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Top 10 Reasons To Join a Babysitting Co-op

By Carren W. Joye

Many families belong to babysitting co-ops. Why donít you? Here is a list of the top ten reasons to join a babysitting co-op.

1. You spend no money for babysitting.
2. You get occasional day, evening or emergency overnight care.
3. Your children acquire more playmates and develop social skills.
4. You get opportunities to see your children interact with others.
5. You meet other families in the community and make new friends.
6. You and your children gain an increased sense of community.
7. You pick up valuable tips on parenting.
8. You get free time when you need it.
9. Your children feel more comfortable with sitters that they know.
10. You get the security of knowing that your children are being looked after by other parents that you know.

Convinced yet? Join or start your own babysitting co-op!
About The Author:
Name: Carren W. Joye
Carren W. Joye is the author of A Stay-at-Home Mom's Complete Guide to Playgroups (ISBN 0-595-14684-8). A homeschooling mom of four children, she has founded five successful playgroups and helped start countless other playgroups around the world.

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