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This should work? Right?

3xsthefun wrote: I remember as a kid at least I think I'm thinking right. When my aunt would put little braids in my hair before bed at night, and take them out the next morning my hair would have a crimp look. unsure.gif

Well, I was think about putting braids in Kaitlynn's hair tonight to see if her hair, will be crimpy or curly. I want to do it for her graduation tomorrow, so she will have a cute hair do. But I'm not sure if I am remembering correctly or it will work in her hair. I think it should, since she has a little natural wave.

What do you all think? Should I put it in braids and see how it turns out or should I just put it up in a cute bun or pony tail? I wish I knew how to do a french braid or I'd do that for tomorrow. But I never learnt how and really not that great at regular braids.

I guess if it don't turn out how I'm thinking I can try something else in the morning.

I hope this makes sense and I'm not just rambling about something I don't know about.

If we had a crimper I'd just do that but we don't. So that is why I figured I might try this. I do have a curling iron and could try and do that in the morning and just curl it. But I'm not sure how well her hair would turn out, since I never used one much. blush.gif

Anyways, please help? It would really be appreciated. biggrin.gif

luvbug00 replied: make sure the hair is ever sop slightly damp. Not wet! like run your hands under water and comb them threw her hair a little in each section. then braid and in the morning it should crimp. it's gotta be tight though. and the smaller the bettter. ( I used to do this to Mya alot and it's way cute. ) take a pic tomarrow!!!!

My3LilMonkeys replied: When I braid Brooke's hair wet it comes out with the crimpy look when we take it down - I love it!

I say go for it - if you don't like how it turns out just wet it down and put it up a different way.

Just remember not to brush it - that will just make it frizzy.

luvmykids replied: Just from experience, the braids will come out wavy but be careful on the ends where you use the rubber bands or they can have a funky twist. And since you're not doing a french braid I'd do several small braids so it isn't straight on the top half of her hair, kwim?

Kylie sleeps in braids or sponge curlers almost every night (she's jealous of Macie's curly hair) .... the curling iron doesn't work too well, it has to be super hot and I have to use hair spray on each section right before I curl it and even then her hair (which has a little wave) doesn't hold it for long.

Brias3 replied: When I do that to Aliyah's hair, I usually do three french braids- one on each side and one down the back because then it covers all the hair and it prevents that straight lined dent down the middle back. Since you're doing regular braids, I would do lots all over her head so she's not half braided, half straight. Make sure they're tighter braids, slightly damp and braid it all the way down to the last possible cm so she doesn't have band marks at the end.

It should turn out super cute. If not, throw it up in a ponytail and use some mousse or something to scrunch up the end for a "curlier" look!

3xsthefun replied: Thanks everyone! I went ahead and done bunch of braids guess we will see how they turn out tomorrow. smile.gif

mummy2girls replied: it should work.. here is a pic of jenna after i take out her braids...

mummy2girls replied: you can see jennas get really poofy because she has so much hair! LOL

A&A'smommy replied: YES my mom use to do that to me too!!

CantWait replied: My grandma use to do that for me. It'll look super cute. wub.gif

MommyToAshley replied: I bet it will look super cute. Can't wait to see the pics!!!

3xsthefun replied: Well it did turn out crimpy but it was straight on the top. blush.gif I tried braid from the very top but like I said I'm not very good at them. I probably should of never tried last night. It was also little straight on the ends. I couldn't find any tiny rubber bands and had use little fuzzy kind (not sure what they are exactly called) but they held the braids.

Anyways I wetted a hair brush and combed her hair it actually didn't get to frizzy. So I decided just pull her hair back in a pony tail. It still have little crimp to it and looks cute to me. It also made her hair a lot thicker.

Sorry, I didn't get any pictures yet. I will have wait until we go to her graduation today. We was running a little behind, because I was trying figure out what to do with her hair.

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