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Would you ever - No arguments please
Kaitlin needs some cheering up. - Oral surgery today
My 36 week preggo pics!
Please send some P&PT for my Dad
Might be your stats and first post! - Go find your first post at PC...
Happy 10 months Kayla!
WANNA HEAR A SECRET... - Shhhhhh Don't Tell Anyone
kill me now
Some Kayla pictures - from today
Shopaholics Unite!
Ugh what a b...
Vent/ Rant - Now I know why
Where is your carseat - Left.Middle.Right
Another funny story/ baby brag - (laundry)
For those of you dieting
Decisions, decisions - Too many choices LOL
August Photo Assignment
Jenna's Surgery...
Seriously don't know what to do anymore - potty training
Something I noticed in Vegas
Who The Heck Are You?
OH HELP..... - Chicken Pox
some pictures - just felt like sharing
I need lots of
Major p&pts needed - the home buying process
Tara's Dresses on my girlies! Come See!
Happy b-day Jessyann! - Hope you get that baby today!!!!
Breaking news!! - Dannilyns daddy
moms of 2 or 3 children would you advise.....
fav part of a baby...LOL
Christopher Reeves Died:(
Potty traing question - For moms of boys
Kid with a cold sore
Isabella got her hair cut on thurs
Just found out
Is it just me.... - re: school supplies
Wedding attire questions
Bathrooms.. what number is enough - Everyone please help
Mom2Tripp - how things go yesterday at the school??
I can't decide..
I wanted to share something with you all
For those that work - Your paycheques
GPS Tracking for your kids
Emilie`s first night with a tv in her room - I know...bad mommy....
I need to explain - and apologize
Texting...prediction thing

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