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Good New on Tanner - He isn't Diabetic
Im terrified right now!
Young Mothers giving birth - Birth Day on TV
How big are all our babies? - age, weight,size
Hello,Im new!
The Travelling Pants 2
OHH Forgot to tell you:) - 1st steps:)
We're getting slammed - east coast storms
What is WRONG with me?!?!?!
I bought a HPT tonight! - I'm sooooooo scared!
I'm so disgusted. I have ringworm.
I am so proud of myself
same-sex doctors - men please answer, too!
My story... - just so you guys will know...
Can I do this?
Hello.. I am back - Anyone miss me..?/
Snow suits? - Winter wear?
Hello to all old friends - hi/welcome to all the newbies
She did it again!!!!!! - AHHHH!!!!!!
Some names you don't see very much - and probably won't for a while yet
Kaitlins christmas pics
Does anyone else's dh
Nicole's kiddos
Eleven Children in Ohio - Kept in cages
Save the date!!
Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers today
Favorite Fair Food?
Summer pg is for the birds!!!! - I'm HOT
what is the age difference
Think they look alike?
Rearranging Brianna's stuff
Super Bowl - Prince
I feel HORRIBLE!!!!!!!
Potty training?'s
best cleaning tool ever are some snow pics - gross....i hate snow
Baby bedding...maybe - what do you think?
What to do.... - underware or pull-ups?
Can I just say
Abby is in the hospital - freak accident
Ended up in the ER - Poor sicky baby girl!
Samichlaus' House - pics
Cute pic
Let's see some of the Halloween Costumes! - Taken from Kristi's post earlier
I spy some birthday girls today!! - aspenblue and TANNERSMOM
Volunteering..Do you do it?
What a little sweetheart
What a nice (NOT) FIL!

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