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Speaking of tattoos

danahas4monkeys wrote: How many of you have them? How many? Just curious! I have 2 the one I just got and one on my lower back!

mckayleesmom replied: I have one on my back shoulder....Its Jiminy Cricket

TheOaf66 replied: I still want one, I want to incorporate the boys names into one

amynicole21 replied: I've got two. A small flower on my big toe and one larger one on my shoulder blade of an owl and moon.

boyohboyohboy replied: I have one on my lower back

Crystalina replied: I have 2. Both on my right shoulder blade. Both of mine are music related. I have a moon that has an old man's face in it with the long flowing beard (I love it!). I love Mark Collie and met him a few times so I got that one for his song 'Even The Man In The Moon Is Crying'. My other is because I'm an Elvis fan and it's the TCB symbol with the lighting bolt. smile.gif

TeesaŽŠ replied: I have one so far - a Playgrrl bunny on my bum. I'd LOVE to get portraits of both children at 6 months of age - one on each shoulder blade. I'm not sure why I picked 6 months, lol. I don't want them too large, and it'll just be their faces.

I've been considering an ankle tat. Something like an ankle bracelet, but haven't figured out a design yet.

mommy~to~a~bunch replied: I have 1, but I want at least 1 more, something with the kids' names. I have no idea what I want it to look like.

HuskerMom replied: I have 3 and plan on getting more. I'm hoping to get another this summer.

:.Mrs_Mommy.: replied: I have 1 on my ankle. I want more but its just not financially feasable right now. Some day. biggrin.gif

Kirstenmumof3 replied: thumb.gif I have 3, a ring of flowers on my right ankle, an ocean scene with clown fish (that one was for Spencer) and a bird holding a ribbon that looks like old parchment paper, the ribbon is wrapped around 3 hearts and all 3 of my childrens names are written along the ribbon. I go for my next one on September 12, I know it's a long way away, but I only trust this one place!

gr33n3y3z replied: I have one on my ankle a dolphin and sunset and Katie just designed another for me to get done for the back shoulder it will be a ring of Dolphins 4 with the kids names in them and Ed and my Name in the center.
And that will be it for the Tats for me this will be done before July

ZandersMama replied: I have one, a heart on my shoulder with a ribbon through it. It has the name Laura written on it. Laura is my sister , she passed away a long time ago. If I had a daughter, her name would have been Laura, but now I am not able to have more kids, so it's kinda in memory not only of my sister but of the daughter i'll never have. I know it sounds silly but it means alot to me.

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