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Mya'a allergies.. - worse then thought..
Happy Birthday, Sarah!
Meet The Barkers
Again with the Cyndi Lou Who!
Thank you - to the moderators
Your parents...
Suspect in Aruba admits to killing that girl - :(
January Photo assignment #2 - Silly Faces
wanna see something
For the girls that like Diary of a Wimpy Kid....
Ok seriously motivate me please
DH having a lumbar puncture - tommorrow
My latest craft project... - Does anyone like topiaries?
Kiera stitches... - Before and an after pic
Some pics of the kiddos at daycare
I have no idea...
Who's the Better Driver? - Friendly Debate Please!
I have an interview next week
Simple Life is on tonight - And the girls are in S NJ this show
car update
Billy's Prom - Lots of pictures
Guess what I got as an early birthday present?
The NAILS! - I need some help here...
Happy Birthday Rae!!!
What is your wedding song?
He is still my sweety..
How much does your 7 year old eat?
She's here
had a good time today - mostly
New House Update - and pics
Scary baby monitor noises
I caught the stomach virus
Didn't happen this month
grant is so sweet!
I can't do this - sick AGAIN
Our Easter pictures
when you hear Mardi Gras
video of Carly walking and talking
~* In The Spotlight *~ - Bailey
Ok so give it me - the new baby and older child....
oh how they have grown - my kiddos (pics)
Where do you usually buy your - kids clothes?? case you were wondering
BIg brother fans...
Spin off of egg post - What is the weirdest thing you eat
$3.00 for a roll of TP - would you buy it?
I am home and had the best weekend so far - Tons of pics
Whats for dinner???

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