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This is me now at 28 weeks! - belly pic!
check this out - video
Another Vent, I'm Just so Fed Up!
September babies in Kindergarden
PLEASE HELP ME - Sibling rivalry
DH's sister needs some encouragement
after a lovely 6 hour stint in the ER...
Not good news... - My little brother......
Pictures of my ladies
Oh my, I just noticed ....
Fun Poll: What'd you have for breakfast? - baby/kids and mommy
If your fav football team hired Michael Vick would - you support them hiring a dogfighter
What do you get a 13 yr old boy for Christmas?
Uniforms sucks
High School Reunion
Just needing to vent
Pic of my boys with Santa
Guys how do I nicely do this?
Sometimes you really have to look out for yoursel!
jenhopkins2000 - Happy Birthday to Jack!!
How does your baby soothe him/her self?
Time Change
does anyone understand horse racing?
Strange happening at my house..
Kids at the playground
I feel strange....
Who do you get a long better with
How did you choose your children's names?
Wheel of Fortune - anyone ever try out?
Speaking of myspace
What's your temp? - It's booooty freezing cold here
Half way there!
Almost professional pictures.
Questionable Parenting skills - Would You do this?
Nursery Ideas
Help me think of a new name.
Anyone else's husband a baby?
Need your help picking out a photo
How long after? - ur m/c did u wait to have sex again?
Grocery Shopping?
Sad and frustrating news for my family - vent, religion mentioned
K's cardiologist appt
Spencer Asked me to Leave
Halloween was alot of fun .. Tanner won!
Here are some pics of Tanner's 4H rabbits
The party last night
Heeeee's CRAWLING!
Baby vs. Dog - oinions wanted..
How do you *play* Santa?
Speaking of Holloween

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