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Left a small tip today
when we were younger
Things you get excited about now
My kid is such a wierdo - Feeding stuff
Weather check
Pics of me and my cousin - Just wanna share
Weekend plans? - What's everyone doing?
How often do you give your toddler a bath?
Bailout and Obama redux
Jen- Moped your Maternity leave - question
My 3-D ultrasound pic
11 Year old girl becomes - Brittain's youngest mom
need techie help..
That was hard....
the missed post wedding surprise. - since there is no longer a wedding
Vent at DF - Argument last night
once again - dear ...
We are home!!!!!!!!!!!
Sleep study going down the pooper...
It's almost 9am
Need prayer
A fun TV question - Who was your fav TV....
This is what I got from my - Secret Santa
Gerber Meat sticks? Table meats?
Miscarriage? - When does the...
Funny Pic of Tanner
~ Happy Birthday Aimee~ (Maddie&EthansMom) - Hope you have a great B-Day!
Picky Eaters
Pics of the kids rooms
deja vu - what do you believe?
Another question! - Velour sweatsuits
Ok I need help ASAP.. - IS this something really bad?
Teagan's 1st Xmas Pics
Hi I am new to this forum as of today!
Yikes! HELP!
Sharing a recent pic
NA! He really does love me...
Were having a......
I'm baaaaaaacckk from my interview
Jennas dress. altered and ready for the big day!
in light of Michelle's post on her dresses - feel free to vote on mine too!
Halloween candy
Last one of Jade - for now!!!!!!!!!!!lol
Update on the baby girls in the belly
Some people
Question for you all... - may be TMI
Happy Birthday DVFlyer!
my heart hurts

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