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Huggies Cleanteam Giveaway Winners Announced
Whats my deal?
What's your favorite show/shows?
Pls don't eat me!!!! - Funny pics of Bri..have to see these!!!
My kid is such a wierdo - Feeding stuff
Any Advice? Tired of waiting... - Issues with the way the house is ran
Help a new Dad out please - Feeding/ Crying
Newbie here
Johnny is out of Surgery
Quick Political test - to help see which one you agree with
Does anyone else think - this is weird?
Did anyone watch the Apprentice? - It was unfair
my little jellybean
I think this teacher is going to kill me
MIL complaining about my cooking! - vent***
Need Sleeeeeeep
Fun poll!
How much laundry do you do a week?
Prenatal Appointment - and other stuff about my daughter
Christmas Pic
OH Ya'll! I just upset my sister... - I kinda wanted to BUT.....
Halloween pics finally - Lots.
Just wanted to share a pic of me and jenna..LOL
I don't think I can handle having a son - It's getting grosser and grosser!
anyone else have a ketchup monster?
Three and a HALF!
Lord help me :( :( :(
My poor hair... - W/pics
Am I nice or what??
Pictures - from today...
Miss Kate is here!
Dinner Time
Stereotactic breast biopsy (UpDate) - Sept 13th
People make me so mad!!!
Sad Day for us. - sorry so long
haha! So funny.
Strange happening at my house..
Wednesday WEIGH-IN - come on in
New Mommy Show
Does anyone have a Saturn - I just bought a used one..
Do you lock up?
new pictures - of my little alyssa!!
What's Your Least Favourate Commercial?
False Advertising
its time!!!
some names we are considering...
I am REALLY Ticked off!! to put it nicely!
What are you doing for fresh fruit and veggies
Need get well vibes

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