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Oh goodness. - I have an interview...
Did You Have a Big Wedding or Small?
What do you think of... - Parents who dont vaccinate their kids?
So Jessica...(alyssasmommy)
Our Ultrasound is scheduled for Friday - So what do you think?
Got my haircut
Halloween pics finally - Lots.
New Year Resolutions - 2005
How late does your
My little photographer... - Pics from ASHLEY's CAMERA
Diapers for Baby Boys - What are the best diapers for a baby boy
I heard the baby's heartbeat today.....
New pictures - warning lots of them
a few pics of the kids
Puppy names - Need your opinions
Here we go!!!! - 5/22/07
WHich do you like better? - name
Mommy's Night out.
dear visa...
dugger family at it again
What is your baby's favorite toy?
Public Health Nurse concerned about - Claudia Weight!
Well, aren't I the crafty little lady?
Mind if I share a few pics.....
Me and jenna involved in car accident!
How smart is your right foot? - This is so weird
I Can't Do This Anymore
Update on my surgery
Mom leaves new born in toilet - ~~WARNING~~
I have a pregnancy weight question - How long
Pictures!!! - showing off my Emma Boo
adult children living at home - where to draw the line with adult kids
Does anybody have one of these? - I want one! Or a few....
Beach pics
Frankies Baptism!! - Pictures!
Pic of Brianna and I - Mummy and baby!!
Need some prayers:( - very sick little girl.
what shows do they watch?
~* In The Spotlight *~ - Kiera Bryn
Pictures of Zack!!!
Feeling soo guilty
I saw the heartbeat today!! - My u/s went well
One thing I forgot... - about having 2 young boys in the house
Tug tug
Need some prayers, well wishes . . . - I'd even take a little magic!

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