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Prayers Requests!
HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY KYLIE & COLT!!! - Monica's ((luvmykids) childrens' B-DAY!
Kaitlin is 5 today
Doubling 2yo height to find adult height
Maine trip pics - there are quite a few!
Kylie passed her eye exam yesterday
Please wish us luck... another milestone
LeaAnn (hannasmommy) - I started a thread just for you....
Happy Birthday Carrie - aspenblue1
A picture of the future.... - (the very far future!!!!!!)
Speaking of Smoking Ban - Ladies....
Silly, quirky things?
What would you do?
Updated pics of Breanna
Jennas smartie face..LOL
I think we are done co-sleeping - wahhhhhhhhh!!!!!
THis sucks
Marcus's sister is preggo:)
I can't believe it is starting already...
help!!! - I am so tired
My kids have discovered
Question about thrush
Happy Birthday - lisar
Boys corrals sex offender - at Disney
Bawling!!! - 9 yo wedding.
Juicers, anyone else use them?
This Weekend
Here are the new ones - I FOUND THEM
A cool gift - 20Q
Go 24.... - in the race tonight!
Make it stop!!!
GRRRR - Ebay vent
Summons for jury duty - The process stinks!
Oh boy...maybe TMI - I don't know what is wrong...
I get to hear my baby's heartbeat tomorrow!
I really need some advice right now - Please read
Oh my goodness.... - pic of me....
Daddy's computer nerd.
Prayers for Megan - Today is her adnoid surgery
Arrgh... today I got a taste of what it's like - to have a really fussy baby
Pictures of the girls
My Birth Story - Isaia Michael 1.2.2008
My Turn, Jamison's First Day of School
Who do you think will be kicked off American Idol - (Spoilers)
bottle feeding - so tired of the debate
Hey All! - back to stay...I hope!
missionary visitors - how do you handle them?

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