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Jury Duty
November assignment NUMBER 1 - HALLOWEEN
Do you..?
She passed the entrance exam!!
SAHMs Out Of The Loop
Oh, he is in so much trouble
The news - publicizing violence - and everything negative
I'm not sure whether to hug him... - or strangle him.
I dont think I've posted pics in awhile... - so here we go...
I don't know when...........
Hi & bye!
Whats for dinner???
Does anyone else find themselves - hooked on that show
Just out of interest
Here are some pics of us and of Hanna's - newly completed room
Urgh, I hate those things
OH NO!!! What have I done???
learning shows / cartoons - which shows does your kids watch?
Angel watching over Ashley or weird dream?
Pics of my sister - just cause
Weigh-In Wednesday - Confessions go here
I need definitions people... - like whats a DH mean?
Need some P&PT"s - also I have a question
Does anyone else tell your kids they can pick - And then try to talk them out of it?
When to start juice
Chat Anyone... on Thursday?
This made me cry
Kimberely...tsk tsk tsk
****major contivercial thoughts***** - I'm ticked!
Stemming from TLCdads post - What cartoon annoys you??
routine dr visits - percentiles??
Superbowl plans??
Favorite child
Our day with the fire trucks:) - pics...
Tea for Three...
Help with eating
It's Official!!!!!
What to wear...
Hello, TTC
Ugh he just wont part with it!
Ottomans as a coffee table?
Jesse's unexpected arrival
GRRRR how hard is it....
Update on DH - trip to the ER
I just found this photo
Tell me I am right
What's the weather like - where you live?
Elmo Cake
Do you believe......

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