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baby steps - update on the lars situation

luvbug00 wrote: So last weekend we went up to jersey for his work party. ( headquarters is there) and we had a great time. (will tell more in seperate post). anyhoo there was no fighting and lots of lovin'. Lars said he was very proud and impressed at how i was able to work the room especially since we were one of 6 coupples under the age of 40. Oh and the ONLY unengaged or not married coupple of our crew. YES, i pointed that out especially when hearing most of them got married at 22 or 23. SO at any rate had a nice time and got home. found a townhouse for rent for cheaper then this apt. since this apartment is going up in price next year. it's 3 bed 2.5 bath. best of all close to mya's school. I told him that i thought it would be perfect because we will be paying less AND more space but more importantly if we get it, we are getting it to start planning a future ( *cough* read as, fill third room with a little person) I told him to sleep on it and i'll talk to him about it again on sunday. This is the LAST attempt i'm going to make. I'm really sick of the back and forth and mya and i need stable. I personally need to start my life as i want to live it, as a wife and mother. I need to settle down because not having a secure family and not having more kids is sending me everyday into a deeper depression. sleep.gif

Kirstenmumof3 replied: hug.gif hug.gif Don't give up! I think you handled the situation very well. Maybe he will come around this time! hug.gif hug.gif

grapfruit replied: I like that you left the ball in his court. Sometimes it's the strangest things that "motivate" them to do something. Crazy really.

I'm crossing my fingers for you girl!

lisar replied: I hope everything works out for you and him. I think you are doing the right thing.

Boys r us replied: Well, keep us up to date on what comes of the talk. I think you are wise to disclose what you want and need in order for this to continue!

luvmykids replied: Good luck! hug.gif

Calimama replied: hug.gif hug.gif Good luck hun.

bawoodsmall replied: I hate to say it but I am not sure he is ready. I hope I am wrong. Regardless if he doesnt want what you do you may need to move on imo. Good luck...I am hoping he says he wants you and a family!! hug.gif

MoonMama replied: Good luck hun, your in my thoughts, and please KUP. hug.gif hug.gif hug.gif

AlexsPajamaMama replied: Good luck Nadia, it sounds to me like you handled it very well!
And what a great deal finding a bigger place closer to Mya's school I hope it works out for you! hug.gif

A&A'smommy replied: I'm glad things seem to be getting better I just hope that he steps up and is able to give you want you really want!!!! hug.gif hug.gif

mummy2girls replied: you handled it good! I hope he accepts it and decides he wants the same. Im worried because he is just like some other person in my life that always went back and forth when it came to commitment... you and mya needs stability for sure! I hope for the best.. KUP!

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