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Im craving...LOL
A Pic i took of Jack - I kind of like it!
It's my anniversary!
U/S pictures...
Jakob surgery - Would you?
Were you Home-Schooled? - Or in Private school?
If you could change one thing that happens.. - everyday ... what would it be?
Thankful Thursday! - what are you thankful for this week?
Obama's speech this week?
McCain VP Choice - Watching?
Can I put him in his crib?
Spring Fever has sprung
What is a white elephant grab bag gift?
This is the BEST news!
EmilySaw the Pediatrician Yesterday
Time to prepare - We're suppose to get hit again
Trip Pictures
WW point info - as promised
Wow, just wow! - Warning: death of animals mentioned
Tell me what this sounds like to you....
Only child or one of many.
Are YOU smarter than a fifth grader?
Looked up my son's nose....
Baby's coming tonight!!!!
? for those with 2+ kids - gift giving
what is your issue? - with regard to elections?
Mixing cereal with veggies & fruit
How do you heat your home??
I wasn't going to post about this, but - I'm feeling really weak (Adams in jail)
Thought I would share some pictures
Am I the only one - Who can sleep through an alarm clock?
Do you buy your kids the stuff they ask - for....For xmas?
Starting a bad co-sleep habit - having a hard time with CIO
Yeah!!! - now we only owe 100,000...... :(
May be having baby....
Please, please help! - I'm loosing my mind and patience!!
Pics of McKaylee
Well... I guess I am open for suggestions.
Update on Jakob - endoscope and alergies
Josie and Kimberely... - Few pics of me as you requested...
Basketball star Frankie! - New outfit!
OMG SuperNanny last night
Pictures of Cams Staples in his head - Ok I'm weird...his first war wound! :)
Anyone heard from Jen?
Ed's Amazing Grilled Pork Ribs - For Dinner tonight :) Who's in?
Guess what I joined?

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