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Category: Pregnancy

How to Prepare for Labor
Although nothing anybody says can ever completely prepare a woman for the day she delivers her first baby, there are some simple suggestions that should help make this amazing experience a little bit easier.
(May 26, 2004) - Views: 6107 Comments: 1178 Avg Rating: *

Surviving a C-Section
After 42 weeks of pregnancy, two days of undergoing inducement and physical stress on the baby, my daughter was delivered via an emergency C-section.
(May 19, 2004) - Views: 5479 Comments: 293 Avg Rating: *

Pregnancy and Oral Health
On at least three separate occasions, I can remember having the privilege of breaking the news of a young woman’s pregnancy from my side of the dental chair.
(Apr 10, 2004) - Views: 4937 Comments: 459 Avg Rating: *

Most Important Decision of a Lifetime - What to Name Your Baby
Most people don't know the meaning of their name, but most names do have meanings.
(Mar 25, 2004) - Views: 4086 Comments: 139 Avg Rating: *

Addicted to HPT's(Home Pregnancy Tests)
If you laughed at this title, this article may be for you. HPT means Home Pregnancy Test and they are without a doubt, addictive. Alcoholics try to hide their addiction, so do women addicted HPT's. I know because I'm one of them.
(Mar 7, 2004) - Views: 5166 Comments: 1096 Avg Rating: *

7 Ways to Make Day 1 Easier
The telltale signs are all there and you know within hours, that amazing event, the start of your period, is going to be with you.
(Mar 7, 2004) - Views: 3783 Comments: 0 Avg Rating:

How the Science of Sound Helps Your Unborn and Newborn Baby
The transition from the womb to the real world is a very challenging time period for our children.
(Feb 7, 2004) - Views: 4564 Comments: 0 Avg Rating: *

Help I am Pregnant and an Addict
There are a lot of resources on the internet, in books, and from the medical community on the dangers of drug and alcohol use during pregnancy.
(May 19, 2004) - Views: 3872 Comments: 0 Avg Rating:

Fighting the Pregnancy Blahs
Every pregnant woman has experienced the pregnancy blahs. I can remember feeling so big and unattractive throughout my two pregnancies, and secretly wishing for the pregnancy to be over so that I could have my body back and fit into my normal clothes...
(May 19, 2004) - Views: 3708 Comments: 0 Avg Rating: *****

Feeling Sexy During Pregnancy & After Baby
Some people think that the word sexy and pregnancy do not belong together. I have to disagree. In fact, I have hear many men say that a woman is her sexiest and most beautiful when she is pregnant! So, how do you go about feeling sexy when your belly...
(Apr 10, 2004) - Views: 5418 Comments: 285 Avg Rating: *

Interview With An Unborn
Interview With an Unborn In this groundbreaking interview by Tracey Smith, we are delighted to bring you the story of Baby Crystal, as he prepares for his entrance into the world.
(Mar 7, 2004) - Views: 3974 Comments: 0 Avg Rating: *

Trying To Conceive. Trying Not To Conceive
I've just turned 40 years old. That means that I've spend over 20 years thinking about my fertility. Sometimes my goal was to achieve pregnancy, other times I wanted to prevent it. Either way, I discovered there are many ways to monitor fertility nat...
(Mar 7, 2004) - Views: 6253 Comments: 0 Avg Rating: *****

Just What Exactly Is Postpartum Depression?
Hello my name is Sara and I am the proud Mommie of 2 beautiful boys. I enjoy my job very much. I can say that now with much confidence, but there was a time that I couldn’t. There was a time that I despised being a Mommie. I can remember that just th...
(Mar 7, 2004) - Views: 4364 Comments: 0 Avg Rating: *

Planning Your Baby's Nursery
Planning a nursery takes a little time and effort (and a lot of paint). So, before you start painting that room, you may want to consider the followig tips:
(Feb 7, 2004) - Views: 5637 Comments: 0 Avg Rating: *


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