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road rage

cameragirl21 wrote: anyone ever have any road rage? I get mad in the car sometimes but I've never tried to challenge anyone while on the road, it's just not worth it to me. But I've been known to yell, but never to where the person I'm yelling at can hear me and sometimes I honk the horn.
Earlier today, I got a glimpse of what it must look like...I was driving down a major road where there are 3 lanes in each direction with a grass median dividing the two directions. Anyway, there was a ramp onto the highway on the right side and traffic was just not moving and I admit, I was getting a bit frustrated. But the car next to me, well, that was another story...the woman was driving and the man next to her was yelling and gesturing up ahead, and I could clearly make out him saying, "motherf-er" and pointing ahead...this guy was getting SO mad he could barely contain himself...turns out there was a really big truck in the middle lane, trying to get to the right to get on the highway ramp and thereby blocking the entire middle and right lanes and the left lane (which I was in) was going slowly to try to get around him. I was watching this guy in the car next to me and laughing really hard because he was putting on quite a show...and then he noticed me laughing at him, told the woman, or so I presume because then she turned to look at me too.
Good thing traffic cleared up in my lane because God knows what that angry guy was capable of at that moment. unsure.gif blink.gif
Anyone ever witness any amusing road rage or engage in any yourself?

mckayleesmom replied: I do get it sometimes, especially if the kids are driving me insane in the backseat.

I also talk to other drivers like they can hear me... rolling_smile.gif I even give other drivers names sometimes too....just to make it sound more formal. For example "I wouldn't pull out in front of me like that Larry, is your insurance up to date"?... rolling_smile.gif

PrairieMom replied: We don't have road rage here. We "encourage" the other drivers. laugh.gif I am careful about the words I use, but when Ben asks, I usually just say that those other drivers just need to pratice more. laugh.gif

mckayleesmom replied:
I try to use my words carefully too, thats why I talk to them like I know them instead. "does your husband know you are a reckless driver Mary"? rolling_smile.gif

grapfruit replied:
You're hilarious!

Calimama replied:
LOL laugh.gif laugh.gif

TANNER'S MOM replied: I admit I have road rage at times. But usually when someone does something like pull out in front of me, especially when I have the kids in the car! I say HEY my babies are in here buster! With my kids I just like to tell other people how to drive. I have been tempted to get out of my car, but I haven't! I did get mad once at a gas station that was very full b/c of cheap gas. I was waiting to pull into the pump had my turn signal on, and a car of teens came from the other way and jumped my pump! I did roll did my window and say..HEY do you see me sitting here with my signal on?? They said some NOT so nice stuff and I did too! I just was LIVID~

HuskerMom replied: I get it sometimes too, like if someone pulls out in front of me or something. Or if someone is really riding my tail wanting me to speed up I'll slow down to like 10 or 15 mph. Usually they get the hint and back off.

One time long before we had kids Dh and I were headed out to his parents house. A guy in his giant truck (we were in our little 2 door cavalier that could've probably fit in the back of his truck) had been riding our tail for awhile trying to get around us and he finally did. But he pulled right in front of us and slammed on his brakes (apparantly it was our fault he couldn't get around us so that's why he was mad). So Dh (being in a bad mood already) pulled around the guy and got in front of him and slammed on his brakes. Well of course that just made giant truck guy madder. So he pulls up next to us as we're going over the bridge over the interstate and tries to run into us. Luckily Dh used his fancy driving skills and dodged him, and at the same time threw my Big Gulp at the truck which blew up on the guys windshield. Then we got to our turn just as he was getting out his phone. Unfortunatly we didn't have a cell.

We're more calm now with our driving since having kids. blush.gif

My2Beauties replied: I've experienced it several times. I'll never forget DH and I were on our way to get the kids from daycare one day (I had gotten off work early or something, because normally it would just be him or just be me). This was right before we bought our new car because we had been at the car lot, that's what it was. Anywhoo..I got off topic blush.gif We came off the expressway and onto a major road that has 3 lanes and at the light it turns into 5 lanes, 2 lanes for turning left. So, we stayed in a straight lane, never veered off as if we were going to turn or anything, seriously we did nothing wrong. DH slowed down quite a bit before the light because when there are a lot of cars merging over sometimes it's confusing to figure out which lane is which. Well this guy in this old pick up truck on the right of us sped up and jumped in front of us in our lane right before we came to a complete stop, so we had to stop even faster. DH was on his cell phone, but honestly this was this guy's fault. All of the sudden the guy starts blurting out get off your cell phone you dumba_ and all kinds of stupid crap. So I'm like who is he yelling at, we're both looking around like it can't be us, hell he almost caused us to rear his end his butt. So my Dh slams his phone shut....this is me ---> unsure.gif Uh-oh, I know my DH's temper and let me tell ya seriously you guys he takes crap from no one. So DH starts screaming at this man to get out of his car and come back there and tell him to his face. DH literally has his hand on the door handle just waiting for this man to get out. DH screams numerous amounts of expletives at him blush.gif and challenges him to a fight. The guy is obviously scared at this point. He starts shaking his head and the light turns green and he drives off and speeds up so that DH can't get near him. DH was trying to speed up but I told him to calm down and stop it. I said the last thing I need is for you to go to jail today laugh.gif

I've given a few people the finger before when they cut me off or almost caused me to have a wreck. I cuss people a lot. blush.gif

I've had people get mad at me too, when I know I did something wrong I sort of have a look on my face like I'm so sorry...but when I didn't do anything I say stuff back blush.gif

DVFlyer replied: Whenever I see people "road-raging", I try to figure out why they feel the world should bend to their will.

I'm not talking about a honk because someone is rolling back into you at a stoplight or perhaps they don't see the light turned green etc. I'm talking about the "ragers".

lisar replied: I was at a jiffy store and apparently I took this guys parking spot. I didnt know I took it I didnt even see him waiting for it. So he pulls up and starts yelling things at me that I wont repeat on here. Well of course if you knew me I made a comment back and went into the store. I had my best friend with me. Well anyways we go in the store and he comes in behind us and starts running his mouth in the store. I was NOT in a good mood to begin. We never fist fought or anything like that, but I was ready to.

PrairieMom replied:
I am more of the "Way to go buddie!!!!! growl.gif type. then I have to back track and say explain to the kids that he needs to keep practicing, but at least he is trying hard... blush.gif

Celestrina replied: The only time I did was when I was hit on the passanger's side by someone running a red light. The car was trashed and I totally flipped. However, I calmed down when he got out and was very apologetic.

grapfruit replied:
That's not road rage, that's more "accident rage" tongue.gif

Tim is REALLY bad, I just roll my eyes and say whatever. But him getting a different job actually has a little to do w/his road rage. He's a service tech, meaning he drives a van from place to place. He HATES it. Hates driving hates, people. Just hates it. He's afraid he's going to kill somebody someday, so he figured it was about time to get off the road. wink.gif

Danalana replied: Oh man, I am laughing so hard at some of these stories! Especially the ones naming the other drivers or telling their kids that they just need to practice more laugh.gif
Also, I'm hoping to never tick some of you off unsure.gif

As for me, I haven't had much road rage. Yeah, I like to get where I'm going, and I hate being stuck behind slow people. The thing that ticks me off really bad is when somebody breaks their neck to get around me, but then is going so slow I have to pass them again! growl.gif But I haven't cussed anybody or given them the finger. I am more defensive since I have my baby in the car though, for sure.

Crystalina replied: When driving I really should watch my words but I never never do. That is the one place that every word I've ever heard comes spewing out of my mouth. It's ugly. When I'm not behind the wheel I'm sane but driving does something to me. I can be in the best mood and if someone pulls out in front of me or does something really stupid the person just may as well have come up to me and smacked me. What upsets me is that people just don't care!! I've been in 4 different accidents. 4. In all 4 I've been completely stopped and hit from either the side or from behind. Two of my cars have been totaled because of this. The last time Izabella was with me and had nightmares and didn't want to go back in the car seat for weeks. mad.gif
I don't honk but I do use hand "signals" and very nasty words. Usually it's some young punk or very old person. Let me add that with the old people I just bite my lips and deal with it d/t their age even though I do question the last time they actually took a drivers test and I feel they should get tested every few years. For their safety and others.

My2Beauties replied:
Hallelujah honey on the elderly person thing. I've said this since I started driving at the age of 16. After a certain age they seriously need to be tested every year. I've seen old people swervingin and out of lanes, being afraid to merge on the x-way and nearly hitting a guardrail, doing like 25 mph on the x-way. It's obvious they are having a hard time seeing. One day we honked and honked at this elderly woman and I swear she never ever heard us, never looked back, never looked in her rearview mirror, never moved, didn't stop what she was doing, I was like OMG she can't friggin' hear you (it was my DH honking at her). Just plain dangerous. I'm not trying to be mean, but it's true, they seriously need to have hearing and sight checked.

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