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If your spouse passed away tomorow - would you be financially ok?
engagement photos
I had to talk to Hubby first - b4 I posted this
I feel like a horrible person
SICK - fever and vomiting :(
ok, one more question - about Garden of Eden
Help - quick! Sophia may need stitches
Happy Birthday, Kimberly!!
If ____(insert famous name here)___ came a knockin
Guess it was our month (m)
OMG! Another Hurricane! - Hurricane Jeanne
Please help were trying so hard - Trying to have our first
Isabella's 12 month check up
What should Mackenzie be - for Halloween??
We got snow last night - pics....
What would you do???
Christmas Pics
Speaking of football.... - Who is your NFL team?
on top of your
Now we know why she is known as MJ - - as in mini-Josefina!
Hey guys...remember me!!!!
wedding rings - after death
Do you use beauty products on your kids?
Guess What I'm Doing Tomorrow Night?? - I am so excited!!
Ben swam by himself today!
A walk in the ravine:)
My OB appt today
Another question about feeding the little ones
I Gave Birth - 15 years ago today!!!
christmas clean up
Have you guys seen this? - Triplets
How do you lose a computer?
Post your... - preggo belly pics here!
birthday goody bags
I'm so tired
Jordan's New Portraits
Who is trying to conceive right now?
my sweet girl - pictures included
I'm feeling depressed today....
I'm going to kill myself - this is a common response to getting did
Airing dirty family laundry
sad news
I love this little monkey girl - pic of my niece
Wah! I am sick.
Pictures of Me & Maddie - From the wedding this weekend
Post here if you've defected...
How did you do on your baby book?

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