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If You'd Like to Know Why Reading Matters
Here Are Some of the Reasons Why Reading Is So Important for Children Why Do We Tell Children to Read ? We're always telling children that books and reading are good for them, but have we ever really thought about why that's true ? Exa...
(Jan 13, 2005) - Views: 4604 Comments: 0 Avg Rating: ***

8 Gifts of Parenting
No one who has hugged their child can doubt the gift of a child’s presence in their life.
(Mar 25, 2004) - Views: 4453 Comments: 0 Avg Rating: ****

Keeping the Stress out of Single Parenting
Researched through personal experience! by Marta Dodd Budget Your Money.
(Mar 25, 2004) - Views: 4374 Comments: 0 Avg Rating: *

Tips For Parents On How To Deal With Bullying
(NC)—Bullying behaviour may seem rather insignificant compared to the trouble that some kids can get into.
(Mar 25, 2004) - Views: 4069 Comments: 0 Avg Rating:

The Importance of Mothers
Moms, did you ever question your value as a role model, caretaker, administer of hugs and Band-Aids? I think we all have in today's climate of "do more, get more, have more."
(Mar 25, 2004) - Views: 5408 Comments: 3235 Avg Rating: *

Field Trips with Tot Appeal
Field trips are both educational and entertaining, and your children do not have to be in school to enjoy them.
(Mar 25, 2004) - Views: 4791 Comments: 282 Avg Rating: *

Homeschooling: An Appealing Educational Alternative
Home education has become an appealing alternative to classroom instruction in recent years.
(Mar 25, 2004) - Views: 4517 Comments: 0 Avg Rating: **

Time Management For Mom's
The dishes need done, the laundry is piling up, diapers need changing, children need feed, and it's up to you to get it all done. How will you ever get everything done and keep you sanity? Here are a few tips to help you relax a little:
(Mar 25, 2004) - Views: 4453 Comments: 224 Avg Rating: *

Cutting Costs While Raising Babies
Raising children is expensive, so saving money wherever we can is important (moms need the money for those rare trips to the spa so they can relax, right?). Here are a few simple ways to cut your costs when you have a baby:
(Mar 7, 2004) - Views: 18472 Comments: 679 Avg Rating: *****

Single Parents Enjoy Playgroups Too!
As a single parent, your life is a juggling act. You need to meet deadlines at work, keep up your home, spend time with your child, and you need some time to yourself. What you really need is an activity that meets more than one of your needs at the ...
(Mar 7, 2004) - Views: 4177 Comments: 0 Avg Rating:

How to Handle a Mid-School Year Move
Q: What's worse than moving? A: Moving in the middle of the school year. My family did it more than once when I was growing up. I still remember some of the incidents-being introduced in the front of the class, having to share a locker until th...
(Feb 29, 2004) - Views: 4782 Comments: 0 Avg Rating: *

Powerful Parenting, Not Power Plays
“Suzy, get your shoes on! Tommy, zip up your coat! Paul, bring your schoolbooks. Come on kids!! Let’s go!”
(Feb 29, 2004) - Views: 4061 Comments: 0 Avg Rating:

Talking to Your Children About Sex
Talking to Your Children About Sex “Where do babies come from mum?” It’s that age-old question that many parents dread and which usually results in some waffled reply that they hope won’t lead to further probing questions.
(Feb 29, 2004) - Views: 4119 Comments: 453 Avg Rating: *

The Radical Mother - Parental Involvement Keeps Trouble From Sneaking Up On You
Parental Involvement Keeps Trouble From Sneaking Up On You Working with truants, I see children with a variety of problems.
(Feb 29, 2004) - Views: 4069 Comments: 0 Avg Rating: *

Great Expectations
I have always been regretting that I was not as wise as the day I was born. - Henry David Thoreau
(Feb 7, 2004) - Views: 4410 Comments: 273 Avg Rating: *

How to Start a Toddlers’ Playgroup
Your toddler is into everything, and the day feels longer than Rapunzel’s hair. How do you keep your little one occupied in a constructive and fun manner? Start a toddlers’ playgroup!
(Feb 7, 2004) - Views: 5539 Comments: 0 Avg Rating: *

The Three L's of Parenting
Have you ever had one of those days in which everything goes wrong? The children are whining, your house is a mess, and all you need are five minutes alone? We have all been there, and more often than not, we aren’t the most effective parents during ...
(Feb 7, 2004) - Views: 4681 Comments: 134 Avg Rating: *

The Power of a Hug
Before I had children, I had six theories about bringing them up; now I have six children and no theories. - Lord Rochester
(Feb 7, 2004) - Views: 4405 Comments: 0 Avg Rating:

My child won’t share, what can I do?
Years ago my husband and I attended a parenting class and one thing that stands out in my mind from that course was something very simplistic that the trainer said. He asked the question, “If your kid doesn’t like broccoli, what should you do?”
(Feb 7, 2004) - Views: 9182 Comments: 0 Avg Rating:

10 Questions to Ask a Childcare Provider
1)How long have you been a provider? 2)What are your qualifications? 3)Is your facility or home licensed by the state? 4)Will you provide me with at least 3 references? 5)Why did you become a daycare provider? 6)What is your disci...
(May 15, 2004) - Views: 5397 Comments: 204 Avg Rating: *

When Time Out Don't Work
Joey steps away from his time out chair “I won’t sit!” His mother is frustrated and throws her hands in the air..Time out is just not working for this mom. Many kids do not respond to time out so what do parents do???
(Mar 25, 2004) - Views: 4269 Comments: 0 Avg Rating: ****

Spelling Games
The following spelling games can be used by parents to reinforce spelling in children:
(Mar 25, 2004) - Views: 15931 Comments: 213 Avg Rating: ***

Goal Setting for Kids
Goal setting is essential for building a successful life. However, teaching kids how to set and achieve goals is not part of most school curriculums, nor is it taught in most homes. Many parents never learned the techniques of goal setting, and are s...
(Mar 25, 2004) - Views: 5351 Comments: 0 Avg Rating: *

Help Your Children to Love Reading
It is so important to create an environment that promotes the love of reading.
(Mar 25, 2004) - Views: 4433 Comments: 290 Avg Rating: *****

10 Ways to Ensure a Perfect Playdate
All parents want their children to have friends. Getting together with friends at the park, playing with friends at day care or preschool, or visiting with relatives are part of a preschooler’s social life. So are going over to a friend’s house and i...
(Mar 25, 2004) - Views: 4480 Comments: 0 Avg Rating: *

Exercising With Kids -- Tips For Parents
Making exercise a priority is a challenge for everyone. And for parents it can be especially difficult to find time to workout because of the full plates that they often juggle. When summer arrives the juggling act becomes even more tricky with kids ...
(Mar 25, 2004) - Views: 4116 Comments: 0 Avg Rating: *

Early Learning - The Key to Success in Life
Nelson Mandela, the well-known statesmen, once said, "Education is the great engine to personal development.
(Mar 7, 2004) - Views: 5997 Comments: 303 Avg Rating: *

Top 10 Reasons To Join a Babysitting Co-op
Many families belong to babysitting co-ops. Why don’t you? Here is a list of the top ten reasons to join a babysitting co-op.
(Mar 7, 2004) - Views: 4606 Comments: 0 Avg Rating: *

Is Your Teen Driving You Crazy?
Teens test the limits of any parent’s sanity. It’s easy for parents to overreact and find fault with their teen, but there’s plenty of blame to go around. Start with nature. A recent series of tests have shown that all teenagers experience a certain ...
(Mar 7, 2004) - Views: 5636 Comments: 81 Avg Rating: *

Parents Find Support and More in Playgroups
Parents of young children typically have relied on nearby extended relatives and family friends to provide the support and help they have needed.
(Feb 29, 2004) - Views: 4675 Comments: 0 Avg Rating: *

The Captain Cared About Kids
"Parents are the ultimate role models for their children. Every word, movement and action has an effect. No other person or outside force has a greater influence on a child than the parent."
(Feb 29, 2004) - Views: 4080 Comments: 0 Avg Rating: *

Teaching Art to Children
Like all healthy pre-schoolers, my little son was a genius. Because education experts warned us parents not to teach our kids to read before they entered school, I refrained from doing so. But I used to put rag books in his crib along with the ot...
(Feb 29, 2004) - Views: 4454 Comments: 0 Avg Rating: *

When Kids Cooperate
Given a choice, preschoolers prefer cooperative activities to competitive ones.
(Feb 29, 2004) - Views: 5503 Comments: 17140 Avg Rating: **

Talking to Your Children About Sex
“Where do babies come from mum?” It’s that age-old question that many parents dread and which usually results in some waffled reply that they hope won’t lead to further probing questions.
(Feb 7, 2004) - Views: 6250 Comments: 1833 Avg Rating: **

Catch Them Being Good
When your baby is new – really for the whole first year – nothing he can do is ‘wrong’.
(Feb 7, 2004) - Views: 4422 Comments: 0 Avg Rating: *

How to Stop Whining in its Tracks
We have all been there. You have almost reached your goal of cooking lunch, checking out at the grocery store, getting to your destination in the car, and then you hear it: the long, droning whine of your child or children. For whatever reason (tired...
(Feb 7, 2004) - Views: 4086 Comments: 57 Avg Rating: *

You Want Fries with That?
"One in five 2-year-olds in U.S. eats fries daily." Associated Press As the car rounded the corner of the McDonald’s drive thru, I pondered this statistic. It’s not as if my children are obese, unhealthy, unathletic people. They do gymnastics...
(Feb 7, 2004) - Views: 5160 Comments: 2218 Avg Rating: *

Adopted vs Home Grown
Adoption.The word conjures up images in the mind. For example, my mother would think of a cute little girl in a pretty dress. Me? Well 20 years ago when I was trying to adopt, it brought up images of a baby, my baby, girl or boy, cute and tiny. It al...
(Feb 7, 2004) - Views: 4888 Comments: 287 Avg Rating: *


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