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Wanna see a cute pic
Infant/Baby Gear - What couldn't you live without
Anyone else go through
If you could choose - What year would you liked to live
Wanted to share my tree and Thomas.. - pics
This is soooo backwards - airline prices
Now I need a pep talk...
anger management and depression - ever dealt with it
just wanted to introduce myself!! - hello and stuff
Raging Hormones.... - I feel like the worst mommy
A funny from my family last night
UPDATE - on Mel...
Re-financing our home
What do you get a 13 yr old boy for Christmas?
wow....I'm getting sad.
Chrismas Pic's of us
Life goes by so quick.. - pic of Jake
Whats the computer game - on line - HELP?
Now we know why she is known as MJ - - as in mini-Josefina!
Mother-in-law's - What do you think...?
My Fiance's favorite band - is in town
Well, that just great!
Seen these cool toys?
Nick & Jessica variety show...
Cradel Cap - ????
Alright I'm a doin it!
Pics of Aubrey's B'day
Kimberley?? - Are you there?
Lucky Penny... what would you do?
ok intervening defenitely has to be done...
Blood work for birth defects - Positive... I'm scared.....
What's with my little climber?!?
My little baby has grown up into a big boy - Tripp's one year old portraits
Oh gosh, more pics of the girls - Megan's 6 month portraits
Have you ever joined a womans gym? - Like Curves, or Lucille Roberts?
Called the Nurse Supervisor - I'M STUCK WITH HER
Shaving legs, etc.
If we have a girl next...
Nora and Sophia's school pictures
Pictures of Flopsy and Mopsy...
I don't know how you all do it - undergarment comment
Kyrsten Elizabeth is here
Here are some Christmas Pics of us
A wee little bit
Pet Turtles
do you have snow yet?
~*Parent Spotlight*~ - Thursday, August 21, 2003
Has anyone seen.... - 2 questions in one.....

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