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hi im new here - streach and sweep induction

scattytart wrote: hi this is my first time on this forum i am 5 days over due nearly 42 weeks pregnant my midwife has advised me to be induced on friday the 6th of january, this is my first baby so i have never heared of streach and sweep, could someone plz tell me what they do what it fells like, i would also like to here of other peoples experiences with this form of induction, and what chance will i have of going into labour and be holding my baby. biggrin.gif

CantWait replied: From what I understand the S&S is the same as striping your membranes. It's slightly uncomfortable, but helps to get labor started naturally.

Good Luck, Welcome, and Congratulations thumb.gif

Sorry forgot to add, that when I had my membranes striped, I went into hard labor that night and had my baby early the next morning.

Have you started to have any labor pains yet?

My3LilMonkeys replied: I had this with Brooke, my oldest. For me it was VERY painful. They did it on Wed. afternoon because I was 3 cm dialated. I went in Thurs. morningand got a pitocin drip at 9 am. They broke my water somewhere around 11-11:30 am and she was born at 3:02 pm.

Congrats and good luck! Do you know if you are expecting a boy or a girl?

CAMSMOM1 replied: Welcome to the board! And congradulations on your baby! welcome.gif clapsmiley.gif

I also had the S&S done to induce labor. Yes, it was painful, but I thought the pitocin was WAY worse! Constant and hard contractions! But I was 41 weeks, and I didn't care what they did to me, as long as they got that baby out! tongue.gif Labor is LABOR, it's hard work, but thank God it's over within a day! I thought I wouldn't get an epidural, but after 8 hours of pitocin, and back to back contrations, I needed some meds! wacko.gif It's good that you have a midwife, she'll be great support for you.

Let us know how it goes. And ELV (easy labor vibes) coming your way! thumb.gif

Ann grouphug.gif

PrairieMom replied: I never had this done but my friend did, it didn't start her labor tho. Don't worry, if you don't go naturally, they won't let you go much longer. They have "ways" of making that baby come out! wink.gif you will be holding that little one before you know it!
good luck!

scattytart replied: i dotnknow if im having a boy or girl, me and my husband wanted a surprise this is making the wait even harder we just cant wait to find out what sex our bundle of joy is!

kimberley replied: welcome and congrats! i just had this done and it is not comfortable. it didn't work for me either. they did it on a friday and my dd wasn't born until the tuesday after that. basically the mw reaches for your tonsils lol. it is worth a shot tho because the pitocin is a lot worse and puts baby in distress. good luck!

scattytart replied: cant wait no i have not had any pains yet im having the ss at 10.30 2morrow will keep every one updated.

scattytart replied: hi i had my ss today was'nt to bad slighty uncomfortable but nothing i couldnt handly, midwife has informed me that i am 3cm dilated and have a good chance of having baby by monday if not it's off to the hospital, They would have left me longer but i have become very swollen and uncomfortable so not to risk my health they have booked me in hospital for monday. Hopfully baby is born before then i dont want to be induced with chemicals i want it to be as natural as can be. Fingers crossed all goes well. biggrin.gif

Insanemomof3 replied: Welcome and I hope you go naturally!!!! hug.gif

scattytart replied: still no baby!! hopefully somthing happens tonight or tomorrow if not im going to be a really upset mummy. sad.gif

CantWait replied: I thought you were suppose to be induced Friday, the 6th. Gosh still no baby, that really sucks. At least you know it really won't be any longer. hug.gif Hang in there.

scattytart replied: cant wait, i had a strech and sweep this is classed as a natural induction on the 6th and i had 48 hours to give birth if not i will go into hospital on the 9th to be induced in medical ways, somthing i didnt want to happen. But last night i had tigtening of the uterus and period type pains but they have stop what could this mean, am i starting labour or just braxton hicks.

scattytart replied: i thought id update ant around 2.15 i started to have bad period pains in my lower back and front it's the worst pain i have ever felt and unlike the first pains i got, this made me desperate for the loo and that was when i had a show hopefully this is it biggrin.gif finger crossed it is biggrin.gif i dont think i want to go into hospital tommorw, i think baby will come when it ready, im to scared to be induced chemicaly bawling.gif

scattytart replied: i fogot to mention i also found out my baby is 52cm tall and weighs around 9lb 4 so he/she is small and chubby just like there daddy.(thats if they estamatied right) i was a long skinny girl until i turned 16 emlaugh.gif

CantWait replied: That's a really tall baby 26 inches long, holy smokes you'd think she'd be busting to get out with no room left in your belly.

scattytart replied: i know when i had my sweep i had a different midwife as mine was on call when she looked at me she thought i was having twins, im rather large and my bottem has grown 3 times bigger so every thing i wear makes me look an elephant. blush.gif

scattytart replied:
nothing happened yester day so i went to hospital this is what happened.

been back from the hospital for 1 hour, i went to the hospital at one a clock this afternoon it was to be earlier but there wasnt a bed(typical). I was examened by a docter who has told me i am in slow labour and am 5cm dilated. So those contractions were the real thing, So the docter told me that i couldnt be induced, they checked my blood pressure ect and everthing was fine. At around 3 a clock i felt weird as if something was wrong dont know what, I guessed my motherly instincs were kicking in, The midwives told me not to worry, but i myself knew somthing was wrong so to reasure me they put on the monter to check babys heart beat which was drastical low, i couldn't stop cryin at this time thinking my baby was going to die, The docter advised me to move to a private room where he descussed that i may need a c-section if the babys heart rate didnt improve i was put on another monater which showed the babys heart beat to be normall but to be on the safe side i was monatered for one hour but things where fine. I found out that the monter they used was a old one and may have needed repiaring. (i think they find it fun to upset us mums). By this time around half four my labour had'nt inproved and i was still only 5cms dilated this was when they decided to give me a tablet that would help to increase my contractions hopefully to help me begin labour quicker, They alowed me to come home and to come back at around 7.00 i have a dula with me and she has brought her own personal heart monter to be on the safe side, nothing much at the mo the contractions are stronger but if it dont work ill have another tablet at around 7 if that still dont work ill have a drip and have my waters broken. (forot to mention that my cervix is at the front and not towards the back has any one else got this?).

scattytart replied: leaving now to o back to hospital. hopefully all goes well

scattytart replied: hi this is 'scattytarts' husband my wife has told me to tell you all that at 4.27am our baby BOY was born in to this world by c-section due to complications, I cant o into what happened as she is probley wondering where i have got to. She will probley be glad to answer questions when she leaves hospital in five days. biggrin.gif

booey2 replied: Congratulations on your new baby boy, may your recovery be quick and everyone healthy. Congrats again.

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