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You goes BOTH ways.
Riddex Pro - getting rid of mice
Kindy parents
really mad! - some people....
Lies spread about me - rant
Does your....
Update on Katherine's surgery
New Here
What Are Your Pet Peeves
Holy cow - am I out of shape!
Pictures from today
My birthday boy
Please... - send prayers or good vibes!
Frankie's First words!!!!!
Calling all gardners out there
~*~*Mystery Parent*~*~
Happy Birthday!!! - (lisar)
Please Pray for my babies - they are in Florida
What do 14 year old girls want for xmas? - need gift ideas for SIL
AUGH!!!!!!!!!! - SO excited!!!!!!!!!!!
Online Schooling Family from Supernanny - facing national cries of neglect
AT WITS END! - Getting annoyed, worried, and fed up.
Guess Who....
changing girl names again
yearly appointment prep
Introduction - Saying hello to everyone!
Help! - Christmas Card decisions
Todays the day! - back to work.
car seat recommendations - please
Newest Member to Our Small Zoo
New Pics of the family.... - enjoy!!
Ethan Scott is Here!!
have you ever
I don't know what it is but I am - LOVIN IT!!
Body parts.... - teaching...
How is everyone doing.. - We dont
Some Random Pics - just felt like sharing :)
Jdkjd...... How was your appt today?
I need decorating help please!
Stemming off rude heathen children post. - manners
Forgot my wallet at Costco
Stupid Mutt.
i'm new here let me in - i'm new here let me in
A good hand lotion?
Getting induced...????
Please take a LOOK at my LEG... (PICS) - I'm FREAKED OUT!!!
Let it snow Let it snow Let it snow
Been MIA, a lot has happened! - Very sensitive some may not want to read
Can paper boxes be recycled?

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