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The Number One Rule for all Parents

By Carl Schyberg

The Number One Rule for all Parents

All parents should bring up their children with some rules.

A rule that seems to cover all rules is: do as you are told! This is a good rule when it is executed properly: you don't shout this a few times a day or it will not work at all!

In fact you should not shout at all! Unless you want to end up with a noisy child! Your child'(ren) will simply copy you - how else can they behave than to copy you? The parent is the 'role model' all the time!

We could put forward and discuss the different advantages of certain rules for your child(ren). But I put the title for this article as 'The Number One Rule for all Parents'.

So we shall concentrate on this 'Number One Rule'.

You are reading this article because you are curious about what I consider the Number One Rule for Parent. My choice from a number of possibilities is not based on reading a lot of books written by various psychologists, educationalists, etc. My choice is first of all from many years of practical
and professional experience in education.

The Number One Rule is: ENCOURAGEMENT!

There simply is no other way so superior to help your child to progress in any field!

Your child's intelligence, abilities, special interests, etc. are irrelevant!

So I repeat this important fact:

There simply is no other way so superior to help your child to progress in any field!

From when your baby is born to his/her choice of career (and beyond) there simply is no other means to compare with encouragement!

You encourage your baby to look at you, to smile, to talk international 'baby language', to stand up unaided, to walk unaided, etc. Your child on a tricycle will get your support and encouragement. You will take your child to Play-school and later 'real' school. You will encourage your child all the way. You want the very best for your child!

It is the fact that you want the best for your child that you give him/her encouragement. You deserve full marks for this as a parent!

Do you still give your child your full encouragement when he/she is not able to follow the courses at secondary school level that you had hoped for?

We all have different abilities. Some children are good at so-called 'academic' subjects, some at technical subjects and others at practical subjects. Whatever your child will be pursuing, give him/her all your encouragement!

It makes no difference if your child wants to be a lawyer or a shop assistant. Support him/her! Give him/her your best possible advice or get professional help.

Copyright 2003 Carl Schyberg
About The Author:
Name: Carl Schyberg

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