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OMG - how can this be??
Update - Ive been MIA for a little while..
Bragging time - Billy's tests
Ethan Is...
buying a used motorcyle - need reccomendations& have q's
My poor little buddy! - Got burned..
OK... - so I was a day off!
Jenna almost lost her daddy:(
Had our U/S today. Katherine was right
Updated breanna pics
Pictures of our sweet angels
Jade and her doggie - I just had to post this pic.....
Back From Doctor....Had u/s today!!
This morning.... - Nolan =)
Well I guess Brittany is right
My latest concoction - pic included
HOW RUDE - Mothers of Multiples Meeting
would you send your kids to school with a fever?
JAKOB - aspergers test/sensory issues
photo from Rollerama
Ok, I really need some opinions...
Disney Movies - stemming from the what kids can watch
toddler bed training
Get Well Vibes Needed!
Training Wheels?
What are your nicknames??
Holy Robins, Batman!!!!!!!
Does anyone watch Rock of Love - with Bret Michaels on VH1 *spoilers*
Lucas doesn't play
I am off to the doctor.
I confess... - Confess whatever you like
OH MY! Look at my house!
Our Virtual Christmas Card - a pic
Question for anyone who's dealt w/miscarriage - *may be touchy subject*
if another person tells me...
Duplex update...disappointing
I'm going to attempt to make
OH Ya'll! I just upset my sister... - I kinda wanted to BUT.....
How much do you pay your babysitter?
Okay, you lot...
one last poll for today - what with all the baby boys....
I'm such a bad mommy....
Florida and Gulf Coast neighbors - plans
Baby Alexandra is here!!!!!!! - I talked to Nichole
If you don't go to church very often, say - something really stupid!
Need some help - party ideas
wedding dresses.... - need opinion's.....
big chance for C-section

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