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About to have a house full of teens! - EEEP!
Speaking of the courts and children - *News Story* posted
Do you and your DH/SO share any hobbies?
Not sure how to handle this one.
WOW free money!!
OH MY GOD - the must disgusting thing just happenend
What are your favorite Wii games?
AI fans: Who would you be more like?? - Paula, Randy or Simon?
Another double stroller question - UGH
Water Intake 6/24/09
Book Club Meeting - input please
I think I forgot to tell you the bestest news - EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!&
Give me what worked for you - to go into labor
Jade and I had a picture Taken today - Here are some of the pics.
Weightloss and breastfeeding
AF and a +
What a night and morning! PART II - Update....the day only got worse.

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