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wanna know what I don't like? haa

Boys r us wrote: BATHROOM STALKERS

You know when there are 20 stalls in the ladies room and you are the only person in there and before you can get your pants undone and sit down to pee, someone comes in and instead of choosing one of the other 19 stalls that are ALL open and NOT right beside you, they choose the one right beside you..THEN THEY POOP!

If you have to do that...why not go to a stall that isn't right beside someone else??!?!?!??!?!! blink.gif

kimberley replied: ewwwwww! that is gross! i stay as far away from people as possible if i have to use a public washroom and i only pee! ugh! this only makes my phobia of using public toilets worse! puke.gif

jen replied: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we have a really small bathroom here there are only 4 stalls !!! But I always end up going in there after this little old lady that must just get SICKER THAN SICK from her FIBER!~ LOL! it is awful!!! She is always real flustered and embarrassed when she walked out of there! ha ha! Poor old woman! It is gross, they should give her a portable potty in the parking lot!!! laugh.gif

kimberley replied:
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! ur too funny! you almost made me spit my drink across the screen!! rolling_smile.gif rolling_smile.gif rolling_smile.gif rolling_smile.gif

Boys r us replied: rolling_smile.gif Eww gross Jenn!!!

coasterqueen replied: rolling_smile.gif LOL! You all are hilarious. We have two bathrooms in our building. One has two stalls and one has 4 or 5 stalls. I always hate when someone takes the stall next to me, no matter what they are doing. LOL. rolling_smile.gif

We have several businesses in our building and we all share two bathrooms (2 for girls, 2 for guys). The woman in the business down the hall...she takes her cordless phone in the bathroom with her and when she is going to the bathroom she will talk on the phone. One time she was grunting and talking at the same time. EWWWW!!! Now I hate that worse!!!! rolling_smile.gif

Maddie&EthansMom replied: LOL! laugh.gif You all make me so glad that I am a SAHM!! rolling_smile.gif

pinka_star replied:
HAHAHA rolling_smile.gif Gross dude, she was actually GRUNTING and talking at the same time? Man, I feel bad when I'm talking on the phone to DH and peeing. I can't imagine, GRUNTING and talking on the phone with him. lol People are strange.

One time I was going to the bathroom at the Mall. There was this older woman and her Daughter going to the bathroom. The Daughter had finished first and she was talking to her Mom. The Mother was grunting and talking to her Daughter. And I kept hearing "plop" it was nasty!! There was a bunch of people in there too. I can barely PEE in a public bathroom when someone is in there.

paradisemommy replied: omg..when i was going through boot camp, one of the gals in my flight told us that she absolutely hates going #2 in a public restroom but sometimes you can't help time, she just HAD to go but there was someone else in the bathroom too and she was so embarrassed and didn't want to advertise the big *plop* so she said she caught it (course with a big wad of tp) but eeeeeewwwwww..i always think of her when i'm at going to the bathroom in public now... emlaugh.gif

megsmommie replied: wacko.gif OMG!!! laugh.gif You guys are cracking me up. Too funny. rolling_smile.gif

Elle replied: puke.gif How gross! That's one of the reasons for which I avoid using public restrooms... If I get into one, it must be 'cause I'm running the risk to pee on myself! rolling_smile.gif

jen replied: OK these posts are CRACKING me UP! rolling_smile.gif emlaugh.gif emlaugh.gif emlaugh.gif rolling_smile.gif

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