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Wow.. it's emotional day - My daughter is 16 today
Another question on time frame to breastfeed
We have a walker here!
Trees???? - What kind??
Introducing myself
What brand of makeup does everyone wear?
Need meal idea
Pictures of Me & Maddie - From the wedding this weekend
Is it just me?
Crest White Strips
msjennbug???or anyone with some info??? - getting anxious here. hehe
Probably going grocery shopping - tonight at midnight
Woohoo! - I quit my job!
Happy Birthday Katherine
underage drinking - thoughts, suggestions, what did you do?
Pinball girl - here are the pics...
been on an emotional rollercoaster today!
How are you doing on your shopping?
overwhelmed and afraid - any words of wisdom?
what words does your little one say - how many words, mini sentences & how old
My new night job - LOL
Yay some very happy news... - I found out today.....
I'm gonna do it!
Talking about 9/11 and in light of recent events - Has it affected how you travel?
Im a horrible mom
Ben Roth....... - Pittsburgh Steeler QuarterBack.......
I think my mum surpassed herself this time! - Vent . . . quite long, sorry
Touch of Home
R.I.P Patrick Swayze
What should I do Nicky's room in? - I've got an idea of what I'm going to do
I spy some birthday girls today!! - aspenblue and TANNERSMOM
SIL....what would you do?
Proud Mommy
This day was BAD
$52,500 Louis Vuitton bag
Fun Questions.... who can answer these!
Logan must be taking Mckaylee lessons
Visit pictures..
Were you Home-Schooled? - Or in Private school?
pump suggestions pls...
So I'm not the Parnoid Mother After All - Update on Spencer
Anyone else's tot turn onery overnight?
Corey's 1st Gymnastics meet
TICKED OFF!!! (again)
Maybe I'm done babysitting. - sorry...a little long

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