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DaMert Professional Car Designer by Toysmith

DaMert Professional Car Designer by Toysmith ImageSale Price: $19.98

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DaMert Professional Car Designer by Toysmith
Featuring Career Kid Pro Cor Steenstra Create hundreds of cool cars - beginner to expert! The flip-top desk stores eight car model underlays, accessory templates, tracing paper, pencils, stickers and a 28 page design guide. Damert's award winning Career KidsT series give children a first hand insight into exciting professions because they truly "learn from a pro!" Damert has teamed up with recognized individuals in their profession, and worked closely with them to develop each aspect of the subject. They have helped us pick the appropriate gear to include and have written the step-by-step book that comes with each kit. This unique approach creates an authentic connection to a actual person who is a recognized professional in their field. Ages: 7,8,9,10 Manufacturer: Damert

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