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Which pic do you like better?
Recent Pictures
Zero for 6
I feel so lost on this board!
All these name changes...
Can you spare a minute to light - another candle???
? about lunch meat!
Today's photo shoot - complete with the big kids!
Pics from VA ceremony today - ... made me cry
My dad died - 3 years ago today
I was bad - I Punk'd a friend
Soooo mad at Target
Help us pick names
I'm Home!
So, I'm getting married tommrow - *shrieks*
Birthday sharing...
Very concerned - Taking Hanna to the doctor today
Who will win American Idol - not who u WANT 2 win, who u THINK will
Nicknames for your kids
Britney and the Harper Bazarre pics
I'm feeling depressed today....
Accck, school calendar is challenging...
Major computer problems
Anyone else going out to watch the meteor showers - tonight?
Ha ha, more cute Kayla pics!
OK, one more pic of Abby!
Do they REALLY have to have friends?
Maddie's sick
I'm not TRYING to make him a girly-boy.
You Won't Believe This Child Care! - Blood pressure warning!
My Pooka is 14 months old today and
Need some help getting Brae to - eat his rice cereal.
Question on the radio this a.m. - pertaining to Halloween costumes
Pierced ears - on girls
What's for dinner?
Thanksgiving Pics....
New Years Eve - What are you doing?
Jenna's teacher came for a home visit:( - not good news:(
Best Movie
SMOKING - If your parents smoked
Kylie's Birthday Party (pics)
Di~I think you are the one who asked - tattoo pic...=)
Ugh - I hate being busy and I miss you guys!!!
Weather question for Georgians
Sad News - My gram passed away tonight
I was just thinking - and I thought I would update ya'll
Ok, I've just got to ask, - does your DH........?

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