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Yikes! Short Summer!!!

mom21kid2dogs wrote: We get out of school on June 1st. Yesterday O's school sent home the 2010-2011 calendar. We go back August 18. ohmy.gif It's only 10 weeks!!! That's just not enough summer for me! But hey, we get 2 weeks off at Christmas . . . in Ohio . . . when it's dreary and boring.Just sayin'. tongue.gif

youngmomofone replied: Wow, that is a short summer. Are the kids going to get out earlier next year? I wish the schools around here would send a calendar ahead of time, we find out everything last minute sleep.gif

mom21kid2dogs replied:
They get out May 27th so before Memorial Day. It still is much more iffy weather in May than August. But, as my husband pointed out "You're complaining about having only 10 weeks off?" rolleyes.gif

coasterqueen replied:
Oh darn! I wonder if that's the way it's going to be for us, to. We get out June 1st as well. It was supposed to be the Friday before but due to snow days we have to go back after Memorial Day, for like a couple of hours. rolleyes.gif It's cheaper for me if the girls are in school (as far as daycare) tongue.gif but I want them to have a longer summer.

We, too, get two weeks off for Christmas too. happy.gif

MommyToAshley replied: Ashley's school always goes back in the second week in August and gets out in May. I wish they'd get out later and go back later. It's still summer weather in August... not so much so in May.

kit_kats_mom replied: K and L are out on June 9th and go back on the 16th. We do get two weeks off at Christmas but sheesh, we never even had a hurricane day this'd think they'd get a little longer. sad.gif

~Roo'sMama~ replied: ohmy.gif Wow that's not much time! I've always thought that 3 months was too short. blush.gif 2 weeks at Christmas is nice but still. dry.gif

My3LilMonkeys replied: We get out on June 4th and go back on August 22nd I think. I remember when I was in school we didn't go back til after labor day - what happened to that?

MommyToAshley replied:
I remember going back after Labor Day too.

mom21kid2dogs replied:
I guess some would like it for Christmas but the weather here is crappy in December. No snow for sledding~just grey & dreary. By day 3, Olivia is bored out of her gourd. I would much rather have the time off in August when I can enjoy it!

A teacher friend told me today that this calendar only passed by 2 votes. I think they should ask for a recount thumb.gif

mom21kid2dogs replied:
I graduated HS 2 days before my 18th birthday (June 13). We never went back before Labor Day.

CantWait replied: My kids are off in four weeks, and go back around the same time. I can't complain though cause they have a one week November break, a three week December / January break, a week break in February and a one week break in April.

None of these include long weekends and stuff like that. thumb.gif

Danalana replied: My school (well, the one I grew up attending) gets 10 weeks too.

julesmom replied: We go back the Weds or Thurs. after Labor Day, but we don't start summer break until June 25th.

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