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We are finally doing it, quit smoking!!!
Good News
My Mother In-Law - WHAT A BUTT
i found a baby turtle!!!!!!!!!!
Have you ever been told you look - like someone famous??
She passed the entrance exam!!
Toddler dies from freak accident with toy - OMG!
Andrew Christopher is here!!
Spencer's Day Pass
Kait's Kindergarten Grad Pics - also pictures of Girls with fire truck
My solo practice
What is your baby's favorite toy?
Brand New Dad
Ok is this annoying or what? - VENT!!! I am so ticked...
Who does yours prefer?
We're in the Guinness Book of World Records!
My going away to-do list - Need Help, Ideas
Salmonella/Peanut Butter outbreak
Italian Charm Bracelets
student looking for diaper bag feedback !!! - suggestions to redeisgn the diaper bag
swine flu
Don't hate me because
Breastfeeding books
Taking infants out - Taken from Jennifer's vaccination post
~*~*Mystery Parent*~*~
My first crack at a tree - Pics
Anyone else going out to watch the meteor showers - tonight?
Oh my, I just noticed ....
what's for supper??
Colonoscopy Scheduled for Tommorow!
question about backpacks
Happy Birthday, Carrie-Anne!
Getting bored of the same old internet - What can I do?
weekend plans?
Funny conversation I overheard between - Leithan and Mckaylee
Wanted to share this pic of jenna!
Wooden vs Plastic Swings Sets/ Play Gyms
please be careful
HAPPY BIRTHDAY-ANN[camsmom1]!! - wanted to be 1st 2 post!!--it's midnite
whats your cell phone ring?
Now it's the guinea pig
Oh Good Lord. What have I gone and done now?
Holy smokes - smokers here I go
All the snow it takes...
Are you ready for - some baseball?
How Do I Respond To This? - email from SD
Our zoo trip
Pillows - when did your kids start having one in b

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