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Still alive
Troy as a Hooter's girl - pic attached!
Ron has a feeling...
bad attitude - My baby boy
where do you sleep?
wow.. now i can see a change... PICS
i just heard a gunshot
I'm gonna beat her - Someone come get her now
Santa Pics :)
O JIMMIE (BAC'smom) - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!&
Prenatal Vitamins
What books are your kids reading?
Kindergarted registration
Guess what I got?
Denise (InsaneMomof3) Asked me to post this.. - update on Denise...
OMG-Better Start Paying Better Attention
Its Friday - Weekend plans
My poor friend! Bizarre pregnancy issues...
Made it through the inside
Couldn't resist buying these
Mommy & Me Cuddle & Coo - FISHER PRICE DOLL
Nora's birth announcement (first draft)
What cartoons do your kids LOVE - that you find a bad influence??
Cheap ideas for food? - I don't want to do grocery shopping...
He's only 16!!!
Kaipo (our dog) was struck & is MIA
I'm completely miserable
We have triplets!! - William, Luke and Julia
I'm angry, disgusted and upset - My poor brother
Relactation update....
Shelly Update
Help cracked heals. - Any ideas that will help?
This is OT but
Kylie got her hair chopped off!
Wil had a nose bleed today
A Brae Brae Funny!
Hey, remember me?
What are your thoughts on ANTIBOTICS?
What a trip!!!!!
tomorrow is verdict day
anyone with daughters.. question.
OMG!!!!!!!!!!! - American Idol *Maybe spoilers*
Feeling funny
working out the kinks - financial question
What would u do - touchy situation
Please welcome...

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