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Holy Yard Sale Batman~~~
Gabriella and Leroy finally meet.
I've got a feeling
What's your opinion on this?
How old was your child - when they knew colors
My mum got robbed! - What a rotten week!!!!!
I am no longer.... - HOMELESS
I take it he is going to say no
Happy Anniversary to Di and her DH! - (Kaitlin)
tattoos - this is going along with the other post
Back In Toronto - And an Update on Spencer
Can anyone tell me - what this may mean?
Our baby has a name.....
Whats your favorite cereal?
I'm so sad!
Lailas weight - not as much as had hoped
Snow in South Louisiana???? - PICS!!
Who has a clean house?
This is just sick, sick, sick - They should be beat with a stick!
I HATE being COLD - And I am ALWAYS cold
Speaking of Rudolph...
Shopping for mom and baby
Ear Tubes
I am the worlds worst
This is why I don't buy presents early.
Secret Santa Wish List
I have an ob appt this afternoon
Baptism Pictures
Ashley as Cinderella.....
Autumn's Well Baby App.
Jakob's food allergies
I'm so sorry to be a downer
Umbilical Cord Question
Girl Scout Cookies
come see what did:)
Oh, yipee!! - I'm leaking
Okay, so I hate this trial - but get this...
business trip next week - pump and dump
K's Trick or Treating Pictures
I bought a car yesterday!! - :)
What's your favorite chic flick?
My conversation with Hanna yesterday - Hilarious
Do you know your patient rights?
co sleeping/ nursing?
They countered again
Sons teacher - inappropriate comments?
YES!!! Am all done Easter shopping!!
Genius or memorized? - My 5 year old

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