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who is good at math?

PrairieMom wrote: I have a problem. I am re-doing my garden, and am trying to figure out how much dirt I need to buy to fill it in. the garden is about 20 feet by 20 feet, and needs 2 feet of dirt at one end, and none at the other. so how many cubic feet do I need? and how many tons is that?

Hillbilly Housewife replied: I'm sure the place you order the dirt from will be able to tell you... I'm horrible at most math issues. cool.gif

amymom replied: I am usually good with Math but cubic feet of dirt has me stuck. I would ask the place you are ordering it from.

PrairieMom replied: yeah...they are no help. last time I ordered from them (years ago) they were really snotty about it. Really snotty. Its been 6 years, and I still remember. dry.gif I want to be prepared this time.

grapfruit replied: How many feet needs dirt and how much doesn't need dirt??

MommyToAshley replied: Cubic feet is square feet X height....

So, you calculate the square feet first (20 X 20) = 400 square feet

Then you multiply that by the height.

Each inch is 1/12 of a foot or .0834, so if you want it to be 2 feet you would multiply by .1668

400 X .1668 = 66.72 cubic feet.

But, that is with 2 inches all the way across your garden. I don't know what percentage of your garden has less dirt, so you have to adjust for that. If it evenly goes from 2 inches thick to 0 inches at the other end, I would cut that number in half.

I have no clue how to convert that to tons. smile.gif

stella6979 replied:

Huh? LOL

lisar replied:
I know right
I am no good at math, I failed math terribbly bad in school. So I am no help.

grapfruit replied: Try this link, looks like .66 tons to cover the entire thing, or .33 for 1/2...

Ground Cover Calculator

PrairieMom replied: I think I figured it out. It looks like i am going to need 7 tons of dirt. 7 TONS!!!! augh!!! I don't want to haul 7 tons of dirt to my back yard!!!!!!! Is there a passing out form exhaustion smiley? ohmy.gif unsure.gif
Wow. Thats 1/2 a dump tuck full. I'm seriously thinking about leaving this job 1/2 done. If it wasn't for the 2 foot retaining wall hanging out in the middle of my yard... Who wants to help shovel dirt? I will buy the beer... wink.gif

MommyToAshley replied:
Are you sure it isn't .7 tons instead of 7 tons? The above calculator for converting cubic feet to tons comes out to be .66 (round up to .7) for the entire garden with 2 inches thickness. I just don't want you to end up buying 7 tons of dirt and not need it.

Oh and beer? Ok, I am there. Or, I'll trade... you do my laundry and I will do your garden. I am sure I have 7 tons of laundry to do. laugh.gif

boyohboyohboy replied: how about digging it out and adding a pool and then you can just put pretty plants on it in pots???
seems easier.

moped replied:
I am thinking Dee is right here too - .7 not 7

amymom replied:
I am with Stacy, But they you would not get any of those healthy veggies!

Calimama replied:
That sounds MUCH better.. cool.gif

PrairieMom replied:
no, its definitely full tons. when we did our flower bed out front it took nearly a full ton. a ton of dirt is a mound about 3 feet high.

as for putting in a pond, it would definitely be easier, but this is a vegetable garden. I actually want the whole thing. laugh.gif I told Dh that I would do the whole thing myself when I dreamed up the darn project, so I guess I am stuck. tongue.gif
I am actually thinking it would be more like 4 tons of dirt needed. I'm gonna wait until Dh gets home and have him look at my math. I don't want an extra mountain of dirt in my driveway!

lovemy2 replied:
Oh come on - just think how much fun The Boy can have with an extra 3 TONS of dirt you don't need for anything else rolling_smile.gif rolling_smile.gif rolling_smile.gif

MyBlueEyedBabies replied: If it makes you feel better we have done 10 tons of dirt and about 15 of rock...then there is all the freaking mulch. we have a very well loved wheel barrow

PrairieMom replied:
rolling_smile.gif rolling_smile.gif rolling_smile.gif hey, thats not funny. dry.gif laugh.gif

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