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"Great American Boycott 2006"
Oh my! How scarey for that boy!
deceptively delicious
PHEW Jenna is all better!
I am trying to do something different.. - Pics
I'm a lucky duck!
Why we need healthcare reform
~*~*Mystery Parent*~*~
Happy Valentines Everyone
just wanted to say bye for a few days...
Opinion on an incident my sister faced at work.... - a little graphic in nature
Its getting annoying.
Pics from our weekend
GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!!
gender ID at almost 13 weeks????
What's your favorite chic flick?
Breastfeeding poll
Need opinions please
Our newest family member
Need emergency prayers
Clothes and shoes - how long do you keep them?
My exciting new years
About my period - Guys, you don't wanna know... LOL
I guess this is not my month.....
He's Here!!!! - Born Jan.30, 2006
Sophia's "school" picture
Happy Birthday Corey!! - jcc64
Update : On our tv
The reason the house burned
Christmas/Holiday Plans
If you could go to one place - in the world where
Belly Pic ... - anyone ???
This is not supposed to be happening - yet....I'm not ready
Strangest name
Baby it's cold outside...
who is good at math?
First Day of Preschool - Pic from this morning
What to do when you don't remember someone's name.
Let's all do the wave!
American Idol
Do you ever feel like your friends don't care....
My MIL is going to KILL me..
No Big deal - Just me...updated avitar
Our New And Improved sleep plan - guess this is my last post here!!
She's pretty sick... - i think...
OMG, I am so embarrassed...
Drip, drip, drip

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