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MOVIE REVIEW: La Misma Luna (Under the Same Moon)

La Misma LunaLa Misma Luna is a powerful and heart-warming film that tells the parallel story of  a 9-year old Mexican boy, Carlitos, who sneaks across the border into the U.S. and his mother, Rosario, who crossed the border four years earlier and works illegally in the US in order to provide a better life for her son.  Carlitos embarks on the journey to find his mother when his grandmother, who he had been living with, passed away.  As he heads north, Carlitos faces obstacles with determination and optimism, but the only clue Carlitos has to his mother’s location is her description of the street corner from which she has called him every Sunday for the last four years. Carlitos teams up with a unexpected, middle-aged migrant worker named Enrique. Unaware that Rosario is on her way to returning to Mexico to find her son after discovering that her mother is dead and her son is missing, Carlitos and Enrique comb the unfamiliar city of Eastern L.A. for the place that his mother so vividly described.

The story is a compelling one that alos sheds some light on the challenges faced by Mexican illegal immigrants who come to America in search of the American dream.  You can’t help but to become engaged in this struggle for a mother-son reunion.  This tear-jerker spawns the kind of emotion that makes a movie memorable. Be prepared to cry, laugh, and cry some more.  The acting is superb, in particular the acting by Adrian Alonso (Carlitos) was outstanding. The only down-side of the movie is that it is sub-titled.  Even so, I highly recommend this movie and consider it is in the “must see” category.

Released on DVD: June 17, 2008
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