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Remembering Ol' What's His Name

By Jacey Reynolds

Admit it, moms. You've all done it. You'll do it again. You may even be doing it right now. What is 'it' to which I'm referring? Ignoring your husband! You remember him - that guy who schleps off to work every day, checks the fluids in your car, and has a key to your house?
I confess, I too am guilty of this offense. Just last night my husband asked me to do him a small favor. I said, "Sure, honey. I'll get right on that," in a rather sarcastic tone, as though he had some nerve to expect a favor from me, of all people! Well, I made sure he knew just where he fell on my list of priorities. You guessed it - right at the bottom - after reading to the kids, checking my email, and wiping down the kitchen counters. Sure, I eventually got to him (the next morning), and that's what's important, right? Not quite.
Moms, I propose that you resume paying some attention to that person who was once, however briefly, the focal point of your existence. There's a quote I love that goes something like, "The best thing parents can do for their children is to love each other." Sometimes we get so busy being a family that we forget to be a couple. Kids need to see that mom and dad love each other. This gives them a sense of security and stability.
I will share with you a little list that I compiled and hung on my refrigerator. It suggests small yet powerful ways that we can say "I love you" every day without saying "I love you."
1. Put your arm around, hug, kiss him for no reason.
2. Hold his hand a lot when you go places together
3. Show extra compassion when he is sick. Offer to make him tea, or run a bath
4. Write him a note or buy him a card and leave it in his shirt pocket or put it in his car (my husband loves this)!
5. Plan a date (make the dinner reservations, hire the babysitter, etc)
6. Massage his back, neck, or feet for 20 minutes.
7. Without saying anything, do a household chore that is normally his responsibility, i.e., taking out the trash.
8. The next time you start to spend $5 on yourself, spend it on him instead.
9. Make it a point to say something kind about him to someone else (he probably won't know about this, but it will make you feel good and can change the way you look at him. Trust me, this works!)
10. Thank him for the everyday things: being a good provider, a good father, taking out the trash.
11. Surprise him with his favorite meal for no reason.
12. Talk to him about current events that you know interest him, even if they don't interest you!
13. If you pray together: be sure to be vocally thankful for him in your prayers. It will mean a lot to him to hear you thanking God for him. If you don't pray together: start! It will work wonders in your relationship!
14. He works hard to provide for you and his children. Spend that money wisely. Excessive debt and shortage of money puts unnecessary strain on a marriage and will stress him out, making him grouchy!
15. When you run errands, be sure to ask him if he needs or wants anything.
16. Be sociable and friendly with his friends, work associates, and family, no matter how you REALLY feel about them!
17. Be polite. Say "Please," "Thank you," and "You're Welcome." We often have a tendency to be more polite to strangers and mere acquaintances than we are to the ones we love most.
This list may not work miracles, but doing just one of the suggested items each day can help you get back some of the "old feelings" that you used to have for the man in your life. Try it every day for a week...I'll bet you see a difference!

Here's to happy couples and happy families!
About The Author:
Name: Jacey Reynolds
Freelance writer, stay-at-home mom, and
author of the popular eBook, "Your Happy Baby," which
teaches a simple and proven method for getting your baby on a schedule and sleeping through the night.

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