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ughhh I have HORRIBLE

Boys r us wrote: heartburn! and that scares me b/c I never have hearburn issues, in fact..the only time I've ever really had to deal with it was in the very beginning of each pregnancy!
Ohhh as horrible as it may sound, I truely do not want to be pregnant right now!
So, anyhow..I'm seriously hoping that I have a new found heart burn problem bawling.gif

Kaitlin'smom replied: awww I am sorry, take something for it, or if your worried your PG the drink some milk it should help

kimberley replied: yikes, sorry to hear that. milk always works for me too. fingers crossed that you get the results you are hoping for. any idea when you are going to test?

MommyToAshley replied: grouphug.gif I am sorry. I hope you get the results you want... are you going to test?

DH gets heartburn all the time, but I have never had it... even when I was PG. biggrin.gif

Boys r us replied: Well, I'm due anyday for maybe this weekend, if AF is a no show!

Boys r us replied:
so, I guess your DH gets it even when he's not pg.. rolling_smile.gif

MommyToAshley replied:
He gets it when he's not PG, but he also gets it when I am PG (and not PG)!

kit_kats_mom replied: I've also heard that eating dill pickles can help with heartburn. Sounds wierd but a lady I worked with, who had awful heartburn, swore by it.

Boys r us replied:
yeah it is supposed to help with the digestion of food, that's why they serve pickles on the side with your sandwiches.

kit_kats_mom replied:
hmmmm. see I learn something new everyday. LOL Thanks

Josie83 replied: Sorry to hear that you're not feeling too well, I hope you get the results that you want from a test! xx

Kaitlin'smom replied:
ditto...never knew that, yummy pickles

coasterqueen replied: The only time I get it is when I'm pg too smile.gif I got it now, lol. rolleyes.gif

Keep us posted wink.gif.

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