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Should I say something???
Our tree - the adventure!
Who is going to cheat and open
time change
Our girls
My new favorite - baby girl name
Jason had his first sleepover last night
Jade's first snow.... - and other pics...
Front-facing your children in car seats - when?
my babies are home!!!!!!!!
Gender rolls - question
Need Some prayers for Mckaylee
Anyone's toddler becoming more sensitive?
Went shopping for Maddie's birthday yesterday!!!
My avatar - What do you see?
What is everyone doing this weekend?
what would you do?
:( they found Cecilia Zhang....
men v women - Feelings
Update on Zachary's test results..
Crockpot use question
failure to thrive
park pics...
A little help - seabands or something right??
I went grocery shopping
Thinking of Lisa this morning - (lisar)
Back From Doctor....Had u/s today!!
Jumperoo - *~Pictures~*
Just thought I'd add this to my sig
A little scared.
Crisis in school today...
please help me pick
We can't seem to catch a break!!!
Happy 7th Birthday, James!!!
Stem from ZENmommy's reply - about water bills
Three Blind Mice
The weirdest spider...
Pics of us:)
I'm staying home today - What are YOU up too?
Some good news I guess....
6 month pictures
Free Ringtones
Well this day is not going well so far
My birth story - longgggg
I'm turning into my mother LOL
How'd we do - First day of quitting smoking
leaking diapers
Boy in the balloon a hoax?

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