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Awww Aubrey talks...
just popping on to vent...what a morning
My OB Called me at home today.
couple of q's
Miss Maegan Marie - Pictures
Kids being polite? - please and thank you
a terrifying heimlich moment this w/e!
I have a cute pic to share w/ you all :) - Pic of Sawyer I just got back.
How much TP do you use?
What's your pregnancy I.Q.?
TLCDad needs some TLC
more kid ?
Happy Birthday
Happy Anniversary Ed & Lisa - 24 Years of unbridled bliss?
Happy 4th Birthday - Christian
UPDATE ON US :) - and some pics
Is there something wrong with me?
childbirth and parenting class
Tonight's short story by Ashley
What movie can you watch over and over - and never get sick of...
Look what Ashlyn did..
Are you in shape? - Or do you FEEL like you're in shape?
Gavinsmommy... - You better not answer this post...
Our transparent President...
OMG! This goes along with our abortion post - This is horrific! WARNING VERY GRAPHIC
We picked names...
Great. I can have a turtle. - *insert sarcasm*
We may have to take one of our kitties back
LOL, I'm confused.
Still stumped on gift ideas for Christmas
ok, let's have some more fun - choose your flavor
PLEASE TAKE A SECOND TO READ THIS... - espeacially anyone in Ohio!
Public vs Private
Jason's first Yankee game - pic
So Tara do tell
6 times..she's preparing me for a newborn
Let's all say our names
baby carriers...
Belated pic of Gabe's 1st day of preschool
Eviction notices for Kimberly and Holley
Vaccines - Re-Vaccinations
MIL complaining about my cooking! - vent***
How do you feel about this ? - sensitive subject - not a debate
Okay what would you have said??
Question about breastfeeding... - please help!

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