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Read any good books lately?
Where's the little trivia quiz today?
Pic of Kade
ACCCKKK! Freaking out here!
Freakin' Terrified - Tripp fell from about 4 ft on head
Lovin' my diaper bag
State of the Union address
Do you like this name? - Eilee
It's Not Good News - Update on
My girls are going be so excited!
My little andrew is sick...... - We need prayers
dayhome or no dayhome?
What'cha wearing?
Locker Rooms
current conditions
How smart is your right foot? - This is so weird
Weather check
What's in a disposable diaper....
what was the most off the - wall food have you
What sould I get my boy?
Exersaucers/ funny
We got a new pet
I need decorating help please!
have your kids told you - spin off from M2A
Prayers please!!
I am stressed and freaking out
Wish me Luck - interview
Very weird
Anyone have lack of symptoms?
My "baby" brother could use encouragement
Are they being encouraged? - (PG spin off)
Feeling blue tonight...
My story... - just so you guys will know...
Show them FEET.. - inspired by Sammy BIG feet!! LOL
lol a funny argument
Brünig, Grimsel and Furka Pässe - pictures from today
Polly Wanna Cracker? - :)
Were home!
Dr. wants to do an induction!
Jury comes back with a verdict... - NOT meant to start a debate...
I can't believe what Ashley did while BF
I wonder what else I have missed out on...
~* In The Spotlight *~ - Ashley Marie
I feel hurt!

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