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Whats for supper?
Chili anyone?
ok, I might lose it soon............... - what is up with her????????????
We need prayers - grandapaw passed away
Allie's room - Pics
Pics of Jake...for Halloween...
I guess my cooking isn't all it's cracked up to be - Naomie's new word
What can I do? I'm jacked!
G rated rap music??
We're getting rid of our internet... probably
How long did you breastfeed for?
Major Prayer Request
Do you guys cook a big meal for Sunday?
Here are the new ones - I FOUND THEM
Olivia's 7 today!!!
Our date last night
xmas pics we took last night - ALOT
Newbie! And so glad to have found you - Breast feeding beyond one
New Pictures of Katie & Maegy
OH! I am such a worry wart!!
Whole grains
recent pics of Emerald
Lies spread about me - rant
Do You Do a Meal Plan for the Month?
Thankful Thursday
Maddie is sick
Your song?
I need suggestions
I'm so angry at him right now - Long, long vent.
Brittney Spears had - her baby
Well I discovered why they do it - I still don't understand
War in the mid east - Hezbollah declares open war on Isreal
eating out veggi style
How do you use this message board?
What in the *^%$??? - Vent and question all in one....
Happy Birthday Nichole!! - Boys r us
my DH is leaving again
Maybe we need to work on modesty...
George Carlin...
taking Al to the heart Dr.
Here ya go....
Like my ticker?
Need help with decorating
GRRR I am gonna kick the cats butt!
let me be the first to post - our snowbound pics!
daytime naps - 15 month old
Had a scare last night

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