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Snow in South Louisiana???? - PICS!!
Jason in the fountain - pics
New Years resolutions?
house hunting - tips anyone??
regarding vaccinations
January Photo assignment #2 - Silly Faces
Sorry guys..i feel so bad!
Going credit card FREE!
Lailas weight - not as much as had hoped
Just thinking..... - about school buses
had to take this
Happy Birthday, Jennifer (3littleladies)!
hi everyone - i'm back
How much did you spend on Easter???
Pic of me and Laila
Pregnancy tests.. - Soo confused....
We are trying SOY MILK
Fincial woes - too many desisions. ( major whinefest!)
Virgin Mary Spotted
CA bans smoking in car - with minors present
I hate to jinx myself - or her...
Roasted pumpkin seeds
Diary Queen Comercial..LOL
Attempt Number Three - Begins tomorrow at 9am
Never let it be said that I don't know my limits
Hey Everyone! Thanks for all your thoughts - and prayers during the birth of our son!
I have an idea!! - Anyone want to..
crazymum? - Am I imagining it?
How Often do you got to Church?
Ethan Is...
Do you collect - anything???
Gabriel's Party - I survived!
Talk of Spencer Going to Ronald McDonald House - For a Few Days Next Week!
babys fav food
Who takes care of the finances
Spinoff question regarding the Amber Alert
I have been sick - so I haven't been around
What was your wedding colors?
Need name help... - (Happymom got me thinking lol) here
Feeling good about this one.
Jade's birthday pics..... - finally.....
Speaking of xbox 360"s
This makes me so angry
Prayers Needed - for Jenna!!
hay Shelly and Rockey
This might be stupid but... - what is your fav smilie/icon on here?
toddler bed training
Nicole - Here is a picture of me

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