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wish us luck
New Here
Poor Kylie had to get stitches in her toe
Happy 1st Birthday Annika!!
How the heck do people...
New Baby - My little man is finally here
Why is it ...
Up hill or down hill?
A little early, but...
Someone told me Logan looks
Bad Dog!
Contaminated sample - argghh!
Happy Birthday Sara-Sara!! - ~Roo'sMama~
No School For Spencer
Calling All Moms...
Question for the Mommies - Odd Pains
She did it!!!!
Why I've been MIA
Happy Birthday Katherine
People not texting back
Alyssa's birthday party
Your help needed!! - We're gonna get kicked out of YMCA....
The best part of our anniversary - *HAPPY and a pic*
Quarter of the way there
A few pics of the boys (Richard, too)
Why Do You Want To Be My Friend?!!!!!!!
Are you an Introver or an Extrovert? - Or a combination of both
"we're country" - do you agree? ( yes it's more BS junk)
Mystery Parent #12
Minivan vs SUV???
Middle name help
Why Me? - He tore my heart out...
Why do we keep getting this?
Luckily Ashley doesn't have a younger sibling...
he irks me!
Chinese Gender Chart - How accurate?
I hope nobody minds... - if I show off a
Ed got - me
Maybe we need to work on modesty...
what do you want - for christmas
Please pray for me and my baby
DD's big night!
OMG - a 4 year old little boy
My babies.
Scarecrow competition - pictures! :)
What's for dinner tonight?

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