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7 Ways to Make Day 1 Easier

By Tracey Smith

The telltale signs are all there and you know within hours, that amazing event, the start of your period, is going to be with you.

For millions of women, day 1 is the worse day of the month. Not only do they have the stresses of their everyday lives to contend with but with the added irritations of the monthly cycle, it feels like the world is ganging up on them.

What can you do?

Well, generally you are stuck with this bizarre event for a considerable amount of years and while it might be hard to control the hormonal game of ping pong going on inside you, there are a few simple things you can do, or avoid, to make it easier to bear.

As you approach your next period, why not take a few of these non-medicinal tips on board and meet it head on!

1) Nausea can be one of the most uncomfortable feelings. Drop into the local health shop and buy some crystallised ginger or ginger biscuits. When you feel it coming in, have a little nibble. It is a great cure for early morning (pregnancy) sickness too and will really help to settle your tummy.

2) Your body temperature does rise during this time, so drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated. It will make you feel cooler and more relaxed. It is also a nice little detox and it is especially helpful if you ease off of tea and coffee too.

3) Time for bed, time for light cotton pjs ladies. Your body temperature will fluctuate in the night and it will help you maintain a more comfortable level. Wearing a thin layer will give you an added feeling of comfort and protection, as women are often prone to feeling very exposed during this time.

4) Your hair follicles and nerve endings are all hypersensitive right now. Avoid any waxing treatment or eyebrow plucking, as the pain will be increased considerably.

5) Added problems of water retention are very common and embarrassing, so eliminate your stresses by wearing looser clothing to work on that day. A nice pair of comfortable slacks and a loose fitting long blouse over the top might make you feel more confident about how you look and eliminate your stress.

6) In the evening, there is nothing like a good hot water bottle on your tummy or lower back. It will bring direct heat and gentle comfort to the areas causing you pain. Put a few drops of lavender oil on the cover. The rejuvenating powers of lavender are well documented and the heat from the bottle will carry the scent around you like a healing aura.

7) Finally, cut yourself some slack my friend! I know day 1 is a real drain on your body and mind and it is easy to reach for a solution in the medicine cabinet. If you look at the event as the miracle it really is and allow yourself to ride the highs and lows instead of expecting 110% from yourself everyday, it might just make the wave a little easier to ride. Relax, maybe even meditate for 5 minutes, but certainly make a little pocket of time for yourself and your more holistic approach to the whole event.
About The Author:
Name: Tracey Smith
Tracey Smith, 37, downshifted from the UK to rural France in March 2002, where she lives with her husband and children. Known as the “Downsizer Diarist”, she is a published, prize-winning writer and photographer on topics including life changes, parenting, small business and the craft of writing. Tracey writes "Downshifting", at the prestigious and her columns include "The Power of Tea and Toast" at Her portfolio of images of rural France is exhibited locally and "Little French Kisses" are available at Current projects include "Sunflower Dreams" (fiction - paperback and e-book) for summer 2004, a book following Channel 4's Grand Designs TV crew, on a renovation project in France due Autumn 2004 and "Peoms & Phoots" a collaboration with English poet, Nat Hall, summer 2004.

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