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ok, pick an animal

cameragirl21 wrote: if you could have any animal in the world as a pet, what would you pick?
remember that if you pick something like a great white shark, you have to have a place to keep it, like a saltwater pool or something so while this is just a game for fun, there has to be some thought for the practicality of it.
My two fave animals are black leopards and elephants but i'd pick a lion, a male with a mane, i absolutely love them, they are so majestic and they are non aggressive, only the female is dangerous. i also really like dolphins and would really like to ride on a dolphin's back.
and you?

sparkys2boys replied: darn girl.. your so insightful!!! Ok, besides that I have a house full of animal(yes the boys and DH I would say a horse. I love the strength that they have. I used to have one as a little girl and hope someday to have another. I also love dolphins and would kill to swim with them someday!!

amynicole21 replied: A rhino. They are my favorite animal... or maybe a panda. wink.gif I would of course live on a 200 acre ranch somewhere in this fantasy world. rolleyes.gif

cameragirl21 replied: why a rhino, Amy? that's a very unusual choice. not knocking it or anything, just wondering why you'd pick a rhino.
do they live in Africa, like hippos and do they swim in water like hippos? can't say i'm too informed about the rhino....

MyBrownEyedBoy replied: I've always loved bears, but they can be grumpy, so I think I'd rather have an ocelot. But only if I can hand rear it.

ETA, in this fantasy land, Logan isn't allergic to cats.

mom2my2cuties replied: Stingrays... smile.gif The pretty spotted ones they have in the Caymans.

grapfruit replied: I have to agree w/Sparkeys2boys and say a horse for my first one. I've only not had horses for about 4 years and I miss them desperately bawling.gif . One day...

For my second animal I'm thinking a Leopard, they're so beautiful...I wouldn't want it to eat me though...

my2monkeyboys replied: I'd love a small monkey... like a spider monkey. I know technically I could have one now if I met all the regulations/guidelines, but that'll never happen.
On the more outrageous side, I'd love to have a koala bear. They're just so cute and furry. Not as sweet as they appear, but I think if I had one from a baby and reared it myself it would grow attached to me. I would have a nice tree in the corner of the living room for it, too.

cameragirl21 replied:
i LOVE ocelots and bears too. just fyi, i am SO allergic to cats...when i get allergy tested my allergy shows up off the charts BUT having a cat made me overcome it in practical terms and i never have problems around cats anymore whereas i used to get so allergic my eyes would sometimes puff shut, that's how bad it was.
obviously with Logan's heart issues you are more likely to be cautious but my point is that getting a cat will likely make the allergy go away so you could have your ocelot, which btw many people have as pets.
i have thought of getting one myself....

stella6979 replied: I would love to have a killer whale. They are so beautiful and ever since I saw Free Willy (hahaha), I've dreamed of having one smile.gif

amynicole21 replied:
I just love the way they look... stocky and prehistoric. Their babies are the cutest things I've ever seen, also. They are found in India and Africa.

cameragirl21 replied:
better get yourself a HUGE swimming pool with saltwater instead of chlorine and very good temperature control--the orca here at the seaquarium has her water kept at a chilly 55 degrees, brrrr...forget about swimming with it unless you put on a very thick wetsuit.... wink.gif happy.gif tongue.gif

stella6979 replied:
LOL! Hey, don't ruin it for me. A girl can dream can't she? tongue.gif

cameragirl21 replied:
yeah, they do look prehistoric but i don't think that they're nice.
crocodiles and great white sharks are prehistoric too. at least the sharks are, don't know for sure about the crocs but they sure look prehistoric.
i know it's weird but i absolultely LOVE great white sharks, i really want to swim with one, i mean, of course, going down in a cage but then i want to swim out of the cage and see how close it will let me get. they are such amazing animals, even though they're very dangerous.
i saw on discovery channel that some people get to hold onto their dorsal fins while they can't do it for very long because the shark senses the extra weight and stops and then will eat you but you can do it for a short time and i really want to do that.
i also want to take pics of them, they are just the coolest things, i've always been partial to sharks, ever since i was a kid i was fascinated by them.

grapfruit replied:
That would be bad for sure! tongue.gif

I how long is a short time??

cameragirl21 replied:
oh, just a few can't ride on it for very long and you have to swim away super fast or it will turn around and eat you.
it does not like anyone to ride its back, makes it mad, i mean, would you like it?
but how cool would it be to ride on its back?!
i'd love it for sure.

grapfruit replied: rolling_smile.gif No I don't think I want somebody riding on my back while I was innocently swimming around! LoL!

If I was a shark I'd probably eat them too! rolling_smile.gif

cameragirl21 replied:
a huge, ten foot (or so, not like a measured) bull shark swam up to me when i was innocently swimming around. it never occurred to me to eat him, of course he didn't try to swim on my back.... wink.gif rolling_smile.gif

grapfruit replied: rolling_smile.gif emlaugh.gif rolling_smile.gif ROFLMAO!!!!

MyBrownEyedBoy replied:
Logan's allergy is more skin related than breathing thank heavens. Otherwise we'd never be able to visit anyone. Everyone in my family has at least 2 cats. Maybe in a few years when things settle down, but til then, we'll wait and stick with the ferret.

cameragirl21 replied:
Kelly, if you keep L on the EP oil you'll never see any serious skin problems...he may have a *mild* reaction but if you keep him on the oil long enough and make him take it every day even that will probably go away. That EP oil is really powerful, it usually overrides allergies no matter how strong because most skin reactions are caused by allergies.
as for the ferret, didn't know you had one, don't they smell? you know i love animals but that's one i don't think i'd get b/c i had a friend who had one and it pooped everywhere, just wherever it felt like, usually in the corners of her house or under her bed.

MyBrownEyedBoy replied: Gravy's descented and spayed. She has an odor, but I don't think she stinks. As for the pooping, she's about 85% box trained. Some accidents, but not regularly. She's loads of fun. And I've found that since starting the EP oil, Logan does break out less, but I also give him claritin when we go visiting.

my2monkeyboys replied: Oh, I just love ferrets! I had 2, Pinkie and Floyd. They were so much fun! I do miss them... Floyd died when he was only 2 1/2, Pinkie lived almost 8 years (which means she was an old lady in ferret world). They were great! Would love to have some again one day when Will is much older. They were like having 2-yr-olds all the time, and at this point I couldn't handle them on top of the other animals we have. But one day...

And I forgot, I'd also love to have one of those tiny bush babies, too. (I saw one on the Jeff Corwin Experience a while back. Way too cute!)

cameragirl21 replied: what is a bush baby? huh.gif

my2monkeyboys replied: A tiny, big-eyed lemur-type thing. (I'm not sure if they are actually lemurs.) Have you seen Madagascar? The tiny little one in that movie is a bush baby.

ETA:Here's a link for a picture.

cameragirl21 replied: oh, i LOVE lemurs and what a cute little animal that bush baby is. it looks so startled but i think they just look like that because their eyes and ears are so big.
oh, yes, i would like to have one of those for sure.
Madagascar sounds like a great place to visit btw....

my2monkeyboys replied: I think it would be too. I was talking about the movie though, in case I confused you. I've never been out of the southeast USA. LOL

cameragirl21 replied: oh, i know you were talking about the movie but travel to Africa has been on my mind lately so that's where that came from.
i met a guy the other day from Congo, which is the only place where you can find gorillas in the wild and i've always wanted to go to Nairobi and he was telling me the same thing a guy i met previously who was from Kenya told me--that when you go out in the safari they will let you out if you want and if you have the guts (or the stupidity, however you want to look at it) you can touch the animals all you want, at your own risk of course.
and of course i want to get out to touch the lion and kiss it on the nose. tongue.gif
one of my little models is of African descent...her grandpa is from some African island but i can't remember which one and that guy from Congo suggested Madagascar so it's ripe on my mind right now.
i would love to go take pics of these little bush babies and maybe i can sneak one home in my camera bag.... happy.gif

PrairieMom replied: I would like a turtle. tongue.gif For some reason lately have been really wanting a pet turtle, like that tiny one the monk turns back over in that kleenex commercial. laugh.gif I actually looked for one today at PETCO, but I couldn't find one. They have all the accessories tho. I have no idea where i would put it if I got one.

my2monkeyboys replied: Oh, if you do, make sure you bring one for me! I need a little creature that'll be up all night making noises, jumping around... LOL

my2monkeyboys replied: In SC turtles are only legal to sell to teachers. Technically you can give them away, though. At a festival here a few years ago they gave you a turtle if you bought the house/kit thing. I think they're awesome creatures. Esp the sea turtles!


cameragirl21 replied:
i have three turtles so if you have questions about how to care for them i can help you there.
they're very easy to care for but they tend to be dirty so you have to get them a really good filtration system (which isn't THAT expensive, i know this can be an issue for you) and they need a light for their shell.
they also eat like pigs.
if you're going to let Ben hold them make sure he washes his hands afterwards as they carry salmonella but to be fair, you'd have to hold them all day for that to happen so it's not as dangerous as one would think.
it's a lot of fun to watch them swim, they paddle with one leg and the opposite arm and then back again, it's hilarious.

coasterqueen replied: I'd say a horse. I got to ride them quite a bit as a child, and always wanted one of my own. The next one would be a cute little monkey of some sort. wub.gif

cameragirl21 replied: wow, i didn't think you liked animals, karen.

coasterqueen replied:
Well, in many ways I do. In a lot of ways I don't. tongue.gif I'd have to have someone to maintain them for me, to do all the stuff for them I don't want to do. cool.gif

cameragirl21 replied:
well, i am glad to hear you don't dislike animals.
i could never understand how anyone could dislike animals of course.... happy.gif tongue.gif

coasterqueen replied:
Did I say something in the past to make you think I dislike them? I AM afraid of dogs, though, because of a past experience a couple of years back.

cameragirl21 replied:
i guess it's just the impression i got...i know you like everything very neat and clean and people who are neat freaks generally see animals as a source of dirt.
plus you told me once that you run them over in your car a lot.

coasterqueen replied:
I did? I said I run over them in my car a lot? Oh gosh, if I did, I didn't mean too. Now I wonder what the post was about or how I said it. unsure.gif Sure, I live in the country and I do hit a few animals but I am one of those who will stop so I don't hit them. My DH is the one that just keeps going. rolleyes.gif But you can't help a lot of those times where they do get hit because they run right out in front of you and a car is coming the other way and you don't have time to stop and can't swerve.

Anyways, true I am a neat freak and do see animals as a source of dirt. I actually saw them less as a source of dirt before having children. My cats were my babies, until my babies were born. Now they are just disgusting, puking, smelly creatures. I only really see one of my cats that way. The other one would still be my favorite if she didn't drool. Now that she drools she makes me ICK! cool.gif The disgusting one would be gone if it wasn't for Dh. blush.gif

I don't let anyone kill the deer around me. I get hunters (including family) beg to hunt on my property but I won't let them. I LOVE admiring them in my back yard. Oh and I will not swerve to hit a deer. I will try to stop first, and if that doesn't work I hit them head on ONLY because if you don't and try to swerve you will end up flipping over in a ditch and be lucky you are still alive....happened too many times to people I know and love.

Animals are gross, though, but so are males most of the time. biggrin.gif cool.gif blush.gif

My3LilMonkeys replied: A snake. A huge, albino python would be nice, or possibly a boa. If DH didn't hate them and I had the room for one (and no cats that could possibly get eaten laugh.gif ) I'd have one!

mysweetpeasWil&Wes replied: I would have to say a chimpanzee...they are just too cute and lovable! So human-like. My dad had a monkey growing up! Not a chimp, but I think a spider monkey or some kind like that. He lived in Venezuela, so I guess that environment is a bit more suitable for a monkey then here in cold Colorado Springs. wink.gif I don't think a chimp would like my "no trees" backyard! But he may like the new gymset we bought the boys! happy.gif

cameragirl21 replied:
Rae, back when i assigned people to animal personalities, i had assigned you to an animal but you never commented on that thread so i thought maybe you didn't like animals or didn't like animal games.
a monkey is a very good choice. happy.gif

Maddie&EthansMom replied: Elephants and dolphins for me, too. happy.gif

JadensMama05 replied: First and most fantastic, a white tiger.. Oh the beauty and grace! I love big cats and white tigers are just amazingly beautiful creatures. smile.gif

On the more realistic side, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Yep a dog would fit me fine smile.gif

MomToJade&Jordan replied: A Timberwolf. They are so beautiful and majestic to me.

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