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I'm not sure what to think of this...
American Constitution - In regards to health care
Spin off of Nicole post.... - Are you a believer....:)
Zoo pictures - warning TONS!
Anyone else going out to watch the meteor showers - tonight?
oh ok.... - I'm pregnant....
Oh gosh, more pics of the girls - Megan's 6 month portraits
It's A...
Wouldn't you be furious?? - My husband can be an @#&%*^((&
Does HE help with the kids?? - or is it just me?
idaho boo?
Stemming from Nadia's post - about guest etiquette
He said yes, he's going
are you watching the rep or dem - debates yet?
Bryan's cupcakes
Omgoodness! I hit 3,000 - just call me gabby Abbie.....
My cousins Twins:)
So here is the little monster
For those with girls...
What do you guys think? - Look fun? :)
Father's Day gifts
I really need some advice
Well hello there! - I'm *semi* back...
Anyone else use the
Shopping - Putting things away
Quick Update On Spencer
Jenna Story:)
Can you spare a minute to light - another candle???
New pictures of Matthew - :)
Doggy help
How would you discribe your children??
I am worried - MB's Cardiologist appt
Need good chick flick - suggestions
right wing extremists.
The Sea World trip pics
Very sweet!
A progress pic of me - And a funny pic of Brooke
Happy birthday Denise! - Bellasmommy10
Halloween Costumes
good day!! - guess what?
Kylie's 3 year pictures
My birth story
I need to vent
Married 57 years - die together
Face cleansing
I took ANOTHER pregnancy test this morning
Go ahead and laugh - I did
I broke down and bought a pair.
I saved a 2 year old's life!

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