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finally - 300 posts

~KARA~ wrote: I have been trying to post like a mad woman just to get 300 posts. Seems like everyone was passing me, hopefully i can keep up!

Kaitlin'smom replied: WTG thumb.gif

~KARA~ replied: how many posts do i have to have to put something under my avatar?

Kaitlins moms says "im 2" under hers.

Kaitlin'smom replied: I believe its 500? I cant remember wacko.gif

~KARA~ replied: well i guess i still have some work to do!

Kaitlin'smom replied: have you tried to change it to see if it would let you?

JAYMESMOM replied: Great Job!!

~KARA~ replied:

How do i do it??

3xsthefun replied: Congrats! thumb.gif

iluvmysweetiepies replied: You need 500 to change it. Once you get that many, under My Profile there will automatically be a space to change what it says. thumb.gif Keep posting!! When you have 500 you can get into P&I also. wink.gif

~KARA~ replied: Thanks for that info Kellie!

Celestrina replied: I have to admit I've been doing the same. That, and playing with my avatar & signature.

mommy2owen replied: Way to go! thumb.gif

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