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I can't believe it!
How'd we do - First day of quitting smoking
Tuesday Water Check in... - How much have you had?
Getting very tired of the annoying comments
36 week appt
How did chat go tonight??
Do you and s/o share a computer
Do you ever go back and read your posts
OMGosh, PSYCHO ex employee - I really can't belive some people! long
advice needed - very sensative
Depressed Wife - Still Haven't Conceived
Some Kayla pictures - from today
Thinking about all of the Florida parents...... - I hope everyone stays safe.....
What's your weakness??
need help - all creating people...
Time for yourself.
I'm so excited because...
Anyone want a DH?
Saw something scary Sat. night
Letter to Claudia's Daycare
Horrible - 4yo died on disney ride
Pants fitting tighter???
OMG...Jennasmom - are pregnant??
What is going in the Easter Baskets?
Okay Okay.. - Since everyone is sharing..(pic)
update on Zavier
I found the "nothing"
New Commercial - With Anna Nicole Smith
Question - About baby bag For hospital
My precious baby
RIP my little buddy
sleepless night
Pics - Robbie's Birthday
I applied for a job
Finally Halloween pics
Ok...this dog is about to go
Bad Cough - when do I take her in?
How's everyone weather?
Update on pregnant woman in coma - stmming from a post a while ago
Light bill - Whats yours
sad night:(
HE EATS TO MUCH! - and never gets full
First I was only going to maim here - now im going to KILL the babysitter
What is safe and what isnt?
Best Movie
Major vent..
Tax rebate delivery schedule
Lay-offs at my job

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