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Who The Heck Are You?
Pic of the Haircuts! - I was SO mad!
Boy in the balloon a hoax?
What do your kids call other adults?
Happy Birthday Brenda!
baby steps - update on the lars situation
What a workout! - I'm sweatin
she is growing up
Some good news….
MYSPACE - The addiction returns!
It's official. - I'm a worm farmer.
Wow! They finally arrested someone... - in the JonBenet case
We made it through Jeanne
Wierd poll Question..LOL
back from ultra sound
I win the bad parent award - for today
I think I'm crazy - Birthday Parties
When do they go back to school?
New silly pics of Jaci and dh!
So mad,disappointed etc...
What movie can you watch over and over - and never get sick of...
This will make xmas so much easier
Do you consider this child porn?
Would you vote for a person who was honest? - From Nina's Post
I'm such a chicken. Anybody else?
deeeeeeeeep thought
Do you think this is a good wedding menu?
Why are kids so mean???
Got me thinking....
Today is Spencer's birthday!!!!
are you watching the rep or dem - debates yet?
Won't be around much
Pics of Raygen Olivia
The Answer!
GUess who 's 9 months old?!?!
One of my favorite movies - OMG I am rolling
A new pic of my baby girl! - Our little Princess!
I don't have a line yet!
IgG Allergry Test Results
An Email From Emily - She really has grown up too fast!
This happend at a mall near me
Had parent-teacher conference today
Abby is in the hospital - freak accident
Happy Birthday Billy_Madison!
I can't believe it!
ughhh I have HORRIBLE
Back from the ER... - yes you heard right the ER
If you don't hear from me...
BB 10!!!!!!!!
How often do you mop your floors?

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