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So there isn't any confusion - Yes, we are moving
I'm not cooking anymore...
Colt made me bust a gut
Not sure if this is a milestone or not
Vent.....GGGRRRR!!! - Please pardon my French!!
Ups and downs
Speaking of xbox 360"s
Build-A-Bear Underwear - pics
This is so sad
What do you do to conserve? - spin off of sheryl crow thread
Not sure how to handle this one.
More Coach problems….
Please Pray for my family - a lot going on....
We certainly had a "Festive Weekend"... - Pics included.
Home from PEI
Absolutely floored! Need help on reading - What are 5th graders reading?
Does it have to be freezing while sleeping?
Some new pics
Looks like I am in for a late night...
Shelly Update
Anyone else boared
I need easter gift ideas???
any baseball fans here?
what is the best way? - discussions with dh
Question--For those who wear contacts - or maybe Dana can help...
Mckaylee is ticking me off
Back from our check up!
Scotty got fired this morning
yeah I'm getting old
We finally freakin closed on the house
Ally (MoonMama) - she's in the hospital
Saturday at 7:30 - And I am on a roll
NICE....I'm an idiot Y'all! For real!
Raygens 1st cup cake - Pic included
~*Parent Spotlight*~ - Monday, August 25, 2003
walking...... - who is?
Educate me - pull up/Training pants
So we're all moved in and I have a half a million - pictures!! (who would have
WOW! - None of your business
Just said goodbye..
UGH! The heat....
What is wrong with this?
Thanks Everyone - - Mover Situation Resolved
How many of you DON'T watch Survivor?
"Life Goes On"
Update on my stolen diaper bag
AWWWWW...... Im crying!
Got the mess scared of me lastnight

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