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How would you like to strap your kids - with this mess?
Has anyone gone to see - the Doodle Bops live?
c sections - need real person descriptions
Happy Anniversary - (Abbie and Bill)
Happy birthday Jennifer! - 4littleladies
Here are the girls costumes - what do you think
If I was "trying".... - Ovulation time...
Alright.... - spill them....
Blech... I'm sick :o( - and so mad at my boss!!!
Yippy Skippy!!!!! Not the peanut butter... - that stuff'll kill ya.
PHEW Jenna is all better!
My *DREAM* stroller:
You don't know me..... - Im sharon's husband
Jennifer - cameragirl
The box
newbie here ... hello everyone ..
Why do I always get the bad cops?
CONGRATULATIONS to our sweepstake winner! - & new giveaway announced!
Fathers Day Gift Ideas - Anyone?
I should have never let myself get sucked - in to Army wives
Another way to get to know our babies! - taken from another board...
My chunky butt girls this morning
by request - pics, hope they're not too big
Dylan Traded in His Mack Truck - For......
Mckaylee and crayons - Im so peeved at ELMO
Well since I have been out of sorts and going craz - lets all update new things to each other
I was thinking about this.... - while I was eating
A hairy question....
For the girls that like Diary of a Wimpy Kid....
Ok, how about this shirt and skirt?
week-end plans???
4th of July plans??
Shhhhhhhhhhhhh!! - Everyone is alseep!
New book out - that I would never read!
Some pictures I took today
Ben refuses to wear his pants today
I'm about to kill my dog!!!!
if another person tells me...
Did you have a single room or shared - when you had your baby
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! - banging head
Weird problems with Corey advice please
Easter Egg Hunting Up North?
Welcome Twindaze!!!!!
How many bars do you have?
Pics from our mini vacation - to Panorama, BC
Hope is coming home!
Do you feel your age???

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