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Your kids' names - Where did you get them from?

Elle wrote: Well, I just wanted to know... If anyone wants to share the stories behind your babies' names! I thought that would be interesting smile.gif

MylittlePaige replied: I just always loved the name Paige, no real meaning behind it. Her middle name is Caitlyn which is a form of Catherine which is a family name from my mothers side. We were tossing around Emma as a middle name too but then some one told me it sounded like pajama. We scrapped that idea after hearing that and also realizing that her initials would have been PEC-OOPS! Kids can be cruel so you have to think about all those little things.

Giselle-you have to share your childrens name meanings as well. It is funny you posted this topic because I saw another post of yours and thought how beautiful and unique each of your childrens names are!
Alli and Paige

Boys r us replied: Well, with my older son it's a funny story!
When I was about 16 my mom and I went shopping for some new clothes before our summber vacation and we were trying on swimsuits in the dressing room and some little blonde headed boy about 2 kept peeping his head under the dressing room stall and smiling at me, he was so cute, but his mom kept screaming TANNER QUIT..TANNER BEHAVE! I had never heard that name used before as a first name and I told my mom that when I had a little boy, I was going to name him tanner..and so I did! biggrin.gif
and his middle name I picked was soley so that his initials would be TLC(middle name Lee)

With Braedon, his name was easy b/c there are vERY few boy names that I really like! So I narrowed it down to Braedon, Landen or Conner and told Rick to choose..and he picked Braedon.

Elle replied: I love the names Paige and Caitlin, we're considering to use them if this baby turns out to be a girl!

Nichole, your boys' names are pretty interesting... I've never heard Tanner used as a first name, and Braedon sounds so cute! Does he have a middle name?

Well, my story is pretty long, since I have six names to explain! rolling_smile.gif

Alexis Heaven --> Alexis was Nathan's younger sister's middle name, she passed away when she was very little. Nat loved her, so he promised he'd name his first daughter after her. Her first name was Isabelle, which is beautiful and we were going to name our girl that, but then I suddenly felt it'd be kind of "disrespectful" to name our kid exactly the same name... So we went with the middle name. And Heaven is just because I tend to like sort of "hippy" names (Nat didn't like it much), and in the middle of labour pains I said I wanted Heaven to be her mn... Nat felt sorry for me and I got my way rolling_smile.gif

Juliet Skyler --> Nat is a Shakespeare fan *lol* and wanted the girl to be named Desdemona (as in Othello). I said no way, it was way too dramatic! rolling_smile.gif So he said, OK, then Juliet or Cordelia (as in King Lear). My best friend named her daughter Delia, and we used Juliet so it wouldn't be so similar. And Skyler, just another "hippy" name, but this time Nat liked it rolling_smile.gif

Brighton River --> Both Nat & I used to be "The Nanny" freaks, so when we found out we were expecting a boy we didn't hesitate a second. He was gonna be a Brighton! rolling_smile.gif And River, well, you know, that was me again! rolling_smile.gif

Boys r us replied: Elle, I love their hippy names!! Very cool!

Yes, Braedon's Middle name is Joseph, I know I know..bad mommy..his initials are BJ wacko.gif

But it's my husband's middle, he insisted one of the boys have it!

A&A'smommy replied: WOW Giselle those are totally cool names!! I now want to use them j/k i wouldnt do that.

Nichole those are precious name lol about your dh!

We just liked the name Alyssa and we didn't really *know* anyone with that name so we went with it. Faith hope and love from the bible I saw it as a blessing and I wanted her named to be blessed lol I know Iím weird!

kimberley replied: when i was pg with Jacob, i really wanted to name him Anthony but my ex worried he would be called Tony (which we both didn't want) so we finally agreed on Jacob Anthony.

James was nameless the first day of his life. there just wasn't a boys' name out there that we really liked. but after seeing him and thinking about it, i named him after my dad, James. his middle name is after his father, Patrick.

with Jade, we both knew from the start that we wanted to name her Jade but couldn't think of name we liked for her middle name. so we ended up naming her after my grandmother who passed, Jessica. and made her middle name Jade, which is what she goes by. it just flowed better.

kimberley replied: Elle - I absolutely love the "hippy" names. i think it is great that you gave them a piece of who you are in their names. wub.gif

Nichole - that is so cute that you named your first after a little kid playing peek-a-boo! what a cute story! and Braedon is such a strong name!

Jessy Ann - i have always loved Alyssa's name. I spent many hours of pg pouring through the bible looking for names so they would have strong biblical names. it was important to me. Faith just fits her perfectly smile.gif

MilMunchMOM replied: Sure...i'd love to share. My son was names Sean Michael because it sounds really good with our last name (very irish). And I have always liked the name Sean.
Kari Jean was named after DH's grandmother (Carrie) and my grandmother. (Jean).
Emily Patricia was names by Sean. He was absolutely positive that I wa having a baby girl and her name was going to be Emily. LOL Patricia was my mother's name.

Jamison'smama replied: Jamison Catherine= JAM (my father James) i SON (my mother's maiden name ThompSON)

Catherine= my DH's sister---We wanted to name her after people who love her.

Kaitlin'smom replied: We had a few names on our list, I got Kaitlin from a movie I was watching, but it was spelled Caitlin, DH did mot like it at first, then a couple weeks later he said he kinda liked the idea she might go by Kat. We looked at several spellings of the name and settled on Kaitlin. Her middle name is one we originaly picked Nicole, it just went well with every name on the list.

If she had been a boy she woul dhave been Christian David, I love the name Christian and David after DH, it just flows nicly, funny though my sisters fiencee is David weird would that have been.... cool.gif

jen replied: We are naming Maddy after my grandma whose name was Dorothy Madelyn and after Dh's great grandma whose name was Madeleine. Her middle name is Rae which we just thought was cool. It means Doe in French smile.gif and i think deer are graceful and beautiful.

Madelyn Rae, we just like it!!!

coasterqueen replied: We believe in our kids having their own unique names, nothing that someone in the family already has, so there isn't any real "history" to her name. We had a list of names and really like Kylie so we picked that. DH wanted her middle name to be Elise, I wanted Elizabeth. We went with Elizabeth because we found out his sister's child's middle name was Elise.

paradisemommy replied: ok..mines kinda long..

Taven is both our names combined (Tammy and Stephen) we just didn't want to use ph so used v instead.

Makamae is Hawaiian for precious. Keoki's grandma (who has since passed) had named Keoki that when he was younger. Apparently they were in the hospital over the holidays (I think it was his grandpa who was there) so all the kids were gathered around and his grandma asked all the kids - if they could have anything in the world for Christmas, what would it be - well they went around the room and all the kids were saying what they wanted (toys, play station, etc.) when it came time for Keoki - he said he wanted his grandpa to go home (out of the hospital) wub.gif so from that time on, she called him Makamae. Keoki was her favorite and so he always knew that his child's mn would be Makamae.

Julie (jem0622) replied: For Nathaniel James (Nathan) age 4, we picked his name while we were dating. Just liked it. James is my DH's first name. DH didn't want a Jr. Nathan was a family name (my mother's side) and we didn't even know it!

For Gabriel Lucas (Gabe) his was chosen by DH. I know that Lucas is the last name of a friend of his and he just liked it. Gabe also because he just liked it. He was going to be Aidan Clark. Aidan after no one imparticular, and Clark is my DH's middle name. But DH decided against it.


mckayleesmom replied: Well....I had always said that I liked the name Mckaylee instead of Mckayla. I always thought it sounded better, but had never heard anyone who named their kid that. The first time I ran it by dh he brushed it off. We later came up with Olivia Hunter Grace for Mackys name....even though I secretly wanted to name her Mckaylee. One day dh was looking through a baby book and saw that Olivia was on the most popular for that year list...dh didn't want her to have a popular he turned to me and said we should name her Mckaylee....I almost fell out of my chair...I didn't think he remembered the name....So her name was going to be Mckaylee Hunter Grace ....but we cut out the Hunter at the last minute....I think dh wants to use it next time though. Also...dh changed the spelling of her name a week was going to be spelt Macaylee...he didn't like it like that. MEN!

MomToMany replied: All the first names came out of baby name books; we just made a list each time and waited til we saw the baby to pick the best ones.

Logan William: William is X-H middle name, and his father's middle name, so we just went with that one.

Quentin Theodore: Theodore was my dad's middle name.

Ethan Andrew: Andrew was my grandfather's middle name.

Hannah Rose: Rose is MIL's and SIL's middle name.

#5 Dylan James or Kayla Marie: James is FIL's middle name, along with Grandfather's first name; Marie is the only name we could agree on for a middle name for a girl. It's also one of my sister's middle names. These first names were the only ones we could agree on.

MomToJade&Jordan replied: There really isn't anything special behind Jade's name. We actually had her middle name (Rose) before she we had a first name. My husband actually wanted to call her Mythrill which is interesting, but I think she might have been teased with that name. Then one day he looked at me and he said I think we should name her Jade. I said Jade Rose out loud and I just got this warm feeling. So that's why she got that name.

MilMunchMOM replied: Wow!! These are some really awesome posts! I think it tells us alot about eachother. Great Topic Elle..Thanks!

Elle replied: I'm glad you liked the topic smile.gif
It's nice how we learn more about each other this way, isn't it?
You all have such nice stories behind your kids' names... And such pretty names too! This will help when I have to pick Baby #4's name! rolling_smile.gif

megsmommie replied: Well, my oldest son Lewis, is named after his father. My youngest son Jordan, his father picked out as well. And if I am PG (I will find out by April 4th), then if it's a girl, she will be Megan Rose. I had a dream that I had a baby girl named Megan Rose, and this name has stuck with DH and I. rolling_smile.gif

kit_kats_mom replied: DH and I spent a few days working on our lists. The goal was to each pick our fave girl name for each letter. Then we sat down and crossed off names. We were merciless rolleyes.gif I loved the name Alexis but he knew a girl in school who was a bit slutty so that one was nixed etc. We ended up with the following names:
Katherine, Dylan (my middle name), Leah, Taylor, Courtney, Kendell, Lauryn and Mallory. We wrote them on an index card and had everyone we know pick their favorite two names, one for first, one for middle. Well, the tally was: (and I know this because the index card is in her baby book tongue.gif ) Katherine 5, Dylan 3, Heather 3, Leah 5, Taylor 11, Courtney 7, Kendell 11, Lauryn 9 and Mallory 4. So the bean was Kendall Taylor! Notice that is not her name? LOL I kept having dreams about cats when I was preggo and I approached DH with the idea that maybe she was telling me that she wanted to be Kat. That's it. One classic name and one more trendy name. Katherine Taylor. If we have another girl, she will probably be Lauryn Kendall because it's simliar (classic and trendy) and I loved those names. I hated giving up lauryn. unsure.gif

Hillbilly Housewife replied: We had *criteria* for names... they had to be easily pronounceable in both Enlighs and French, AND they could not be a derivative of anyone in the familes.

Zacharie and Emilie were some that we got...others are Ariel, Sebastien, Jeremie and Cecile....

Cause we both have french names...and no offense, but omnst English only speaking people massacre their pronunciation... Veronique is the French version of Veronica, (vero-neek is how it shold be said...and Stephane...a lot of ppl say Steven... but it's not. it's Stay-fan)

Mom2Boyz replied: Conner is named after his Daddy. I told my fiance that we use his first name, but I got to pick the middle name and that's what he would go by. So actually his name is Larry Conner. I picked Conner after a good friend of mine (that is his last name)

Lily replied: I had a dream one night when I was about 6 months along that my baby would be named Jesse. I told my dh and he thought it was perfect. Jesse's middle name is Lee in memory of my stepdad who died about 1 1/2 years before he was born.

Maddie&EthansMom replied: My grandmother's name was Madgelene Estelle...we named our daughter after her, but liked the name Madeleine Estelle better. wink.gif

DH and I chose Ethan while we were in Dallas in 1999 (before moving here) we were actually pg with Maddie at the time (but didn't know it yet). We were sitting in a parking lot next to Ethan Allen and I mentioned that I liked the name Ethan if we had a boy and we chose the middle name Scott (after DH).

So, 4 years later we got our little Ethan. wub.gif

maliksmommy replied: I got Malik's name from the nurse on ER. When that show first started and I heard that name I had said that if I had a boy he would be named Malik. His middle name Gregory is after my dad.

kimberley replied:
just curious... how do you pronounce his name? i always thought it was may-lick but i think on the show they pronounce it mah-leek. very original name either way thumb.gif

maliksmommy replied: It is pronounced Mah-Leek biggrin.gif

pinka_star replied: I got Emma's name off of Friends. rolling_smile.gif I thought it was a really pretty name. Katherine is after her Nanna (my Mother).

Elle replied:
Oh, wow, I guess I'm not the only one who takes names from TV shows *lol*

pinka_star replied:
laugh.gif lol, I felt like such a dork using a name from friends, but it's such a cute name! And it suits her pefectly I think. wub.gif

mummy2girls replied: Aron and myself has always loved the name we wanted to name her after arons sister Jennifer but aron didnt really like that name so we came up with Jenna. smile.gif

Lynn is after me..thats my middle name, also its jennifers middle name also so we kind of lucked out there also..LOL.

aspenblue1 replied: We had a boys name picked out so when we found out we were having a girl. We could not agree on a gilrs name so finally we agreed on Isabella ( I have always liked that name.) as far as her middle name Tristen. My DH loved that name he heard from the olympics I think it was a female bobsledder not sure.

Caroline replied: Alexandra Isabella: Alexandra has always been my favorite girls name, so I had to name my first little girl this- luckily DH also liked it. Isabella was something DH picked out. I didn't necessarily want it for a first name but still thought it was cute and it flowed well with Alexandra so we went with it.

Jake Christopher: DH and I decided forever ago that our first boy would be a Jake because we both loved the name and Christopher is DH's first name.

As for the twins (a boy and a girl), we are slowly but surely drumming up our list. As of right now, we like Sophia, Olivia or Gianna for a girl and Ryan or Damian for a boy. No clue on middle names as of yet!

beckamouse replied: baby hasn't shown up yet but, these are the names we decided on.

Joseph Henry Thompson- Joseph is my fathers and Matt's fathers middle names. Henry is the last name of a great grandma who passed exactly a year before i found out i was pregnant.

Margaret Jane Thompson- Margaret is his grandmoms first name and Jane is my grandmoms first name who passed when i was around 12. Or maybe younger, i'm not sure. I do remember when she passed i said to someone if i ever have kids and i have a girl her names going to be jane.

so...yeah....i need coffee in a big way....

jcc64 replied: Alec- was originally gonna be Eric, as in Clapton, but Mom had a student named Eric that was a real pain in the a**, so we altered it for her.
Noah- bc I liked the biblical story connected to the name.
Corey- bc it's unisex so I only had to pick one name. (less conflict)

3_call_me_mama replied: Cameron Thomas Roberts- wub.gif
Cameron was suggested by DH becasue he liked it and I agreed.... later I found out that Jimmy Buffett's (DH is a HUGH fan!) son is also named Cameron... DH swears it's a coincidence but i wonder wink.gif And Thomas is my dad's name...

Kathleen Elaine wub.gif -
Kathleen is DH's grandmothers name who passed away a few months before we met, Elaine is my great aunt that has always been like a grandmother to me. For a nickname we plan to use Kat ore Kate, but NO Kathy, or Katie.... if i can help it... I know too many people with those names and I want her to have something unique...

Elle replied:
I *love* the nn Kate! wub.gif

alice&arik replied: When I was 3 months preggo, my boyfriend..aka father of my son, died tragically and unexpectedly. His name was Eric, and I named my son after him, just spelled it differently....Arik. Arik's middle name is Harley, which was my fathers name, who also died 4 months before my boyfriend.

I always wanted an "exotic" name for my baby, but decided he should have something from his father. wub.gif

Elle replied: Arik Harley is so darn cute! Love it!

alice&arik replied:
Thanks!! I like the sound of it when you have to yell it at him to get his attention. Like my mom always said "Alice Ann!!" when I was in trouble. And they say when your mom calls you by your whole name, you are in big trouble. rolling_smile.gif

beckamouse replied: yeah i usually came runnin' like a bat out of h*** whenever i heard my full name.

until my mom started using it as a way to get my attention just for little stuff like getting the mail. sorta lost its power

Elle replied:
*lol* That's so true... Whenever I heard my full name I was like "uh-oh, what have I done now?"
Plus I used to hate my full name when I was little, and my mom knew it, so she would call me "Giselle!!!!!!!" just to piss me off rolling_smile.gif Fortunately now I like it, so I don't care. rolleyes.gif

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