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Tips to Rekindle the Romantic Flames

By Tami McRaney

As Cupid's arrows fly through the air, it's the time of year when our thoughts lean toward romance. For those that have been with their significant other for what seems like forever, here are a few ideas to rekindle the flame.

*Go to your local florist for leftover rose petals. Sometimes you can get them for free. Otherwise its usually $2-3 for a bag. Rose petals have many uses. Use these as a trail through the house leading to a candlelit dinner or a romantic rendezvous. Cover the bed in rose petals or shape them into a heart on his/her pillow. Place petals and floating candles in a warm tub for your sweetie. Use them as fragrance in a homemade valentine. Use as potpourri and place them in a gift bag with special boxers or lingerie.

*Plan a romantic scavenger hunt. Write up clues ahead of time. Leave small gifts or poems at each site that leads to the next. Example: "This is where we shared our first kiss," or "Please arrive at 123 Main Street at 7:15 p.m. for your next clue." Leave a new shirt or a pretty sweater requesting it be worn at dinner that night. With planning, clues can be planted at a restaurant, the local florist, a friend's home (or your own), or a local hotel where you've left a note at the front desk. The options are endless!

*Send romantic e-mails to your sweetie all day long. Let them know of your plans for the evening (slowly but surely.) Example: E-mail #1: " I'm looking forward to spending quality time with you tonight." E-mail #2: "On your way to lunch, please stop by A Touch of Class Florist. There's a message waiting." E-mail #3 " I've planned a romantic evening, please dress accordingly for dinner at 7:00 p.m." E-mail #4 "Please go to 123 Main Street. I'll be waiting at 7:00 p.m." Use YOUR imagination!

*Leave balloons, notes or small gifts where your sweetie will see them throughout his/her day.

BALLOONS -- Put one large heart-shaped balloon in the driver's seat or fill the car with red and white balloons so they are seen when they leave for work. Balloons are also great to fill the bedroom or office. Leave rolled up notes inside the balloons or use permanent marker on the outside. "Be mine" "I love you" and "You are my everything" all work great!

HEART NOTES: The same thing can be done with hearts cut out of construction paper. Give your loved one a "heart attack." Cover the bedroom door with homemade hearts with a special message printed on each. Place them on the bathroom mirror, refrigerator door, or car windshield ... anywhere they'll be seen. You'll be remembered ALL day!

SMALL GIFTS: Place a favorite cookie in his briefcase or a rose on her dashboard. Write poetry. Draw a picture and frame it. The gifts don't have to be expensive only heartfelt.

REMEMBER: Valentine's Day is but once a year, but love and romance are forever!
About The Author:
Name: Tami McRaney
The author, Tami McRaney, is a mother of four and stepmother of three. She has worked as an office manager in the entertainment and security industries. She is now a SAHM to four teens, ages 13-19. She is editor and publisher of the busy parenting magazine,

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