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Girl's Night Out
Life Insurance
Crest White Strips - sensitive teeth?
Braedon's First Sleepover!
Post the Most
99% sure....
We took the kids fishing...
Another good idea, gone wrong... - Warning: as the title hints... VENT
She's throwing up, I'm FREAKING out!!!!!
Post your pets....
Speaking of Smoking Ban - Ladies....
presidental address to kids? - school students
Update on Kel - *sigh*
Do Hallmark Commercials make you cry?
Move to the big boy bed - Need help!!
6 years ago . . . .
Dad won't be around for a while - Accident
Just got back from my basement
God Grant me the strength to not - kill Mckaylee this early in the morning
Getting ready to leave!
How late do you stay up? - I know I'm a late bird...
Aw com'on already! Can't a lady catch a break? - long vent...I'm sensing a trend here.
Even more pics.....
Honest opinions please - How would you have handled this?
Bunch of new Maegan pictures
How many of you thought...
We are moving!! - hopefully....
Miabella overload..
Ashley is wearing size 18 Months!!
My gorgeous daughter...
okay girls I need some help!! - clothes
Yay some very happy news... - I found out today.....
That's it! We are boycotting all holidays from now - on.
Happy 4 months Gavin!!
Only 9 and it happened already
Something you all should know about me
The Dreaded Apartment
Finally found raw milk again
Does Your Child Have a Lovey?
Overfeeding formula???
Mary Beth saw the gastro doc yesterday - **all good news**
Rarely do you get those moments...
My lil Jade!!!!!!
Belly pics - Sept 11 - Oct 4 WOW
alyssa got a hair cut - pictures
HI,I'm new - newbie
Have you seen these??? - Reborn babies....
I need a hug!
Anyone else going crazy checking? - Danalana

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