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cameragirl21 wrote: ok, this is NOT a debate about which is better because both have advantages and disadvantages and everyone has their own opinions about this.
i just figured you can't have childbirth stories without feeding stories. tongue.gif

C&K*s Mommie replied: I bf & ff C until she was exactly 6mos old, then it was strictly ff.
I bf K until 13mos, we tried ff but she could not handle it.

skinkybaby replied: I breastfed for the first week or so, but then we had issues getting her to latch, so I pumped for the first few months. Then I had to get back on some meds so we switched to formula.

MotherForever2043 replied: I brestfed for the first 3 months with both pregnancies. It's just an easier transition to the bottle when I go back to work.

whitting713 replied: I attempted to breastfeed for the first 2 weeks. At the time, I didn't know about lactation consultants or that I could change my diet to meet her needs. She ended up on soy formula for lactiose intolerance. I was so uniformed in this area, but I have more knowledge now if I have another child.


MoonMama replied: I started out BFing but everytime he would suck my nipples would bleed, no matter what we did or tried even with a nipple shield. I pumped and pumped, but much to my dismay in the end we had to formula feed. sleep.gif

Calimama replied: I breast fed for 3 days until my lactose consultant told me my milk wasnt coming in. I tried diet changes, herbal remedies, frenfreek (sp?), a million and one techniques, pumping, everything and still no go. She was put on formula when she was 4 days old. I already felt so horrible than family, friends started pouring on me about how I should keep trying. It was horrible. sad.gif

cameragirl21 replied:
well, it's easy to give advice when you're not in the situation, your friends and family were not fair about it IMO.
i think you're a great mom.

MoonMama replied:
hug.gif hug.gif Mine did the same thing, I felt horrible for a long time about it. bawling.gif

KnBmommie replied: I breastfed Kylie until i was preggo with Brooklyn I think she stopped at about 19 months. Brookolyn weened herself a little after 2 years.
I never planned to breastfeed that long just happened that way. blink.gif

Calimama replied:
Thank you! hug.gif

Calimama replied:
hug.gif hug.gif I hear ya. I don't know how to quote twice! blush.gif

stella6979 replied: I formula fed from the very beginning and I didn't care what my friends or family had to say about it. She's my daughter and it's my choice. As far as I'm concerned, they can all shove it. biggrin.gif

flirtycuddle replied: I started out bf dd but she wouldn't latch and my milk never came in so we ended up ff after a week. DS I also started out bf but after 2 days and the lactation consultant trying everything with me he wouldnt latch and was getting really low on sugar so he ended up on formula also.....little did we know it was soy and milk allergies preventing it.

holley79 replied: I BF exclusively till Annika was 6 months old. I then supplemented formula till present.

boyohboyohboy replied: I BF exclusively until Jake was a little old then one.

MyBlueEyedBabies replied: I didn't voet...because I have a couple different answers

Katy- I tried bf'ing in the hospital but she went to formula at 3 days and was much happier
Matt- both for 6 weeks then exclusively FF. again and he was much happier
Johnny- Bf for 3.5 months feeding tube with enriched bm or compounded formula and from 4 months on ff

zdk753 replied: I breastfed all of mine until they were 16 mos. old. I supplemented formula when Zach was 2 wks old & Kailynn & Dylan when they were 4 mos. old. I didn't seem to have enough milk to satisfy them completly.

redplaydoh replied: I breastfed Bryan until self-weaned at 13 mths. Lucas was breastfed for the first 6 months until I had to stop so I could take the meds to get pregnant with Bryan. But Lucas started back up (comfort nursing) at 14 mths and he stopped when he was a little more than two, about the same time Bryan did. Although Lucas still asks to quite often now... he doesn't understand that I can't make milk anymore.

mysweetpeasWil&Wes replied: I BF Wil until 8.5 months then went to formula up until 12 months. Then whole milk from then until now.

I am currently BF Wesley exclusively...and if you saw my other post, I need a break and would like to get Wesley on a bottle of expressed BM. rolleyes.gif

Jackie012007 replied: I've formula-fed Carly since day one, but not by choice. I really wanted to try BFing but towards the end of my pregnancy I got very depressed and my Dr., Carl and I decided I would go back on my antidepressants immediately after birth to head off PPD... so far so good. But honestly I wish I had sucked it up and BF'd sad.gif

Paprikash replied: I'm still bfing Sarah. She'll be a year on the 20th. No plans to wean right now. biggrin.gif

lesliesmom replied: Leslie I tried BFing. We did okay but I went back to work when she was 6 weeks old and had no private place to pump so I switched her to formula at about 3 weeks. That worked well because I didn't seem to be producing enough for her.

Christopher and Lindsay were ff from day 1. Knowing I would be going back to work so soon (Christopher was 6 weeks, Lindsay was 5 weeks), I just thought it was easier (although much more expensive)

3xsthefun replied: Both of my girls were FF from day one. I plan to do the same with this baby.

Kaitlin'smom replied: Kaitlin was BF for 15-16 months, she self weaned, she did have some formula after 6 months old. I LOVED BF her, it was hard when I went back to work but we worked it out and she still got to BF 90% of the time. The hardest part was gettin her to take a bottle, finlly after many different type bottles, nipples the sitter finally got her to take the playtex nurser, it did take alot of patience and trying. It was a wonderful experience.

CantWait replied: Well I answered for Anthony since he was my last.
He was bf for the first year, then weaned for most feedings as I went back to school. He was completely weaned when he was about 15 months.

With Robbie I was unable to bf. I got a lot of wrong information and didn't have enough support to help me through it. sad.gif

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