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weekend plans?

Kaitlin'smom wrote: He I go with another busy weekend but i am happy about it

Tonight movie (just me)
Saturday probably go to year sales in the am, we are looking for a few things
then in the early afternoon we are headding to a mini camp for the Bengals

Sunday-breakfast/brunch for DH since its fathers day and then I have VIP tickest to our Local AA baseball teem so we are taking Kait. I htink she will like it

so what do you all have planned?

MommyToAshley replied: Today... yard work, finish up work for the business, and then DH promised Ashley that we could have a picnic at the park for dinner. Not sure after that.

Saturday... we are going to look at some more swing sets/ play gyms, then probably a bike ride, and in the evening we are going to a party/ cook out.

Sunday... we are going to take DH out for Father's day. And, then not sure, maybe stop and see the grandparents?

~KARA~ replied: Tonight till sometime tomorrow my girls will be at my moms.
Tonight I plan on going to the library for a few books.
Tomorrow Dh works so I plan on cleaning the girls room and playroom. Maybe cleaning the carpets, then off to work with Dh to help him out.That should make his guys mad!

mckayleesmom replied: cleaning and unpacking.....trying to put my futon together laugh.gif ....then we will call daddy on Fathers day...he couldn't be home...hes in Milwakee

ediep replied: tonight I am going to a scrapbook party at my friends house

tomorrow we are going into NY to see The Producers

Sunday we have jasons swim lesson the we are having our families over for Fathers Day BBQ.

MommyToAshley replied: Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me, somewhere in there I have to clean the house too. happy.gif

Boys r us replied: Tonight, my brother and SIL are watching our kids and we're going to dinner with my parents, which was a nice suprise..they came over last night and asked us if they could take us to dinner tonight!! Anyhow, they're taking us to this cool restaurant that neither of us have been to before - no kids allowed there a kid free night..whew hew!

My2Beauties replied: well tonight - going to Wal-Mart, packing mine and Hanna Banana's things

Tomorrow morning - on a flight to Sin City Baby! tongue.gif

TANNER'S MOM replied: Tonight..
Rodeo 3hrs away! Good luck Tanner!

Sat.. Yard work, house work. and Try to be quite..Dh starts his month of nights Sat night depressed b/c dh started his month of nights!

Kaitlin'smom replied:
LOL oh ya and laundry sometime also

A&A'smommy replied: Today probably clean house and do some laundry

saturday probably nothing along with wrapping fathers day gifts and making fathers day cards (I'm going to get Alyssa to color them)

Sunday church, take Bill (my FIL) his fathers day gift, and then eat at my parents house we are having grilled fish YUMMY!

coasterqueen replied: tonight we are debating about going to the drive-in. Sometime this weekend we have to mow, whack bushes tongue.gif , plant a few things, clean my work office, clean house. Oh I'm just informed by DH that he is helping his dad out all day tomorrow soooooo hr better not expect an exciting FD because we have to at least get the yard mowed and office cleaned Sunday. I can't do it all by myself tomorrow w/2 kids. rolleyes.gif

We'll probably visit my dad tomorrow night.

JessC replied: Well today, I have a rehearsal for my friends wedding, and then tomorrow is her wedding and I am her bridesmaid.

I havent even gotten to try on the DRESS! ohmy.gif She says it will fit... YEAH hopefully! dry.gif

lisar replied: Staying on the couch. Where I am supposed to be for another 32 days. sad.gif


amymom replied: Well, today I cleaned the house, baked and celebrated my MIL's birthday and got ready for a garage sale tomorrow. Tomorrow -- garage sale 9-3 so I better be ready for those early birds by 7am!! tongue.gif
My daughter is going to a birthday party at 2:00 so we got ready for that today too! My son is going to a paint ball outing with some friends tomorrow at 11am so I lost all my yard sale helpers!!!
My hubby got word his inventory needs to be done by Monday so he will work on that after the yard sale I hope. This sale wasn't even my idea. It better be worth it!!! unsure.gif

Then Sunday we are going to church in the morning and some kind of lunch after that then pizza for the kids and MIL, DH and I are going on a 5:00pm dinner cruise on the St. Lawrence River to celebrate her birthday and Father's day for him. I bought the tickets today ($120) so it better be good!!!!!

Ok that is my weekend plans, and my vent for tonight all packed into one. rolling_smile.gif

redchief replied: It's my weekend off and it's Fathers' Day. I'm not doing anything... at all... on purpose. biggrin.gif

3xsthefun replied: Rob, took my car to do some work on it, and a lawn mower part. We are going try get up to the house and do some more cleaning, and then mow the yard here.

Tomorrow- I have no idea what we are going be doing. Things don't look so good between my parents so I don't know if I will see my dad or not. unsure.gif

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