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Potty training roll call - how are they all doing?
Prayers for Jennifer Hudson
Belly Cast - anyone had one?
Big Brother Fans - Warning: Spoilers
Skipping Christmas
New law just signed by Pres. Bush - ban on partial-birth abortions
need christmas gift advice
Even in Russia
Picture of my girls
Ugh Why me?
Does anyone have a guinea pig? or two?
FIL is a jerk....
Thought this was great! - "Dear Abby" type response
Do you worry about what's on TV?
I posted this before.. - Auntie bought this today..too cute!!
Alice in Wonderland
Is it just me?
I don't know how to handle this... - I know what I would LIKE to do
Have to tell you this . . . - What a cheek
ROFL at Macie
I need a new vaccume
Poor little girl, RIP Sandra Cantu
BFN - but I was expecting it...
Just waiting to see how this night goes
He peed AGAIN!
Are they just not US citizens??
Skylers MRI results!! - are back!
Can I put him in his crib?
Neener Neener Neener!!!
For those who replyed to my disney post
I put the hammock away - *sniff*
OPINIONS PLEASE - Bibs...........
pic of my latest haircut
My dog died
Jordan will be here today!!! - I just got off the phone with Carrie-Ann
Wanted to give this a shot - camera pic
I've been up since 5
apparently mom's don't count....
I made a HUGE mess - last night
Drama with Mom - Hasn't seen baby yet because she's mad..
Hug your hubby and baby tonight...
Some GREAT news! - About my Dad
How's everyone weather?
trollbusters? - have you ever heard of this?
Picture of my chubby bunny!!!hehehe.... - Brianna smiling!!
Toddler poop question (warning, TMI)

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