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ok. Well... - some Easter pics....

MyLuvBugs wrote: Well, here are a couple shots of itty bitty. She wasn't all that cooperative though, so they aren't the best. smile.gif

MyLuvBugs replied: Here's one in color so you can see her pretty dress. smile.gif

MyLuvBugs replied: I think this one is my favorite though. wub.gif

Halo42101 replied: Oh, she is just so beautiful, Erika! hug.gif I enjoy seeing pictures of itty bitty. smile.gif Thank you for sharing.

Hugs & love from,

C&K*s Mommie replied: Oh my goodness!!!! Those are GREAT, Erika! She is a beauty! wub.gif wub.gif I love the tulips (my fave flower), where were those taken at? A city garden??

luvmykids replied: Oh she is just gorgeous! I love her cheeky cheeks! wub.gif

3xsthefun replied: Nice pictures! She is so pretty! wub.gif

AlexsPajamaMama replied: Adorable!! wub.gif

MyLuvBugs replied:
My SIL just asked the same question. smile.gif lol They're taken at the Sunken Garden's here in Lincoln. Here's a link to the garden's site:
Sunken Gardens

Momof3inMe replied: she is so cute. wub.gif

My3LilMonkeys replied: How adorable! I love that 2nd one - what a beautiful smile. wub.gif

CantWait replied: Those are fabulous pictures, what a little charmer love2.gif love2.gif

CosmetologyMommy replied: the 3rd pic looks like she is getting ready to yell at someone for stealing her egg! she is just such a little beauty!

C&K*s Mommie replied: What a gorgeous place to have a wedding. wub.gif

ETA: I just checked out the website happy.gif

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