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***IF you have to pee, do so before opening this** - ---Consider yourself warned---
ebay question - second chance offer?
speaking of addiction...
Popcorn flavors - what is your favorite??
Walking Tip Toe
~* In The Spotlight *~ - Hannah Rose
PICS from Ashley's birthday...
Easter Egg Hunt - How irritating
those with little girls - oprah
Ethan's surgery will be
More pics - couldn't resist!
What's the one
a li'l bit of nature - just for fun!
ok, my turn.... - baby brag...
Christmas in the ER!
New Car - I'm a minivan momma :)
Whats for dinner?
Another woman murdered her kids
Back from pg test.
Did you know that 6 pull ups will soak up - all of the water from a toilet?
He's a "REAL" cowboy now LOL - Pics
DH's SIL crudest person I know
Is this place I live weird or is it like this - everywhere?
I am really needing support - my little vent/rant
Condiments....they freak me out!
Interesting email I received. Kinda cool
Brian got his acceptance letter yesterday - YES YES YES
How many bedrooms... - with 3+ kids?
~*professional pics*~ of my grumpy kids last night - **updated w/ my fave pick I left out* #2
I'm off to take my second glucose test!
Anyone near Tallahassee
Mother's Day at the Zoo - *pics inside*
What is the most offensive, cruel, galling....
My purple people eater
Why does everything have to be
A friend of mine just emailed me - this story-Racism or Not???
Stubborn or Independent or Both!!
Bed Time
WOO HOO!!!!!! - 16 weeks today!!!!
the laser treatment
Orange Soda Orange Soda Orange Soda... - Orange Soda Orange Soda..
Having kids at a baby shower?
Really weird....
had to take this
Forgot to tell you all... - about Ethan's first day
Lots and Lots of pics of Des's 13th Birthday Bash! - and I mean lots!

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