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ohhh!! Need help!!!

Boys r us wrote: What in the world am I going to change my user name to now?????

Since I am no longer mommy to all boys!!!!

Give me a bunch of suggestions!

ZandersMama replied: 3menandalittlelady tongue.gif

My3LilMonkeys replied: Kids r us!

Or would that be copyright infringement? bigthink.gif emlaugh.gif

A&A'smommy replied:
I TOTALLY LOVE that its cute!!!

Ashlynn's Mommy replied:
iagree.gif I think it's perfect

mysweetpeasWil&Wes replied:
Well it's actually two men, unless you count DH in there! I like that one too! Cute!

Or what about Bella&my2boys?

MyLuvBugs replied: I like the 2 or 3 menandalittlelady

and how about:





Maddie&EthansMom replied: This must sound crazy, but I was just thinking of this today. laugh.gif Please don't think I'm psycho rolling_smile.gif I was actually driving and thinking about how excited I am that you are having a girl and we were also on our way to "Toys R Us" emlaugh.gif And I thought "What will her username be now?" happy.gif

I do love the 3menandalittlelady, but it's kind of long.

CantWait replied: Bella&my2boys



Those are my choices. I'm not very creative when it comes to this so I'll just agree with the ones posted that I like. thumb.gif

~Roo'sMama~ replied: I like 2men&alittlelady... Bella&my2boys is cute too! happy.gif

Mommy2BAK replied: OH MY GOODNESS!!!! CONGRATS!!!

punkeemunkee'smom replied: 2Bs-n-aG emlaugh.gif

1pinkandblueX2 wink.gif

snailsandsugarmommy (you know sugar and spice and everything nice...) tongue.gif

Boys r us replied: Ohhhhh I love the ideas!!!

Boys r us replied: Oh and Aimee...I don't think you're psycho at all!!! I think about a lot of you girls in my off time!

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