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My big sis.
Well we didn't
Look what I bought - I love him...............
Ok guys I need your help - for school...
I think I was set up!
What kind of clothing makes your mate look - sexy
Must have make up item
Oh my my my! - What would you do? Or think?
Gifts for boss
Cant Wait - Marie....
Religious question - Just curious
since we are on the topic... - more abortion stuff. Please play nice.
If you could go back to school
cooking out this weekend - spring is in the air
I had a Shower this morning, and...
Flowers.. wedding!
What is the worst way you have been - dumped and dumped someone
OK for those who have kids in day care... - what would you do... SOO MAD
pics from dinner tonight
Sometimes you really have to look out for yoursel!
Oh I am so mad! I big fat vent and almost in tear
I wanted to ask....
Had an interview today
good news
Who's the chef in your family?
Baptism Picture
Can this go here? - *QUIZ FOR PC MEMBERS*
My App. - Just got back
I quit today!
Pics from Ethan's party
I'm new - I'm new
Do schools offer programs for those
Di - Pagent question
I got the Job
Pictures from the Halloween Parade today
Worst day so far... - QUESTION RE: NURSING/TEETHING?
The 80's revisted
Something you all should know about me
well I am pretty sure it is over......
Lifelong harm from CIO
last pics of daniel smith in hospital - * pics of him baby sis and mom*
Hi, new here...
My Parents are Crazy! - Here is a pic of Maddy and her Pink Pony
Happy Birthday Jennifer!!! - (4littleladies)
I'm back! :)
Hey Everyone! I missed you guys! - Thanks so much for my b-day post!

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