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Did anyone catch the series four - on Dateline??
HELP! puter problems?
Um not sure...
About wierd kids names
I get to hear my baby's heartbeat tomorrow!
implanting bleeding
Ok seriously motivate me please
Bathrooms.. what number is enough - Everyone please help
SAHM - thinking of going back to work
Woo hoo new milsone for Kaitlin
Holiday Pictures
Week-end? - What are you doing?
Whats for dinner?
Dr. ordered to pay - for unwanted baby
Do you hold hands with your kids?
Help me decide - checks
what cell phone company do you use - do you like it?
Nicolas Cage's baby boy born today
Update on my Mom
what do you think? - my brother and pot
Happy Birthday to HappyMom0925 - hope you have a GREAT ONE!!
Potty training roll call - how are they all doing?
Sort of continuing with the theme....
Do you have dessert every night - spin off?
How would handle this... - kinda long but need honest opinions
Isabella has tonsilitus!!!!
31 week visit today
Can I get your opinion on something please
First hair cut?
Vegas Pics - The wedding
Happy 3rd Birthday, Jessica Jade!!
Felt the first *Flutter*
Who does what in the AM? - I need help
Married 57 years - die together
Hair still falling out-- BF related?
House rules?!?
We need a phone tree
Love my Apartment! HATE Everything Else! - Huge Vent
Going up/down slide by themselves?
New Belly Pics! - these were taken at 17 weeks
Jen - Moped
It's so...
Kansas Church Protests - At Amish Children's Funeral
What's it like - being a dad?
Who is more stubborn?
Guess we won't be going to BIL's wedding

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