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Madeline Age 7

The Christmas tree that never got chosen              
Once upon a time there was a Christmas tree that never got decorated. He lived in an enchanted forest. Every year the other trees were chosen and cut down to be people's Christmas trees, but he was never picked and that made him sad. One Christmas Eve a young girl came into the enchanted forest and she saw the tree that never got chosen. She felt bad that the tree never got chosen so she decided to decorate it herself. She did not want the tree to die, so she decided to leave it in the enchanted forest and
decorate it there. When the little girl went to get some decorations her 3 sisters were coming out to play. They saw her with the decorations and wanted to help her. So they all went out to the enchanted forest and decorated the tree that had never been chosen. The tree felt glad. Every year the 4 sisters decorated the Christmas tree and the tree was the happiest tree in the whole enchanted forest.  
The End


Ashleigh Age 7

Dear Santa,
    I really miss my Dad.  He is a Air Force guy.  He is in a desert with big spiders in a tent.  He will not be home this year for Thanksgiving or Christmas. He will even miss my birthday in January.  My brother and sisters miss him too.  Can you tell his boss he needs to come home?  I will wait to have my birthday when he comes back.  My brother always asks "Where daddy"?  I want to visit the North Pole.  I want to see snow.  We never move anywhere where it snows.  Me and my sister want to make a snowman and I want to throw snowballs like they do on tv.  For Christmas can you bring me a trampoline?  The boy behind us has one but his sister is mean.  I want a big one in my yard too.  I also want a new doll.  My baby sister ate mine.  Do you make dolls or do you buy them at Target? My big sister said her friends said you are mom and dad. I don't think so.

Christopher Age 5

What does Christmas mean to you

Christmas means being with my whole family, opening presents and eating in the dinning room & singing Christmas songs. My moms doesn't have to work and plays with me and my new toys.

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas

Cameron Age 3

How we get Christmas

Every year Santa Claus always brings us presents. And he sings "I wish you a merry Christmas I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

He also like Jingle bells and sings it when he brings the presents. He comes into the house from the roof, down the chimney. He doesn't like fire that people leave in their fireplace to give them light. Cause it will burn him and make him sad. So you can never leave a fire in the fireplace on Christmas. Santa has a big sleigh and it holds everyone’s presents that he brings to us from the North Pole. It's very cold there. All the elves live there and make stuff for us and play with the reindeer. Santa's wife, Mrs. Santa lives there too, but not his parents. They live far away, and don't get presents cause they are grown ups and they have jobs to buy their own presents.

Santa has a big book at his house and it has everyone's name in it. It tells him if you were good or bad and it also tells him how many of the same toy he needs cause lots of kids want leapsters and babies for Christmas. That way they know how many to order. And some kids want wood toys and the elves can make them in the workshop. But sometimes they get too tired and have to go and rest in their elf house. And sit in their tiny little chairs. But they are happy to make presents and give them to kids.

When they are done making toys it is Christmas, that is why it takes so long for Christmas to get here. Cause the elves have to make stuff. SO when they are done, we put up trees so that they have a place to put the presents. They don’t have wrapping paper at the North Pole, so they put them in Santa's magic bag and that's how they get wrapped. And the ones that go to each house pop up from the bag to the top so Santa knows they go there. That is when the reindeer land on the roof and Santa goes down the chimney and into the house. He really has to bring 2 bags.

One has presents and one has stocking stuff in it. Only little presents like candy and cars can fit in them so he picks some things out and puts them in there. When he is done he eats the cookies, and drinks the milk and wipes his mouth with a napkin. He brings the carrots, up the chimney to the reindeer so they get a snack too.

Then he leaves and goes to the next house and when he gets all the way back home, he goes to sleep and he snores SO loud that it wakes the sun up and then we can have Christmas cause it is morning.

Sarah Age 7

Dear St. Nicholas,

I hope you have a very good Christmas. I just hope everybody in the world
gets some presents. If everybody gets a present, I will be happy, and
everyone will be really happy too. I hope you have a good day.

Sydney Age 6

Once upon a time it was Christmas Day. Everyone was so happy, they couldn't wait until their parents woke up. They started opening their presents, and unloading their stockings. Finally their parents woke up. "You got up before us and came downstairs before us" they said. " But we were too exicited" the children said. "That's OK"  their parents said. Then they went to get pictures taken with Santa. After they got their pictures taken they went to visit their Grandma. "Hi Grandma" they said. "Hi kids!" their Grandma said back. Then they helped her make decorations for next year. They made wreaths also. Their Grandma sewed stockings and they decorated them. Everyone had a great holiday!

Tanner Age 7

Orange for Safety
Santa and Rudolph went to the shop to see if the elves were working.  Afterwards they went and saw Mrs. Claus and made her some soup because she was sick.  Mrs. Claus told Santa it was almost Christmas and it was time to go tell the reindeer.  Mrs. Claus  was worried about the reindeer because it was deer season in a lot of places they went.  She was sick because she had stayed up all night worried about the reindeer.  Mrs. Claus and the elves had worked all day and night to make every reindeer orange vest for hunter safety.  After she ate all her yummy soup she was finally able to lay down and sleep.  Santa and the reindeer took off to deliver the presents to everyone.  They flew through the air and went and got their cookies and milk.  They brought a toy motorcycle to a little boy named Tanner. They flew back home and the first place they went was to check on Mrs. Claus she was sleeping well.  Santa worked and put the reindeer to bed.  He made sure they hung their new vests up for next hunting season.  Can't be too careful.  The elves fell asleep in their shoes.  And Santa finally went and crawled in bed.  He told Mrs. Claus thank you very much because everyone was back safe and sound.
Mrs. Claus woke up early the next morning rested.  She went to check on the reindeer while Santa slept.  She was very happy to see the vest hung up.   It made her smile that she had helped everyone.
The End.

JT Age 5

A Christmas Wish

The wind blew and the water came in. Houses are flooded and destroyed. All of the toys are gone and my race car bed but I still have my frog to hug. Katrina did not take it. Nicholas isn’t at school anymore and I miss him. Lots of my friends are gone. Katrina chased them away but not Mrs. Heffner. She came back.

Christmas is coming and everything is gone. People are living in tents and are cold and hungry. How will Santa find everyone if they don’t have a home?

Rudolf will help him. I know you will find me and make sure I am safe and warm but I don’t need a toy this year, I still have my frog to hug, but the rest of the kids need a home, warm blankets and heaters and gloves, all the kids do. And Santa…they need a frog to hug like I have too.

Katelynn Age 8

hi my name is katelynn im 8 yrs im writing so that i might win a notebook i would use it to help my brother whos 7 and we just found out he is austistic josh has been in kindgerten for two years id like to help him if i won this is on my wish list .thankyou

Danielle Age 8

santas sick day

Once upon a time ,kids everywhere were told that santa would not be working on christmas because he had a cold. he sent everyone a letter saying he was sick and could not deliver christmas presents this christmas. the news of this spread fast, and all the children cried. Then , one little girl named danielle came up with an idea. she decided to write santa and tell him that she felt bad that he was sick and that she would be glad to make the trip to the north pole to pick up any gifts he had for her. Santa talked to mrs clause and they decided that it was a great idea. santa sent a letter to all the kids that they could come to the north pole to pick up the gifts that he had for them . but some kids could not make the trip because it was very far and cold. so, santa decided to have danielle drive the sleigh and deliver the gifts to the kids who could not come to him. On christmas eve, danielle drove the sleigh to the kids and they were very thankful. The kids were really happy and said a prayer for santa to get better . and what do you know? On christmas day, god made santa well again and he was never sick again. the end

Mya Age 5

Mya & Benny

One day Mya was walking Benny. Benny is her puppy. It started snowing outside and so they walked back to Mya’s Nana’s house. Mya gave Benny one treat. Then they ate dinner and they both had chicken and rice. After dinner they ran into the living room and watched cartoons. Benny jumped into Mya’s lap and kissed her cheek. He put his nose in her face and wanted to play. They played tug of war. Benny won!! Mya wanted to do it again and so they did and this time Mya won!! Mya got up and went to her drawing table and started to draw. What did she draw? A picture of Benny, and herself. Then she climbed onto the couch with him and they went to sleep. Just Mya and her Benny.

This is dedicated to Mya’s “Benny Boy”

Cecelia Age 3

Dear Santa,
I'm sick and my ears hurt. But I hope you're ok. I hope you don't get hurt this year on christmas. I hope that you would bring me some presents for christmas, maybe a baby (what my daughter calls a doll), or a vidoe game (she loves to play the Playstatioon 2 though we don't own any games she can actually play), or a yee-ha (that is what my daughter calls a horse), or a just a Santa (her words exactly). I hope you stay warm while you're out delivering presents, and I will have some hot cocoa and cookies waiting for you when you come by.
P.S. Could you bring some pizza!

Aubrey Age 6

Dear Santa,
I watched the movie about the "Polar Express" and I want you to please bring more presents to Billy. He was the boy who never had christmas before. My Mommy said there are other kids like him, and I want you to please bring them presents too. I could share my presents if I know who they are. We are going to make you a lots of cookies so you can share them with Billy and the other kids too. I hope they like chocolate chips.

Tell Rudolph hi and we will leave treats for all of the reindeer, so they won't eat the kids' cookies.
Merry Christmas.

Dakota Age 5

Dear Santa,
I wish you a Merry Christmas.  I hope you have a REALLY GOOD Christmas.  How is Rudolph doing? What I want for Christmas is for Santa to come to my house and bring me video games.  Have you ever seen Frosty (because I want to see him)? I wish the tooth fairy would come too because I lost a tooth.
From Dakota

Amanda Age 5

There was a little girl named Amanda. She lived in a house with her mom and dad and sister and a dog named Pru and a cat named Snuggles. She was very happy and loved to sing. She really loved Christmas because there was a big tree filled with lights and lots of candy canes. Her mom would sing Christmas songs and so would her dad and sister. Amanda would sing the loudest because she loved Christmas. Then one day there was a hurricane. Its name was Katrina. It came in the morning and took away her city and made so many people cry. There was no school for a long time and a lot of Amandas friends have to live in tents and tiny trailers because they do not have a home anymore. It is Christmas time again but there is no singing in Amanda's house this year, only a lot of crying and sad looks. Her mom and dad try to smile but they are sad. There is no Christmas tree because all the trees turned brown. There are no lights on the streets this year. The little girl cries too. She is sad because her family is sad an she wishes that this Christmas could be like all the others. It does not matter about gifts or even candy canes but only that people could smile again and maybe put up some lights.

The end.

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