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Fine the lowest - gas prices in your area
Ant bites.
Swollen Ankles
Question about body parts
Alimentum or Nurtrimigen (sp?) anyone???
Happy 1 Year Madison!!!!
I have a problem.
Our day with the fire trucks:) - pics...
Now she has a nasty cough!
I saw my uncle for the 1st time since Sept. - it was really hard
Feeling kind of depressed... - DH still doesn't want a baby.
Elves and Little Deers - Revealed!!!!!
ever been compared to anyone - on tv or any character?
Question for those that are Catholic - (religion mentioned, obviously)
How many times a night do you do it?
Thanksgiving Dinner - Your favorite Food.......
Vicki-MIA-Explanation - I am back....
Happy Birthday Ashley - Rod and DeeDee's DD
Book Club Meeting - input please
Today is my Anniversary
What's your favorite time of the year?
I feel so guilty... - Am I being a bad mommy?
Labor question.....
HAPPY 8 Month Birthday Zach!
Some pics from this weekend!
ok, what do you guys think?
Kindergarted registration
when will it end - I'm so tired
Permanent Marker
Jennas dress. altered and ready for the big day!
I'm LIVID!!!!! - This is one ignorent lady!!
Am I overly sensitive? - disney movies
Boy, this annoys me!!
A fun little game..
What do you have the most trouble with?
I watched The Hills Have Eyes last night! - ***SPOILER***DO NOT OPEN!
What were they like BEFORE birth - spinoff
Let's talk about Love! - Love stories....
Well we finally got our farm name and brand
Tingly and Numb fingers - Is this a symptom????
FDA votes yes to Ban Cough Syrup to age SIX!
my son is sooooo mad at me!
any have a baby without insurance/medicaid? - wondering about Maternity Card
spinoff of Brianne's thread - about what your kids can play with
Does anyone know anything about - V-Smile V-Pocket system
Three years ago today I joined a certain board we - all know and love...
Update on us - Alexia & Brooke are 5 months!
Ewww, gross
Is this just laziness? - Or lack of maturity?

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