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I am cooking still - Yuck
My Kids - pics
implanting bleeding
Mini DH vent
Do you iron your toddler clothes?
Songs that don't make sense
Christmas decorations
Pic of me and my car
Anyone else use the
Power Of Suggestion
Here's a question for ya - concerning laundry
Colt has a loose tooth! - How old did yours lose their first tooth
You have GOT to be kidding me...
Lexi and the nail gun......
Bathroom..Bathroom..Bathroom - I finished it..pic included
Wish me luck everyone
~* In The Spotlight *~ - Conner
Hello!! Hello!!
Look what I found in my drain!
JessyAnn - your siggy
Stem from ZENmommy's reply - about water bills
OK guys.. - coming down the home stretch..
Lexi is really sick - might get a lil long
Need help!!! - sleeping and pacifier
I could really use some positive vibes quick
Some new photos (family photo)
Look who found her thumb - UGH
Playdate question - Cleaning up
Here Is
Am I the only one?
Sophia starts pre-k on Monday
I woke up to 3 huge ships around port.. - ..know what that means!?
OMG - I'm freaking out, it's starting
Spring cleaning!
can we just kiss and make up?
Ed... - Lisa's home from the hospital!
And one more
Feed back... - Easter card exchange
First Day Of Kindergarten!!!
Asking for prayers again for the MRI - Today at 1pm
did anyone see Ellen yesterday? - Christina Aguilara
Big Field Trip - How much money to send?
I just noticed I hit the two year mark - at PC
What is your cold medicine of choice - for your babies?
For those who camp - Mind sharing your favorite meals?
so any one wondering
did anyone else have troubble - getting the kids up today?
petty feelings?

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