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Our whole family is going to the doctor today
Lailas weight - not as much as had hoped
Dr Phil is having a debate on public nursing
my siggy
Hi Everyone
So, how bad is coffee for kids anyway?
I was so ticked off (blood boiling) - in marshalls tonight
Mya's real school pic... - I got it to load.
Ok What kind of horrible car can JenHopkins Drive - She asked for..lets all try to guess!
im new....
It's FRIDAY!!!! - weekend plans!?
I'm excited...
So I'm posting this under Womens Health because - I think I may have a heart attack
Kait's Kindergarten Grad Pics - also pictures of Girls with fire truck
Acceptance Vibes - NEEDED
Starting my own thread - Loving being Pregnant thread!!
August Photo Assignment...#1 - kids with thier friends/siblings
Elevated PKU in infants - anyone know anything about this?
Katy's 3 year and Matt's 18 month pictures - hers a little early, his a little late
Important question...
Married - how many years?
Can I share a pic....
Strange pet behavior
Pink line - from VS
Educational toys for toddlers.
do you have a phobia?
parenting books - Does DH read them?
3 weeks and 1 day - bf brag
She's here! - Kathleen Elaine Roberts
Teaching your 1 year old
What does you SO do or say....
Spin off of egg post - What is the weirdest thing you eat
I'm due one month from today!! - (and an update on us)
Have to share a cute naptime story
Where does she get her thought - process?.....Mckaylee ugh
A little brag... - about myself :) hehe
Ok people, I need hand holding here...
Pregnancy Poll
Is this the new norm? - preschool/Kindergarten curric
Just like the energizer bunny
Freaked out!
I got the first 2 books - Twilight
same-sex doctors - men please answer, too!
Potty user!!!!!!
So sad...
Anyone watch Friends last night?
This statement is why I don't like - Chris Daughtery

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