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back to drawing board

Guest_angelhair wrote: guess it was not my month, got af today. just trying yo take one day at a time

amynicole21 replied: I'm sorry sweetie grouphug.gif It will happen for you - new month, new cycle. Good luck grouphug.gif

kimberley replied: oh sweetie grouphug.gif grouphug.gif sorry AF arrived. it will come soon.

good luck and ~~~baby vibes~~~ coming your way. grouphug.gif

coasterqueen replied: I am so sorry AF came sad.gif grouphug.gif and maybe next month will be your month grouphug.gif

mummy2girls replied: Oh dear i am so sorry ...Next month is a new month and i will be praying for you. just think though..more nookie for you! LOL.

you will have that miracle baby in your arms ver soon....

~CrazieMama~ replied: Awwwww, im sorry. Keep your head high and think positive. It will happen when the time is right. Here are some hugs for you... grouphug.gif grouphug.gif

chloe&tysmommy replied: grouphug.gif I'm so sorry it didn't happen for you this month... don't give up!....grouphug.gif

jen replied: So sorry (((((((HUGS)))))))))) Maybe this month will be the month smile.gif

MommyToAshley replied: grouphug.gif I am sorry... (((HUGS)))

I hope this month is your month! Maybe you should BD every day! wink.gif

A&A'smommy replied: im sorry!!! (((HUGS))) just keep trying dont give up until you get what you want!! Your a strong woman and it will happen just in time when its right!!! ((((BIG HUGS))) and good luck next month (and dont forget to have fun hehe)

Guest_angelhair replied: thanks for the encouragement ladies!!! I would be much thinner at the end of the month due to all that excersise, I certainely would not need the atkins diet or the low carb diet. I would just call it the nookie wieght loss plan!!! much love to all of you

MommyToAshley replied:
rolling_smile.gif ROFLMBO! Now, there's a weight loss plan that I could stick with! laugh.gif blush.gif rolling_smile.gif

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