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Stem from ZENmommy's reply - about water bills
Dirty Sexy Money - Anyone watching?
Dr. wants to do an induction!
Hilarious Video... - of Tanner
How odd is this?
Yay! This is my 500th post!
Was Rear Ended at a stop light!
Jack is getting ready for golf season - Pics
I really, strongly
Our little lady decided to come early!
Introducing... Mystery Parent!!!
Just curious - Our ages
I took a preggo test
Single mother and son - sharing rooms
Happy Birthday Cassie!!
What would you do if this happend - in your neighborhood
Interesting on autism and MMR shot
Update on my mom's surgery
Whats your very first memory?
This is gross but how come I can't barf nicely
Well - I'm here for a while at least.....
Off to my business trip tomorrow... - wish DH luck!
Anyone remember me?
ZAVIER 3LBS 10oz - An update on us
Guess what!!!! - Drm roll......
Pics of us:)
I need help on baby sizes
How much do you pay your babysitter?
Sleep study...
What cleaning products do you use?
Brianna's birthday party pics
Had my u/s today - and the baby is................
calling all smarty pants...
So what are your plans for Memorial Day & weekend?
Boo! Finally back... - update & question
Anyone participate in Test The Nation - Interesting BF fact mentioned.
Happy 1st Birthday Jordan
Question about breastfeeding
Sad Calgary Story - Miscarriage
Jeans or belts??
MIL VENT!!!!!!!!!!
long vent about my ex...
So, what do you think? - YEHAW! I finished Ashley's invites!!!!!
Hi I'm back!
BTW - June 1st is a full moon
Need ideas for almost 2 year old
its time!!!
wont be
Kassidy @ 6 weeks 5 days

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