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How RUDE!!!!!
One happy pregnant momma here (m)
What do you think? - Opinions needed (pic)
bible allowed in ky schools - (play nice! lol)
Chicken Pox - I can't believe it!
remember when I was twitting out?
When was the last time
Dr. Said Hysterectomy
Rolling Stones - is it just me
mom2my2cuties (or anyone) - I have a question about something
Project "Kyan's Kar"
Combat Hospital?
So, I was supposed to start my job... - Today has sucked already.
Had my u/s today - and the baby is................
Do you find it tacky...
Trip to the US - hopefully
YAHOO!!! Got my 1st consulting job!
Talking to kids about strangers? (do's/don'ts)
What would you do? - Dh trying to quit smoking
This is the hair style I want..and I got
EASTER PICTURES - Let's see them
Marcus Needs Prayers!!!!!
DH is going to kill me when he finds out how much - I've spent...on clothes.....
Frustrated - Please help :(
GA is NEW tonight!!!!
staying home
Since we were talking about school and technology
bedrest at 8 weeks - worry mom
When will you let your daughter get her - ears pierced?
20 week Belly shot :)
Best Baby site???
5year old nap
apparently mom's don't count....
Anyone own a Volkswagen?? - Need feedback, might buy Passat today
u/s showed spot on babies heart - Not SIL's baby
OMG - I just discovered
Organ donation
This makes me so angry
My baby boy is 1 year old! - Can't believe it..
This is a VERY strange question
I know you're probably sick of
Thoughts on Tankinis
It's HUMP DAY and
How Often
She finally figured it out!
Whats my deal?
Butterfly release - For Tamara
Did any of you have this problem while pregnant? - Driving ?
What the heck?!?!? - I am so livid! (kind of long)

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