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How are all you preg ladies doing?? - updates please! LOL

luvbug00 wrote: Just wanted to check in on all the lovely preg mommies on the board!
baby.gif wavey.gif

MoonMama replied: wavey.gif

I'm good, a little over 5 weeks left and VERY ready for this baby to come.

luvbug00 replied: wow time is flying! so super excited for ya!

Danalana replied: Thanks for asking smile.gif
I am e.x.h.a.u.s.t.e.d. I think I'm too old to be pregnant anymore laugh.gif
The only problem I ever have in pregnancy is that I get this weird thing that feels like a groin pull on my left side. I've had it all three times and it is crippling when I try to walk after sitting on standing. Luckily, I never swell or get heartburn, so I guess that's a pretty fair trade-off. I do love being pregnant, but I might be getting too old to run after all these little ones. Or maybe that's the pregnancy! Haha. We won't do anything permanent, just in case we did want to try one more time. But then I consider my history of early loss and I just don't know if I wanna go through it again. I did want a girl, but I am so blessed to have these three sweet babies! And boys are mama's boys wub.gif
But anyway, besides crazy hormones, emotional problems ( laugh.gif ) and the crippling groin pull thing, I'm doing fine.

luvbug00 replied: Aww well take it easy miss engery! we wanna see the little guy when he is fully cooked! LOL baby.gif thumb.gif

Danalana replied: Amen to that!

my2monkeyboys replied: LOL @ Dana! I think the same thing about being too old to be pregnant! Waylon was a bit tougher than Will, but I was 6 years older!
DH is talking about wanting another one (yikes!) after Waylon is out of diapers, but I don't know... I'll be 35 in April and not sure I'd do so well. LOL

Glad to hear y'all are both doing so well though!!! hug.gif baby.gif wub.gif

Danalana replied: Shoot, girl, I'm 36! I will turn 37 in April, which is when Tripp is due. If it weren't for this hip/groin thing, it wouldn't be so bad. Still, I'm getting up there for child-bearing. And more of an issue is that Richard turns 46 in May...these boys want to play and do all kinds of stuff and we don't want Richard to be too old to be able to do that stuff laugh.gif Bottom line is we have to get in shape! Really. Or the boys will take us over tongue.gif

my2monkeyboys replied: LMOA - they're gonna take you over anyway! Might as well plan for that! emlaugh.gif
Your boys are so cute, Dana! I can't wait to meet Mr. Tripp! wub.gif baby.gif wub.gif

moped replied:
I was 36 when I had Laila.......its all good!!!! Go for it!!!!!

Danalana replied: Thank you, Stephanie!
We are going to need a part-time nanny/housekeeper, I think laugh.gif

youngmomofone replied: Things are well here. Finally in the third trimester!! laugh.gif Weeks one through 17/18 were fast, but these last 10 weeks have been SO slow. Lil booger has been playing soccer with my ribs, but other than that nothing really to report. No, *I* don't know the sex of the baby but my dh and mom knows (though I believe it is a boy), so it will be interesting to see if it's a Taylin or Isaac!

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