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what's wrong with my food??

luvbug00 wrote: ewwww what is wrong with my nutella?? it tastes funny. I just had a bite of it on tost and it tastes odd.... not old tost..not old nutella...ewww:puke:

grapfruit replied: I may regret I asked this, but what does it taste like?? And do you have a cold?

Calimama replied: Are you drinking anything that may throw off the flavor?

luvbug00 replied:

as mya would say "like poo" emlaugh.gif just kidding. it just tastes really sweet.

Nope i'm fit as a fiddle.

Kaitlin'smom replied: dunno but that stuff to me smells bad so I never could bring myself to taste it.

luvbug00 replied:

nope, lars has me on a water diet durring the day ( he says i don't drink enough so he hides my juice durring the day rolleyes.gif )

Danalana replied: I don't even know what it is unsure.gif
Gosh, I'm kinda clueless today...

mom21kid2dogs replied: The ONLY time in my entire life I ever had a food aversion I was pregnant rolling_smile.gif

luvbug00 replied:

Oh do NOT say such things! emlaugh.gif

lisar replied:
I was thinking the exact same thing.

Mommy2Isabella replied: do you keep your nutella in the fridge ... it could be a little cross contamination .. sounds way worse than it is ... just messing with how it tastes ... it has happend to me a few times ... YUCK

Kaitlin'smom replied:
laugh.gif I was thinking that but afraid to say it

Calimama replied:
laugh.gif Hides it. I better not give DH any ideas. I'm a juice junkie. blush.gif

redplaydoh replied: I agree... I just think you're pregnant! biggrin.gif

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