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Bye bye binkie
Recommended bedtime - questions
Phooey! Guess who's back (m)
In case you wondered...
I get to get my hair done today!
How would you react if your Government lied?
I am so upset, this is making me so depressed - This might get long
What was it?
Grandma - ???
Got my own....
what cell phone company do you use - do you like it?
what do (will) you miss most - about being pregnant?
Do you pee in the shower?
need feedback please - baby products
boosters seats
My going away party is tonight
I feel half alive again.
What is the Most Embarrassing Thing - That Your Child/Children Have Done?
vacation pics! - Our cruise!!
Lightheaded and short of breath
10 years
I found Lexi a new dog
Married 57 years - die together
are you watching the rep or dem - debates yet?
Kids & Pets
Offer, counter-offer update
New Pictures! - Random, mostly of the kiddos.
A little worried... never ever had this happen:(
Do you ever...
Question for breastfeeding moms
Dh just called.... - i feel so bad for this family
Fellow southerners...
Saw the OB yesterday - blah (m)
How much do you pay - for cable???
Christmas Dresses
How do you know if it's anxiety or depression?
What do you call it?
Here's my sunburn
Because I am dying to let you know - the SEX is revealed HERE~
Pics from VA ceremony today - ... made me cry
potty training boys...
Swimsuit pics no one really wants to see - BEWARE scary pics inside!
How often do you bathe - your infant???
Conner tried spaghetti for the first time - Pic included
So did I tell you...
Hay Ashade75!
The Bachlor Picks ???????!!!!!!!! YEA - I'm so happy he picked her!!!

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