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jenna's cough is back!

mummy2girls wrote: with a vegenance(sp?)

She woke up this morning hacking and coughing so hard she couldnt breathe! And she sounds so hoarse! It worked itself out a bit but she is still coughing! My poor girlio!

luvbug00 replied: ~~~ Get better vibes for Jenna~~~~ hug.gif

gr33n3y3z replied: Awww I hope Jenna feels better real soon sorry she is sick

A&A'smommy replied: sad.gif Poor baby!!! I hope it goes away a little quicker this time!! hug.gif

jacobsmama replied: Poor Jenna...Hope she gets better soon. wink.gif

mummy2girls replied: well jenna is following suite with the last time she was diagnosed with viral pneumonia and then admitted into hospital. She is a little warm and coughing alot. Last night she woke up and was coughing and each time she coughed she yelled ouchy! so she is in bed napping right now and lets hope she will seem a bit better when she wakes up. If not im takign her in.... sleep.gif

amymom replied: poor jenna, yeah take her in. her asthma makes it something you don't want to fool with.

Take care of you too!!

MyBrownEyedBoy replied: Poor little punkin. Hope she is feeling better after her nap. hug.gif to Jenna.

mammag replied: Poor little one! Did you take her in? I hope she is better soon and it's not pneumonia!

hug.gif For Jenna!

mommy_loves_chase replied: awww poor baby

mummy2girls replied: She seems fine now. Still coughing but not as bad. And she is sneezing now and sounds stuffed up. the puffer did help so lets hope it will continue and i dont have to brign her in. I am goign to make a peds appoinment though just to be sure:)

A&A'smommy replied:
Poor girl, she can't catch a break!! I hope she keeps getting better! hug.gif

mummy2girls replied: i honestly think its allergies that is flaring up the asthma...i want her ped to give her tests

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