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Geez hotels are expensive!
What is your favorite - Christmas song?
Do you have this problem?
How do I get outta this?
What are ytou telling your kids - about The shootings?
Alcoholic.... - what do you think?
Ashley got an early Easter present..... - (pic inside)
Do you like haunted houses?
I hurt my nose and DH made me mad! - LOL!
8 years today
LOL, an amusing Logan funny
Early this week we learned where we are from - How about names!
My heart breaks for this mother
Easter Basket Goodies
A walk with Tater...
And the worrying begins again...
calebs surgery
How should kids refer to adults?
For those with cats I need some help - Food?
cradle cap, yuk!
Do you carry
Is it just me?
Brian's grandma (Hanna's sitter) - was admitted to the hospital yesterday
6 times..she's preparing me for a newborn
We Have a Match
Paula Abdul - - on drugs or what?
News report on my step-niece who was assaulted
I met Sherri today - Sparkys2Boys (Pics)
pay as you go phones?
Introduction - Introduction
Cut backs in
TONS of pictures - Random, kids, me, etc.
check out Jason's early Christmas present - from his aunt and uncle
The results are in.....
Jade doesn't like tummy time...
I am evil evil evil...
What is you most hated - house chore
Just pick one - thing your child/ren do/does
easter shopping??
Here is Jens early x-mas present
I don't think I've ever shared a pic of my Tyler
As promised - pics of my niece
It's FRIDAY!!!! - weekend plans!?
My fabric is here
Struggling with feelings - just need to vent
First time she said it on her own
spinoff of cece00 post - unique names

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