Someone who wears Lucky jeans - size help
Well I think I'm just going to crawl in a hole now
Salmonella/Peanut Butter outbreak
It's 10:00 - I'm bored
10/20 Weigh-In - Come join us!
For cryin out loud.....
How long did you breastfeed for?

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