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Please vote! - New crib :)
OK I have a vent.... - please help me out here!!!
O.M.G. I am such an IDIOT LOL - Bogie update
Please don't say anything on FB - Need some T&P's
dry wall
The other Easter pics.
Stemming from Nadia's post - about guest etiquette
At what point do I get to give up?
Abbie (punkeemunkee'smom)
My Wife is Going To Prison!
Pillows - when did your kids start having one in b
The woman who cut her babys arms off
Kaitlin is to cute! - sharing a cute moment
here are the pictures! - A warning there are a LOT hehe!
New here too....
Oh Boy! The terrible 2's are here!
Final pics of Texas vacation - Logan's first view of the hog
Condiments....they freak me out!
Ultrasound pic... some bad news too:(
the doppler worked!!!!! - yay!!!
NE1 have the winter blues already?
God news - but to be honest, slightly confused!
Mixed Emotions - We Got Micheals Room
children of seperation or divorce - anyone one of them??
Professional pics of the girls - finally!
Hi Im New here
Birth Story of Hannah Elise & Olivia Rose
Anyone in therapy?
Where did this come from - panicky
I'm taking the plunge - Getting a part time holiday job
Some Pics of Jade and her Daddy...
"Organic.. crap"
weight gain question
Hmmm, Not sure how I feel about this ad.
designer dogs
Look how big she is getting!
so funny, but it's the last 1 wally world had!
Just wondering what your opinions are
Another Mushy Post :) - sentimental songs
I HATE Cancer - What do I say?
Taylor's birthday party was today! - She wanted a cake to match her (PICS)
Happy Birthday, CantWait!!!
So SKEEEEEEERED!!!!!!! - ha ha really, I am scared!
I'm inbetween shock and tears!
I TOOK the test!!!!! - Here are the results.....
More pics... lol
Most useless smilie?

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