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How much do you spend on stocking stuffers?
LOL! Preschool Funny!
my ped wants me to start cereal
Who just watched Oprah - with the Nanny 911?
Having harder contractions........
bible allowed in ky schools - (play nice! lol)
update on my life insurance questions
Pics from Disney trip - with DS
Strollers - LOL Random topic.....
How do you eat a Pomagranite?
We're home!!
We got the house
My FB Status
Please Pray for Jenna... - Heading up to Hospital..
Climbing out of the crib already??!!
Halloween Costumes?
I feel like I want to cry
New pregnant pictures
Oh my Goodness - Arkansas Mayor arrested
Today is my last day of work - YIKES
Benjamin's first day of school - Pic
If your
ok, here's a question....
dayhome or no dayhome?
Go ahead and laugh - I did
Do you wash your face at
Please don't think less of me. - But I need to share this with everyone.
I'm checking myself into REHAB - I'm Addicted to....
Ok I need help ASAP.. - IS this something really bad?
any one have these?
Bridezilla - wow
Question on formula feed verses bfeeding...
Kaitlin Said her first word!
MY 4D had to be rescheduled :-( - but here is 1 picture that came out!!!
Do we really want the olympics here? - I dunno......
Um, er.... uhhhh...ok, I'm wondering now
Need some ideas ladies!
Last one of Jade - for now!!!!!!!!!!!lol
this is how dorky i am - your gonna love this
Lauren is here!!
Pictures from our weekend
finger foods?
Have you ever bought something even - though Dh didn't really want you to?
If you don't like the weather...
~* In The Spotlight *~ - Roberto Enrique
Mel~ - How you feelin' momma?
woo hoo - still going strong kind of a brag
Hurricane Gustav

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