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Category: Infant/Baby Care

Breastfeeding - Handling Criticism
Feelings about how to parent seem to shift with every generation. A new way of parenting, sometimes called attachment parenting, has emerged and it challenges many of the rigid teachings of our mother's generation. Although breastfeeding is on the ri...
(May 19, 2004) - Views: 4365 Comments: 0 Avg Rating: ***

Play, Laugh, Grow – Learning To Play With Your Child
(NC)—The first year of a child's life is a prime time for exploring. Babies are excited and eager to learn about the world around them and playing is essential to a child's development. Parents are the best learning resource a child has, and playtime...
(Mar 25, 2004) - Views: 4154 Comments: 0 Avg Rating: **

Churches and Communities Reach Out
to Young Moms Through Playgroups

Young parents face unique challenges as they raise their children in today’s world.
(Mar 7, 2004) - Views: 4477 Comments: 0 Avg Rating:

Mother's Guilt
Janes’ letter was written with sadness. “I’d like to know how to conquer the dreadful feeling when you think you are a disqualified, careless and loveless mother”. After two years since the birth of her first child she is still struggling with what h...
(Mar 7, 2004) - Views: 4019 Comments: 0 Avg Rating:

Colicky Baby? Maybe Not!
Does that screaming mean your infant has colic? Perhaps. But maybe it’s something that’s actually treatable. Did you know that infants can suffer from Reflux? Dr. Sears describes Reflux as one of the most common hidden medical causes of colic. Gastro...
(Mar 7, 2004) - Views: 4780 Comments: 0 Avg Rating:

Catch Them Being Good
When your baby is new – really for the whole first year – nothing he can do is ‘wrong’.
(Mar 7, 2004) - Views: 4148 Comments: 0 Avg Rating: *

Ten Helpful Little Tips For New Parents
The Greatest Gifts in Life, which are always created for free, but never come with instructional guide, are your children.
(Feb 7, 2004) - Views: 4334 Comments: 0 Avg Rating: ***

How To Potty Train In Two Days
Ah, potty training! Go to a local bookseller and you will find dozens of books on the subject.
(May 19, 2004) - Views: 4584 Comments: 0 Avg Rating: ****

Bonding With Your Baby: Ten Tips That Work
Bonding is the loving process of forming an attachment or emotional connection with your baby.
(Mar 25, 2004) - Views: 4732 Comments: 0 Avg Rating: *

The Radical Mother - Pumping Our Breasts
Pumping Our Breasts I stopped attending La Leche League Meetings regularly several years ago when my daughter stopped napping during the day and could no longer afford to stay up that late.
(Mar 7, 2004) - Views: 4065 Comments: 0 Avg Rating: ****

The Number One Rule for all Parents
The Number One Rule for all Parents All parents should bring up their children with some rules.
(Mar 7, 2004) - Views: 4091 Comments: 0 Avg Rating:

Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Dropout
I’m not sure where I first got the idea to try cloth diapers. It certainly wasn’t from my family or friends in Memphis. Most likely it was from an online discussion or an article I read in a natural living magazine. I know I spent quite a bit of time...
(Mar 7, 2004) - Views: 15315 Comments: 205 Avg Rating: ****

Does your toddler run in the street?
This one key phrase will stop him in his tracks!

This article only has 757 words. Learning how to keep your toddler from running in the street is worth
(Feb 29, 2004) - Views: 4352 Comments: 0 Avg Rating: ***

Simple steps to stamp out baby rash and
a great recipe for baby wipes!

With my first son, Phillip, we had a great Pediatrician from India. This man was very gentle with babies and you could tell when he held a baby that he loved children. When my son was a few days old, this doctor told me something that I had a difficu...
(Feb 7, 2004) - Views: 4739 Comments: 142 Avg Rating: *


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