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He Got the Interview!!!!!!
Why Why Why - Cold season
Up hill or down hill?
Auntie Heidi cut Hannah's hair
She's got the crud.
Spin off of Recent photos
You would think they would learn.... - CBS,NBC,ABC....
Happy 1st Birthday Jordan
What's for dinner tonight? - 2/10
Need prayers - DH's Grandpa is dying!!!
I just thought I would share... pics
Yes...we're alive! - Just an update - A little long....
just found out - pregnant
Tracy and Dad - as requested ;)
Oh poop! - Ebay strikes again
Some pics
my sweet girl - pictures included
Kiera and Bailey update
do you celebrate Halloween? - if so, what do you do?
what a day so far.......
Serious Question - How many ppl. are getting
LOL, I'm confused.
Happy 4th Birthday, Ethan!!!
Please help me decide on favors - the perfectionist in me won't let me
help - sick baby, need help!
Desiree's step dad went ballistic - on her and her mom last night
Ok, so I went home at lunch - Pics of Megan at her party
Question.... - What would you do??????
my daughter cut off all her hair - hair cutting
OHHHH My Gosh - He is sooo dreamy....
Who did you think should have won
Does the fact it's Friday still get you excited? - spinoff sort of
Finally a computer - Scott is here!!!!
We're home! And EXHAUSTED... - Also-TARA & RAE:
I'm trying to keep my mouth shut.... - HONESTLY I AM!!!
Christmas trees - Real or Fake
1st experience-Ashley saying something embarrassin
my little jellybean
I think I want another baby
Happy Birthday, Troy!! - TheOaf66
Booster seat issue
Star Wars Review... - dissapointed...
kids..left hand/right hand
Update on Hanna - Still at the doctor's office
Sorry I have been MIA
valentines day?
Who wants to see the most adorable - Brae pics ever?

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