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sippy cup?

catou_98 wrote: Hey, I was just wondering what you guys did to make your baby drink form a sippy cup, camille will be 11 months old in 5 days and she still isn't using one, I try every single day but she doesn't seem to "get it" or she won't even want to try it! blink.gif she just pushes it away with her hand or trows it on the floor!!!!I don't mind her taking the bottle still and I don't plan on weaning her form it soon but I would like her to at least be able to use it! and one more thing....she won't hold her bottle herself too??? she seems so "baby" rolling_smile.gif I see babies of 9 months old everywhere lately and they're all taking a sippy cup, Have I gone wrong some where??? unsure.gif

supermom replied: Nah, you've not gone wrong, different babies do things differently at different times. It's great you are still trying and offering it - maybe a different style of of cup - I know they have some out there that are specifically designed for progression from bottle to cup, perhaps one of those style will get her more used to it......although I have never had that problem, specifically, I do HTH

ediep replied: I don't think you've done anything wrong....Camille just knows what she wants!! Jason does this too. I first gave Jason a sippy cup a few months ago with a little water in it. The way that I got him to drink out of it was to take out the little rubber stopper from inside, so that the water would just pour out. I had to hold it for him at first. He eventually got used to holding it and then I put the stopper back and now he learned that he has to suck it to get the water out.

ps- Jason still does not hold his own bottle. I know that he can, but he refuses.

MommyToAshley replied: I don't think you did anything wrong... all babies are different.

I started Ashley with one of the Gerber 1st cups and it said to take the rubber part out for easy transition from BF or bottle to cup. It might have been easier for Ashley since she wouldn't take a bottle. (Like Edie, I put the rubber piece in now)

Also, I noticed that she is content with letting me hold the cup. But, if I sit the cup down, she will hold it herself.

maliksmommy replied: Do you use the sippy cups with handles? I first tried the ones without and Malik wouldn't use it but when I bought the one with handles he holds it a little better. He still needs help because he doesn't know that he needs to tip it up so far but he's getting there. I wouldn't worry too much though, she'll catch on and when she's ready she'll do it biggrin.gif

Mommieto2Girls replied: I weaned Maddie to a sippy cup a few days ago. She has been using the playtex bottle with the sippy attatchment on it, so she went right to a sippy no problem. I would just offer it more. All babies do everything different , so I woudn't worry.

MomToJade&Jordan replied: I started Jade on a sippy cup early, like at 6 months. She never would take a bottle so I had to have an alternative. Someone gave me a starter sippy cup with a soft spout. There was no stopper in it so I would tip it up for her and she would sip. I gave her a little bit of White Grape juice everyday and she soon got good at it. Jade doesn't hold her sippy cup either, but will when it has been set down. She's an old pro at it now. Just keep on trying and eventually Camille will take it.

chloe&tysmommy replied: I tried Chloe on a sippy cup and she doesn't care for it at all, she'll suck a little out of it and then throw it on the floor LOL. rolleyes.gif

Oh well, I think if they want to do something they will and when they don't you can't make least thats what Chloe's like..(stubborn)

Schnoogly replied: Iain is 7 months and won't have anything to do with drinking from the sippy cup! It's a toy smile.gif I have those avent ones with the soft spout and handles and I tried taking the valve out but he won't even let it go in his mouth. I tried water, formula, breastmilk, juice, doesn't matter. I am guessing he's just not ready and I gave up on it for a while. Will try again in a month or so!

Guest_jem0622 replied: If it is a hard tipped one then that could be the sticking point. You didn't mention what kind though. My eldest DS was not a big sippy cup guy until after a year.

Avent makes a great magic cup that is soft tipped. There is also another avent type that adapts to the bottles and you can slowly work them from nipple to sippy tip.

It could also be the flow (or lack of flow). If you use the no spill and nothing comes out and she has to work hard for it then she may hate it. Take out the no spill dodad and see what she thinks.

Relax! They won't be taking their bottles to kindergarten. ;-) You are okay Mommy!


Kirstenmumof3 replied: wink.gif Claudia won't take a sippy cup either, she tries and tries! It's so funny to watch her! I'm sure it won't be long! wink.gif

victoire2002 replied: I just started giving Aidan one at about 7 months, with a little bit of water in it. I also got a really colorful one and he loved to carry it around even if it didn't have anything in it. I let him play with it all the time. Perhaps you can put a couple in her toybox, and let her pull them out on her own to play with.


5littleladies replied: Brianna does the same thing-even if I put it on the floor for her to pick up she pushes it away or picks it up and throws it. It's too silly!! rolling_smile.gif She will hold it herself if she is lying down though. I know it won't be long before she wants to do it all by herself. happy.gif

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