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Stupid pediatrician
Mckaylee crawled
Think I have a boys name picked out..
Cupcake Cake Holders - anyone use one for a birthday?
Blood work for birth defects - Positive... I'm scared.....
I'm here now!
Any one from PA?
Did you watch American Idol last night?
Where do you buy meat.
one week appointment - jaundice
I discovered something today - Never in a million years........
We told the kids. - ROTFL
Good News From Toronto! - An Update on Spencer
New here
wwyd - advice please
More decorating advice needed....please
Hello! - I'm new here!
AH! I'M SO MAD!!!!!!
Please just indulge me ;)
Is this too girly?
Just curious - stem off from what DH/SO does for living
Our Christmas Pictures
Just for fun. - Tid bits about where you live.
25 Things about me ( well... you)
something really upset me - sorry, its long
Acceptance Vibes - NEEDED
important info
Help DH and I settle a disagreement
The nerve of him!! - vent at dh
bad news
I have PICS to show
What month were you born?? - See how you are??
I got to talk to LeAnne - on the phone
If you wanna be
New Years Resolutions
Hey Tamara - ?
ok, my turn.... - baby brag...
Taking Kayla to the DR.
Cloth diapers - What kind do you use?
Starbucks not allowing BF
2 1/2 Year Pics - **WARNING** there are 89 links
Letter to the Tooth Fairy
How the heck - do you post pictures?
OMG!OMG! Hubby made me pee my pants!
Tomorrow (monday) we are putting our house
We went to see Santa - Picture Posted!
I have a WWYD at school - Colt (sorry, got long)
We carved our pumpkins tonight...
Recipes with ground turkey?
Pictures of me & the kids at my work - I love these kids! Had to share!

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