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Obese Children
It's time to confess my little secret.
I'm taking the plunge - Getting a part time holiday job
What is love for you
New here....
~*Baby/Child Spotlight*~ - Thursday, August 7, 2003
Things are getting worse!
Stem from Shaving
what do you think of these possible - mother's day gifts??
We'll We Made It
OMG... Chief Justice Moore was just removed
My pooka turned 3 yesterday
To pre-school or not to pre-school....?
Happy Birthday Carrie-Ann! - MomToJade&Jordan
wedding canceled
Hurricane Gustav
Eleven Children in Ohio - Kept in cages
learning shows / cartoons - which shows does your kids watch?
Who wins the war in your book - Hillary Duff or Lindsay Lohan??
Ectopic - just got home from the Dr.
Happy 6th Bday, Maddie!!
Our New And Improved sleep plan - guess this is my last post here!!
My thoughts on PC - possibly controversial
Mommy2BAK - how are you feeling
J- Rod - where is he? Anyone know??
Asking for a little prayer
Update! - sorry for the delay!
Locking doors? - from luvmykids post
Any Tae Bo fans?
Here's the song Alec is singing - at the top of his lungs
How much weight did you gain..... - or have you so far???
ok, so i have an issue - and it's really bothering me, long story
I guess I have a huge
Participating in the Breastfeeding Challenge!
I can't believe them!!! - Parent vent... again!
Good Luck - for Kaitlin
10 month old daughter - ummm..... help?
I just want to cry today......
What does your child do - that makes it hard to disapline them??
Wanna see something funny?
want to vent... - I am tired of entertaining/holding her!
need a little p&pt - for Emerald
New Commercial - With Anna Nicole Smith
**Newbie Alert ** - My introduction
Speeding Tickets..How to prevent getting one..
Who still has their christmas decorations up? - BE HONEST! :)
Can I just say . . . . . - vent & request for help

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