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dh was in a bad car accident friday.... - he's ok though
Update on Wesley in PT - mommy brag
Temper tantrums? My favorite kind
If this wasn't an embarassing moment!
OMG.... you need to stop me - keep me out of the Children's Dept.
I feel horrible.
Check out my baby girls new wardrobe - YIKES
Sorry guys...... - More pics.......
dropping by with some video - of kyan
My latest belly pic!!! - Hehehehe....
It's a.......... - (well at least 99.9% sure it's a.......)
June Photo Assignment - Dads and their babies
New Glasses... - stupid husband....
Major computer problems
Strangest thing you have done - while driving??
A Pic i took of Jack - I kind of like it!
ped is sending jenna to peds emergency....
Mayo Clinic Complete Book or Pregnancy & 1st YR - GREAT Free Book for PG mommies!
Question - Mother in Law
Update on Mattie..not doing so good... - Nurse vent included
Happy Birthday Kit Kat's Mom!!!!
Christmas Shopping is Done and I am broke - What is the average everyone is spending
Jade's new game.....
Okay, you saw pics of my cowboy - Here is my COWGIRL!
New Here--Expecting first baby! - Newly Pregnant--how am i suppose to feel
fav food your kids cant get enough of... - inspired by a question M2A posted
It's offical.....
It's 10:00 - I'm bored
Does Mahmoud Ahmadinejad scare you? - UN speech calling for armagedon!
American inventor
Andrew's 1st Halloween
This is Bonnie's husband, James.
Jason Christmas pics
Megan is really sick - I have a question
Bellypic - getting there....
going back
Zobmondo 1-21 - outrageous game of bizarre choices.
SO DEPRESSED!!!!!!! - The kids @ work called me FAT...... :(
Chores - which one do you hate
Speaking of football.... - Who is your NFL team?
New Hat :) - hehe
I need some easy things to make for dinner - Any suggesstions?
Spunges or dishrags...? - Sorry this is a wierd question....
OH NO HE DIDN'T!!!! - Major of New Orelans....
If You Could be on Any Show on TLC..... - What Would It Be?
You know you're showing when...
Dishwasher questions - fav features?
While I am uploading pics.... - here are a few more =)
Add me to the pathetic list...

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