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She lost her first tooth!! - ****Edited to include Picture
Bill O'Reilly makes me ill.
December Photo Assignment #2 - Holiday Pics
potty training boys...
Surviving a child suicide
Do you still use Dreft or similar?
This is it...the final poll
For your pleasure - more pics of Ethan
Relatives in the Delivery room
This made my day...
I will be MIA
Prepare me!
I love my hubby!
Dilemma.... - Opinions wanted...
What goes on at our house - At 9:30 on a Friday night
It's Monday... Jeanne (jcc64)
Just wanted to say hi
Speaking of Holloween
We got into an accident today - prayers please
Please make this night end... - I'm scared
Parents of girls...... - Birth Control--yes or no....
Losing control of kids - help
Ok-you asked for it - picture of my big ol' self!!
Saying Hi ! - Chat
bad news
July Photo Assignment - RED, WHITE & BLUE -OR- SUMMER FUN
Not Good
It hurts so bad!
First birthday - pic link
alright ladies did you give birth.... - Natural or with drugs?
Stuffed Animals and Blankets - when is it ok
Cross your fingers for us
Slumber Party with 4 8-9 yr olds - Am I cuckoo??
Need gift ideas
more photos... - lots
I'm Back HOME!!!!!!!!!!
I'm back
Potty Training HELP!
Someone please tell me why....
Wow! I can't believe it!
When can you chat?
What do I wear this with?
Homeschool Meeting - OH MY!!!
How do you Clean..
What song is stuck in your head, right now?
okkkkkkkk...... what *risks* would me and my baby - have if I went into labor today?
26 week pic
Juno- the movie
13 year old has child with 22 year old - & child born to coma mom dies

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