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We put Huggies Cleanteam to the Test!

Product: Huggies Cleanteam Products
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Huggies Cleanteam Hand SoapOur toddler geared up put to the test four of the Huggies Cleanteam products – Sammy the Snake’s Extra Conditioning Shampoo, Henry Hippo’s Hand Soap, Freddy Flamingo’s Flushable Wipes, and Carley Crab Disposable Cleansing Cloths. 

The colorful Cleanteam characters on the packages made using them all even more fun. However, the favorite was Henry Hippo Hand Soap.  The dispenser features Henry’s head with a 20 second blinking timer that lets the child know how long to wash his/her hands.  What a great way to teach children how long it takes for proper hand washing!  The foaming dispenser also poured just the right amount of soap for her little hands each and every time. It was refreshing not to have to tell my tot to go wash her hands before dinner as she would race to the bathroom to use Henry's dispenser once the call for dinner was made.

All the products featured great scents, but I especially loved the “Blue Melon Splash” scent of the conditioning shampoo.  The shampoo left my daughter’s hair with a soft, and shiny, texture.  I usually have to use detangler along with the shampoo, but I didn’t have to use any additional products with the Cleanteam shampoo.

The Flushable wipes and the Disposable cleaning cloths were convenient and easy to use.  The only downfall I saw was that the disposable cleaning cloths only contained ten (10) per package and were gone in two trips to the park.  I’d like to see Huggies sell a package with larger quantities. 

Overall, the Huggies Cleanteam products served as an excellent way to encourage our toddler to use good hygiene at an early age.  I look forward to trying all the Cleanteam products.

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