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So Proud of My Baby Girl - Tracy went potty! (pic)
I'm so proud of myself - I lied more pics, don't laugh though
Happy 4TH Birthday KAYLA!!
I have a few pics too!!!! - of the kids and DH
Question about male dogs - my neighbors dog is weird!
Where is everyone from?
Words you just don't want to hear
Coming out of hiding - maybe I can stay out now..
Pregnancy weight gain...
I founf the perfect addition to a gift - for MIL
What the heck man...Zach has a loose tooth.. lol
What was your 1st job?
Target brand diapers
ahhhhhh!!!! car shopping sucks!!!
OMG! Is 17mos the "get into everything - I can" age? Geez?
My poor mom - dog died, she's REALLY mad at my dad!
more wedding stuff... - enterance.....

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