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Jennas smartie face..LOL
Donation to Goodwill
I just found this site last night
Since you asked...
handsome lil fella!!
I can't believe it is only 42 degrees today!!!
How much do you do IT? - the nasty
Need some sunshine vibes for Sat.
Happy Birthday Christie - Kersteegirl620
Mollie (mom to many) - :)
So................. - What's everyone doing this weekend!
Baby Boy's Name - Coming Down to the Wire....
Help!! Sad Baby!!! - Teething?
Brianna is finally walking!!!
Is it my computer?
Would you take your kids out of school - for a vacation
32 week preggo pics - plus haircut pics
Some pics of my kiddos to share.
UGH! Got my notice that my annual OB exam is due
I am so stupidly mad... over nothing..... - grrrr
Think they look alike? - pic
Let it snow Let it snow Let it snow
forgot to post this - pic
Kade is ONE today!
I reached another milestone! - 24 weeks already!
Pinka star
I feel like Mckaylee's school is nickle and - diming me to death
Here they are, Teagan's party pics - **Warning, alot**
I'm taking meds
oh my gosh will this week never end
Happy Birthday, Troy!! - TheOaf66
oppinions on diaper bags....
Well we are back from the zoo... - pics
advice needed - very sensative
Online Fitness Class!
Example of Hospitals being outrageous
Frustrating day - Vent!!
Speaking of losing wieght
He LOVES being outside!! - Pics from this weekend
Going Back To College
Do your toddlers pray?
Stocking Question - spin off of LeaAnn's thread
Took the Dove challenge
Bad words
Still no job....
Birthday Dress!
how long is too long - when it comes to breastfeeding
Which do you crave more?
Another fish - Another disease....
Had a u/s today - its a .....

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