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Spring has Sprung!
Black Friday - who is going shopping
Prayers Desperately Needed For Hannah
Working moms....question for ya - even work at home moms.
34 week pictures - ...try not to be scared!
Wayyyy overdue belly pics..... - please excuse the mess in the background
If you had a time machine
I am SOOOO proud of myself
he gets sloppy when.... - *pics*
WOW! - Never heard it said like this before!
Ugn! What do I do now????? - Ebay dilemma
Okay.. I need advice.. I am freaking out
How do you keep your kids - from eating in the living room?
9 month well baby visits....
I couldn't believe she said that! - ..some people are so insensitive
Off tomorrow for patch testing - JAKOB
Your kids' names - Where did you get them from?
Ornament exchange - or Gift idea???
Maybe I should pay more attention to the radio
My Hubby is so sweet!
Update on the girls - And some pics...
who wishes they had a nanny?
So Frustrated :(
Meal ideas/suggestions - for Jack
I can't lose this one too
Mystery parent #11!
James update..
HOw did this happen? - extreme weight gain
Lisa - I see you
Kayla's Birthday Pictures!!
My diaper stash pictures!
Pics of Easter week with some in-laws
Flu Shots? - Wondering thoughts on them....
Im switching FLIPPING daycares... - enough is enough!
Happy Birthday, Troy!! - TheOaf66
Belly size??
I'm new to this
Funny Little Man - My big talker
Mamogram -- ultrasound - follow up today***long story
Trick or Treating Pics
If you could rob any store - and not get caught, what would it be?
Another good idea, gone wrong... - Warning: as the title hints... VENT
Naartjie - do you have one?
I have a funny - I peed my pants yesterday
Help Us Sleep! - My sleepless 16 month old
I feel so bad... - I guess I've been slacking on mommyhood
Firefighter photo....

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