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Thrillville & XBox Giveaway Winning Entries

One (1) Grand Prize: XBox + 1 copy of Thrillville
Four (4) Runner Up Prizes: Copy of Thrillville

Grade 8
PC Username: Redchief and gr33n3y3z

Sawmill Logger Coaster

The roller coaster that I’m going to make isn’t just a regular roller coaster. It’s going to blow your mind! Not only is it a roller coaster it’s a log flume! The way I am going to create this… well I will explain that later, but it’s going to be the best thrill ride of your life! That I know.

It’s going to be the biggest, longest, widest, ride I have ever thought of. First it’s going to be the log flume with the world largest drop in history of flumes. The best part is, is that you are always secure because your strapped in because of the roller coaster part of the ride. Before you go on the humongous drop you have an anxious wait for the tiniest drop of all of the three drops. Then you make a not so fast, but not to slow turn to the left and, you go up on a vertical angle to get higher in the sky. Soon you go on a right turn and you ascend into the sky once again, but this time you go up higher then any flume has ever gone! Then you hit speed bumpers and then you start going so fast you feel like you are flying and then you go on a sharp turn to the right and then a quick straightaway then a two left turns. Then another drop comes and gets you going 35 miles per hour! Then you climb up until you’re 130 yards (390 feet) in the sky! Then you get ready for the longest drop of all. You hear the countdown… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and you’re flying down and when you get to the end you feel the luke- warm water against your face. After that, you head on to the rollercoaster part which half is outside and half inside. How did I do this? I have the wheels that lock on for a safe grip by magnetic energy and will never come off the track. First part is outside and if you’re thinking, “I’m going to freeze!” Well we have you covered! We will have heating vents outside on the track that will keep you warm at all times. You can’t have a roller coaster without the enormous loop. You fly up the 150 yard (450 feet) loop and the you suddenly go back down at an amazing 90 miles per hour! Then you shoot underground into a freaky dark building going on an upward slop. Then you steadily go straight and then you quickly start to speed up gaining speed faster and faster until you reach an even speed. After you go on your first drop you start to hear freaky noises like chainsaws and screams. Then you go on a quick corkscrew turn and go down a steep drop till you almost touch the floor. A couple seconds later the trill ride is over. That’s the trill ride of your life!

Age: 14
PC Username: debbie78

Gene Simmons roller Coaster. Where his tongue is the tracks and the carts
look like drums. It would be called Psycho ride.

Age: 8
PC Username: emmalynn05

If I could build my own thrill ride, it would be like a journey around the world! It would start out in the moutains, up and down big huge hills. Then it would go underwater around the fish and whales. It would go from day to night. I would journey through space and see Mars and Jupiter, and it would be really dark, but the stars would be shiney. It would end by going straight really really fast through the desert, and end back at the moutains again!

Age:  13
PC Username: Techchick

If I could create my own amusement park ride, it would have all the exciting features that are my favorite, rolled into one, with a few surprises thrown in for the unexpected! 

First, I would be driving a car on a racetrack. I would be going fast. There would be other cars around me, but no one would crash even though it would look like that could happen.  Passengers would be strapped in safely in the car.  Then when I had done one lap, I would drive onto an incline that would take me up like a roller coaster.  It would go very high, and then suddenly, it would shoot down fast into a lake, then it would come up through the lake and enter a tunnel.  Inside the tunnel, it would be dark, but monsters and aliens would jump out at me, and there would be spooky music.  Suddenly, I would go into a twisting loop that spiraled upwards until I was out of the tunnel.  The next thing would be that I would travel through a series of fountains and sprays, getting the car wet.  Finally, before I leave this section, it would snow on the car.  It would be so much snow that a whiteout would occur, and it would be really quiet.  I continue to spiral upwards, and now I go into a giant loop that takes me upside down three times, ending with my car being suspended from the top, like a sky ride.  I would travel around the park like this for a short distance.  Finally, I would land on another track that would end up on a safari ride.  Except, instead of real animals that could hurt you or that would be unhappy living in a park, it would be 3-D animals that you could see through your windows of your car since they acted like 3-D glasses.  They would look very realistic, and would run at the car, roaring or making loud animal noises.  Some would be cute, like monkeys and baby animals. The ride would end by driving around the race track one more time before entering the area that would look like a pit stop, where the passengers and I would get out of the car.

The cars would be safely made, big enough for 4 people, and air conditioned.  You would seem to be driving it, but actually it would be controlled by someone else.  There would be cameras inside the car taking still pictures of you and the outside of the park, and afterwards it would be burnt onto a DVD that you could purchase as a souvenir when the ride was over.   There would be a lot of cars so that lines were not very long.  Because it would take a long time to ride this ride, and it would take a lot of space, it would be the main ride in the park for kids tall enough and adults to ride.  It would be great.

Age 10
PC Username: mindie100

I'd create a Time Travel simulation.

You would sit down in a movie theater, then the chairs are attached to a gimble, when the time travel simulation starts, the gimble will start moving and you'd be "transported", to different time periods.  The gimble would move to how the movie was playing.
You'd go to Pirate times, the future, Medieval times, and colonial times.
I'd call the ride - "Time Voyager: Where No Tourist Has Gone Before".

About Thrillville By LucasArts
Platforms:  PlayStation®2, PSP™, Xbox

Visit Thrillville and step into a non-stop party in a theme park that you create.  Customize your park, interact with guests like never before, and build and hop into your own roller coasters and other rides. For the first time ever, race on go-kart tracks you constructed, play mini-golf on courses you designed, and more. Join friends for dozens of four-player party games, from bumper cars to arcade shoot-'em-ups. You can also tour the park on foot chatting and joking with all the guests to help them out and make sure they're enjoying themselves.

Thrillville fuses elements of simulation, party games and social interaction like nothing before it. Its charming story centers around you coming to the aid of your eccentric Uncle Mortimer and his ‘Thrillville’ chain of theme-parks. Only by keeping your guests happy and completing missions geared toward keeping your park afloat can you stave off the threat posed by the nefarious Globo-Joy corporation.

Build, play, manage, ride, customize and socialize your way through the five theme parks you've created - Thrillville is a fusion of individually strong gameplay elements into a new experience that’s even greater than the sum of its parts – it allows you to play with your friends in the theme-park of your dreams.
Find out more about Thrillville

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