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Great. I can have a turtle. - *insert sarcasm*
Oprah Today - Rod Stewart
Hello Everyone!
Kylie had her first bubble bath last night
Cannot do this again~~ - garbage day
Oh goodness. - I have an interview...
Let's try this again... - Say something nice
Dh brought up a good point - about N.Korea testing nuclears.
Towel usage - stupid poll
How much did you end up spending - for easter??
Did anyone see Maury Povich (sp?) today? - YOU WON'T BELIEVE THESE KID'S WEIGHT
I finally get to post here - I love my dh
Me and Tanner Sitting in a Tree!
LOVE the new health insurance changes
Pictures of My Girl - Since I have never shared -
How many people here are on - Curiousity killed the cat!!
Have something positive to say about DH
Are you a NASCAR fan?
Update on Kaitlin's doc appointment
Pics of my boys - :)
The Many Adventures of Mckaylee - dug up some old photos of distruction
They signed the contract
Sorry Guys - more pics of Jack
Am I the only mom - Paranoid about kids and fireworks?
~* In The Spotlight *~ - Katherine
so funny, but it's the last 1 wally world had!
Learning the piano question
Halloween pics.....
What is your DH/DW/DF/SO morning routine?
New pics of Sophia
The baby will be here on Monday!!
I'm just in the blech mood... with all the - losses lately....i'm remembering mine...
Should the Senate Pass Parental - Notification for minors wanting abortion
Ideas... concerning Jenna
Question for the Mommies - Odd Pains
I don't believe it!!! - Someone pinch me!
What do you think
defrosting meat??
Ashley was so scared last night - Not a night terror...
Kinda weird..... - strange timing.....
What is neoki? - And what do you do with it?
Ethan's hair
Baby Names - We have been thinking tonight -
Need to Vent! Sorry Got a Little Long! - It's about my teenage borders!
Feelin very bad - my son hates me
Thoughts on trying for baby #2
Huge dilemma
Jamie and Kimberly - ELV
My pics of McKaylee - baby ones.....Im having a memory day

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