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Uh OH.. Tanner did a big no no and has to face - the music
The Juju begins
I decided today I don't want to be a - cowgirl/farm girl no more!!!!!!
Time to install some childproof internet software
Who do your kids look like? - you, SO, another family member?
What's for dinner
Do you buy new a outfit for yourself??
First 5!!
Is 13 too young to babysit?
Capitol Punishment an 8th Grade Assignment
Getting my review at work today
#1 July Photo Assignment - 4th July, Canadian Day, Red-White-Blue
Anyone been to Curves (gym)?
I have a question
Latest of Brianna!! - My sweet baby girl!
Volunteering..Do you do it?
Ok, I think I have calmed down enough to talk - to talk about my morning
Cradle Cap
Might be your stats and first post! - Go find your first post at PC...
So..We have FINALLY decided - Pics included!
Speaking of saving money
OH My - He scared the crap out of me!!!!!!
here is a pic of Jason and his 2 best friends
#$%*$ Cell Phones
post when you get your card...
Is everyone Christmas shopping or what?
late night at the hospital
how do you deal with... - stress??
How old are you - if you dont mind me asking
~*~*Mystery Parent*~*~
hey looky........
Lets talk about - BAKING
Here we go!!!! - 5/22/07
Please tell me Im not the only one
He's getting big!
DH Got Rearended today - by an illegal
Jakob 2 yr appt today - could use some encouragement
Swimsuit pics no one really wants to see - BEWARE scary pics inside!
What is your comfort food?
Presenting LOGAN - Lots and Lots of Logan
Is this normal toddler behavior or should I seek
Interesting - Peroxide
Andrew's 7 month portraits
Any advice from moms?
Wal Mart - Layaway
Online Child Pornography Spam
Birthday party - what did you do
Gas Prices
Must be in the air - Got approved for house....

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