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Below you will find a product including consumer electronics, baby, toddler and children's products tested and reviewed by trusted parents and Parenting Club members. Each week, we will focus on particular item, so check back often.

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Britax Roundabout Car Seat with LATCH

Comments and Product Reviews:

By kit_kats_mom
I have the Britax Roundabout carseat with the "cat" cover. The cover is a little much for my taste but it doesn't show spills or cheerios. LOL It is very pricy but good up to 40 lbs. We should be able to use it until she is 12 since she is 18 mos and 18.5 lbs. It was the highest rated car seat on the market for safety when we purchased it last year.

It is easy to install (we don't have Latch on our current car but that seems to be pretty straight forward too) and comfy. The officer who checked my car seat installation gave me the thumbs up on the seat and the install so if I can do it, anyone can. Velcro holders keep the belts out of the way when I'm putting her in the seat. Strap adjustments are simple. There is a pad where the buckle is which keeps her from getting pinched or burnt, which is a big concern in FL. There are other raves about this car seat on the link I posted. I love this seat!

By jcc64
We also have the Britax Roundabout. Higher priced than most, but well worth the extra $$$$, for many of the reasons Cary listed. My favorite feature is the sturdy, non twisting straps. She can rear face to 30 lbs, which is well documented to be the safest position for a toddler. Other user friendly features include built in locking clips that help secure the seat, adjustable harness in the front(very nice for those of us who deal with snow suits), and a tether system, as well as the option to use the LATCH system if you're blessed with a new car. Can't say anything bad about it.

By amynicole21
When my dd outgrew her infant carrier, we purchased the Britax Roundabout. I love the seat, and haven't had any problems since we started using it over a year ago. We do have the LATCH system in our truck, but still use pool noodles at the base of the seat to ensure a very secure fit. When she was rear facing, we also tethered the seat to the front passenger seat base. It is not easy to take the seat out since it is secured in many places, so we only take it out occasionally to clean it. I have taken the cover off and machine washed it easily, but it resists stains and dirt pretty well on it's own. The seat is incredibly comfortable for my daughter, and easy to get her in and out of. I love the strap adjustments and the pad that fits behind the belt connector - we've never pinched her legs or had to worry about the pieces becoming too hot in the sun. I highly recommend the seat, and feel that it was well worth the money.

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Britax Marathon

By victoire2002
We have the Britax Marathon because we were sure DS would be a big kid! It's pretty good, though I do have some gripes about the straps and how cumbersome they are to "click" shut. Overall, it's been a good car seat and we are pleased with it, though.

I would have liked one with a pattern, but BRUS didn't have any pattern except the colonial blue. I have not washed the cover, but have just sponged it clean. I would really like to throw it in the wash, but haven't done that, since it seems cumbersome to do.

If I were to buy a 2nd carseat for our other car, I probably would get a less expensive one. I think I saw an Evenflo one that was rated almost as highly as the Britax.

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Alpha Omega Elite Car Seat

By aspenblue1
I have a graco one in my car and alpha omega one in DH's car. I love the Alpha omega. the strap get tangled a little but not much. As far as the graco one I do not like the round thing you put the seat belt in. I have pinched Bella's leggs more than once in there.

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Evenflo Triumph 5 Comfort Touch Convertible Car Seat

By Jamison'smama
have the Evenflo Triumph. We really love it. It is VERY easy to adjust --I have put a couple of different toddlers in the seat and was able to re-adjust it easily. This seat got very high marks--has the panels inside to make it more damage resistant in a crash like the Britax have. Jamison is able to sleep easily--very comfortable. Highly recommend!

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Healthy Care Deluxe Plus High Chair By Fisher Price

By jdkjd
Fisher Price Healthy Care Deluxe gets an A-plus.

The Deluxe version does not have the fabric ruffle that can get food in it-that was the only complaint I found on before I bought it.

The tray has an inner tray that snaps out and goes in the dishwasher. You can also use it without the inner tray. Wipes up easy-there aren't any weird places for food to get stuck. I found it at Target.

By boogabearzmom
We have the Fisher Price Healthy High Chair. I think that's what it's called. LOL. We only used it a handful of times because Kylie was too big for it, heheheh. It is VERY similar to the one Jenn described except ours has the ruffle that food can get into. Besides that, it's a great inexpensive highchair.

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Simplicity High Chair

By MommyToAshley
We actually have ths Simplicity Plus III high chair by EvenFlo. It folds up great and has a cute bear pattern. The material is easy to wipe off, but you can also throw it in the wash. It has five position adjustments and you can also adjust the height.  My only complaint is that the arms (where the tray attaches) has seams where the plastic comes together, and food gets in there and you have to use a small brush to get the food out.  I'd give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

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